OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

OVW TV #723: "Chair Shots & New Champions"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, June 26, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, OVW Heavyweight Champion Jamin Olivencia faces Jay Bradley, Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes again look for a shot at the Coalition and the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, Randy Royal must again face his former friend Tony Gunn for the OVW Television Title, "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz issues an open challenge, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

J. Best (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa & the VIP Club) vs. Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger, Epiphany, & Bobbi Bardot).
Best runs into a drop toehold from EFD. EFD hits a dropkick, slams Best, but then VIP gets on the apron to distract EFD. Best charges EFD from behind, but EFD backflips him. He hits a backdrop, and then turns the Soulja Boy Shuffle into a strut and nails Best for the 3.
WINNER: DIAMOND by pinfall.

Lei'd Tapa vs. Jessie Belle.
Tapa slings Jessie down. Jessie jumps on her back, but Tapa flips her to the mat. She kicks Jessie in the back, and then stretches her back out. She scratches Jessie's back and delivers a big boot. She chops Jessie in the corner. She backs up and charges, but Jessie moves and tries to roll her up. Tapa blocks her, and finishes her off with the spinning diamond cutter for 3.
WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

Taeler Hendrix, Heidi Lovelace, & Nikki St. John vs. Trina & The Blossom Twins.
Hannah and Heidi lockup. Hannah & Holly work over Heidi's arm, with tags in and out. Holly goes off the ropes, but is kicked in the back by Taeler. Heidi rolls Holly up for 1. Nikki comes in and works over Holly in the corner and tags Taeler. Taeler chops Holly, but misses a legdrop. She gets up and tries an elbow drop, but misses that as well. Taeler tags Heidi as Holly makes the tag to Trina. Trina runs in and clotheslines Heidi. Nikki goes around the ring and pulls Hannah off the apron, distracting the ref. Taeler hits Trina, and it allows Heidi to roll her up for 3.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 12 noon with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

The show starts off with a video tribute, followed by a 10-bell salute to the late wrestling legend Jackie Fargo.

The Coalition comes to the ring and Jason Wayne says the terrorist level has been downgraded to yellow, the same color on the backs of Ali & Hayes last week. Crimson says they are so scared they aren't even here tonight.
Michael Hayes, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Rockstar Spud, Ryan Howe, & Rudy Switchblade all come to the ring. Ali grabs a mic and says they aren't scared, they're right here, and don't want to wait until Saturday Night Special. Crimson says they are true American heroes and they need to calm themselves down, because they know nothing about war.
A fight breaks out between the 2 groups and it ends as it did last week, with the Generals throwing Ali into a chair in the corner, injuring his arm. The OVW guys return to the back, and Crimson gets back in the ring. He says they've now changed their minds and are willing to give them a match right now. He tells referee Chris Sharpe to start counting. Michael Hayes returns to the ring without Ali (though he does have Spud, Howe, & Rudy to watch the rest of the Coalition on the outside).
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Coalition Generals: "The Diabolical Dictator of Domestic Defense" Jason Wayne & "The Red Baron of Ruthless Reconnaissance" Crimson (w/"Thunderlats" Joe Coleman, Shiloh Jonze, "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, & Ghillie Man) [c] vs. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez? (w/Rudy Switchblade, Rockstar Spud, & Ryan Howe).
Hayes fires away on Wayne in the corner, hits Crimson off the apron, and then goes back to Wayne. Wayne charges at him, but Hayes sidesteps, and Wayne flies out of the ring. Crimson comes in and hits Hayes in the corner. He charges, but Hayes moves and headbutts Crimson in the chest. He hits a backdrop, as Wayne gets in. Wayne gets a backdrop also. The Coalition takes a breather on the outside. Wayne gets back in and punches Hayes, but Hayes fires back. Crimson gets in and hits Hayes from behind. Crimson grabs the flag as Wayne holds Hayes, but Hayes breaks free and Crimson hits Wayne. Hayes removes his leg and hits Crimson, and then Wayne with it. Crimson gets back up and takes out Hayes' good leg. Crimson stomps him and tags Wayne. Wayne puts him in a leglock, but Hayes rolls him over in a small package for 2. Wayne kicks him in the corner and tags Crimson. Crimson kicks Hayes and puts him in the Boston crab. Ali runs back out with his arm in a sling and gets on the apron. Hayes kicks out of the crab and tags Ali. Ali comes in on fire, dropping both men. They surround Ali, but Ali drops to the mat, and the Generals run into each other. He hits the neckbreaker on Wayne, but the rest of the Coalition runs in, as does Spud, Rudy, & Howe. In the mayhem, Crimson throws Ali into the ringpost on his bad arm. Wayne puts Ali in a submission, but Hayes has the baton and cracks Wayne in the back with it. Sharpe turns around to see Ali on top of Wayne and makes the count of 3!
I got a picture with the new champs at intermission although the lighting wasn't great.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz comes out and says he doesn't need the fans, he doesn't need Rudy, and he doesn't need an agent. He's a man, and can set up his own fights. He challenges, then dares anyone in the back, to come out and face him.
"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony.
Jessie tries to show off by posing, but Marcus gets a louder ovation for his posing. Jessie wants a test of strength, which Marcus outpowers him on, but Jessie headbutts Marcus in the gut. He locks in a side headlock, but Marcus shoves him off into the corner. He slings Jessie across the ring and goes to splash him in the corner, but Jessie moves. Jessie rolls him up for 2. He takes Marcus down to the mat from the outside and rams his leg against the ring apron and then off the ringpost. He works over Marcus' leg, but Marcus kicks him in the head. He hits a big slam. Jessie tries to kick Marcus, but Marcus catches his foot. Jessie goes for an enziguri, but Marcus ducks, and Jessie falls on his face. Marcus hits the Gamma Punch for 3.
WINNER: MARCUS by pinfall.

