OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, July 5, 2014

OVW Saturday Night Special July 2014 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, July 5, 2014.

Tonight, Jamin Olivencia & Marcus Anthony squared off in a last man standing match, Chris Sharpe & Josh Ashcraft went 1-on-1 for the title of Senior Official, Melvin Maximus tried to reclaim the OVW TV Title from Adam Revolver in a best 2-out-of-3 falls, plus more! "The Psychadelic Superstar" Chris Silvio & Michael Titus were the commentators, and Silvio also handled the ring announcing duties.

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Dapper Dan vs. "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe.
After a guitar solo, Howe grabs Dan's hat and struts with it. Dan charges at Howe, but Howe moves and tries to roll him up for 2. He locks on an armbar and headbutts Dan's shoulder. He then locks in a side headlock. Dan pulls Howe down by his hair and takes control briefly. Howe comes back with some forearms and his sliding uppercut. He hits a twisting neckbreaker and his strumming fistdrop. He locks on the Whammy Bar, but Dan claws Howe's eyes, and takes him down. Howe gets up on the opposite side of the ropes, and as Dan tries to grab him, Howe kicks him in the head. Howe goes up top and connects with the Chart Topper for the 3.
WINNER: HOWE by pinfall.

Backstage, Timmy Danger is on the phone. He then tells Mexicutioner, Adam Revolver, & Marcus Anthony, that the boss will be at OVW TV Wednesday night. So tonight is very important and failure is not an option!

SK Eveslage vs. Michael Hayes.
SK attacks Hayes as he gets in the ring. He hits, kicks, and chokes Hayes in the corner. He tries to pin Hayes for 2. SK slams Hayes and then hits a flying dropkick for 2. He mounts and punches Hayes in the corner, but Hayes picks him up and powerbombs him out of the corner. He sets up and hits the facebuster off the knee for the 3.
WINNER: HAYES by pinfall.

"The Congregation": "Pastor of Disaster" Reverend Stuart Miles, "Altar Boy" Jade Dawson, & "Apostle" Jake Glasure vs. Rump Thump & "the Wild Boyz" Eddie F. Diamond & "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
Thump grabs the "good book" and plays keep away from Miles and the Congregation. Miles grabs it, and we have a tug of war between him and Thump. Thump lets go, and Miles hits Glasure in the face, which sends Glasure barreling backwards over Dawson. Thump & the Wild Boyz work over Miles' arm. EFD goes to splash Miles in the corner, but Glasure moves Miles out of the way. EFD gets triple teamed in the corner. Dawson is thrown by Miles & Glasure to splash EFD in the