In the back, Jay Bradley walks out of Danny Davis' office upset. He approaches Dylan Bostic and says he should be #1 contender. He just fought on PPV, he's in the Bound for Glory series, and you would think they would want him as TNA Champion & OVW Champion. He asks Dylan how many boomsticks he has to deliver to Jamin Olivencia to get a title shot. Jamin Olivencia walks up and says he will meet him in the ring later tonight.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Tony Gunn vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (c).
Royal attacks Gunn, but Gunn fires back. Gunn goes for the YTO, but Royal gets in the ropes. He rolls outside and grabs his title to leave, but Gunn catches him and throws him back in. Gunn locks in an ankle lock, but Royal flips him off. Gunn comes back with clotheslines and forearms, then faceplants Royal. He tries to pin for 2. Royal knees Gunn, but Gunn rolls Royal up for 2. He tries a small package for 2. Finally, he goes for a pin with bridge, but Royal trying to keep from being locked in the pin, hits referee Josh Ashcraft. With Ashcraft temporarily blinded, Royal kics Gunn below the belt and pins him for 3.
WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall.
After the match, Gunn attacks Royal and has to be pulled off by Ashcraft.

NON-TITLE: Jay Bradley vs. Jamin Olivencia.
Jay runs at Jamin, but Jamin fires away. He hits a dropkick, chop, and a headbutt. He throws Jay into the turnbuckle, and elbows him in the corner. Jamin kicks Jay, then Jay throws Jamin in the corner. Jay runs in and catches a back elbow. Jamin goes up top and hits a flying forearm. He pulls Jay out of the corner on his head and tries to pin for 2. Jay gets in the ropes and pokes Jamin in the eye. He kicks Jamin and chokes him with his boot in the corner. Jamin fires back, but Jay rams him in the corner. He slams him and hits an elbow for 2. He elbows Jamin in the head, but misses a kneedrop. They exchange blows and Jay catches Jamin with a big boot. He tries to pin twice for 2 counts. He locks in a sleeper, but Jamin fights out and hits a running knee to the head. He rams Jay in the corner and charges, but Jay moves. Jamin, however, jumps up on the second rope, and Jay turns into a missile dropkick. Jamin hits his kamikaze splash on Jay in the corner. He hits his jumping forearms, but then they run head first into each other, knocking Jay out of the ring. Jay gets up and grabs a chair. Rob Terry, who was on commentary, gets in the ring and grabs the chair. He hits Jay in the gut which causes a disqualification!
Rob winds up again, but Jay moves, and Rob accidentally cracks Jamin in the back with the chair.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

"The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Freak'n Bostic vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry.
Dylan kicks Rob in the leg twice. He tries a third time, but Terry blocks him and kicks Dylan in the leg in return. Dylan locks Rob up from behind, but Rob breaks out and locks in a wristlock with one hand. He flips Dylan to the mat. He throws Dylan off the ropes, Dylan ducks twice, and then Rob leaps over Dylan, but lands on his bad knee. Dylan kicks his knee, as Rob shoves him away twice. Rob hits 3 big slams. The fourth time, Dylan claws Rob's eyes, kicks his knee, and then dropkicks his knee. He hits an uppercut to the knee and puts him in a leglock. Rob comes back with shoulder tackles, an inverted atomic drop, clothesline, splash in the corner, and a backflip off the ropes. He rams Dylan back first into the corner and then hits the powerslam for 3.
WINNER: TERRY by pinfall.

Paredyse & 4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus vs. "The Really Really New Rockers" Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe.
4M wants a test of strength with Howe. 4M slings Howe down, and then slings him in his corner and tags Paredyse. Paredyse puts Howe in an armlock, but Howe tosses him down, hits a dropkick, and then locks in an armlock of his own. He tags Spud who goes up top and jumps down across Paredyse's arm. Paredyse pulls Spud by his hair into the corner. He misses a chop, a kick, and a headbutt, as Spud moves out of the way. He then arm drags Paredyse, locks in an armbar, and tags Howe. Howe goes up top and jumps across Paredyse's arm, too. He locks the armbar back on. Paredyse throws him off the ropes, but Howe hits his sliding uppercut and his strumming fistdrop. Paredyse tags 4M. 4M slams Howe and tags Paredyse back. Howe takes back control and tags Spud. Paredyse hits him and throws him in the corner. While the ref is distracted, 4M chokes Spud in the corner. 4M tags back in and hits a big slam. He hammers Spud across the back and tags Paredyse. Paredyse kicks Spud and locks in the abdominal stretch. Spud fights out and hits a tornado DDT. Paredyse tries to grab his foot, but Spud hits an enziguri. Spud tags Howe. Howe hits Paredyse and faceplants him. He tags Spud, and Spud hits a flying forearm. He tags Howe back and Howe airplane spins Spud into Paredyse. They each dropkick 4M, and then hit a double shoulder tackle to knock him out of the ring. Howe hits the Chart Topper and tags Spud who hits a flying elbow drop for the 3.
WINNERS: SPUD & HOWE by pinfall.

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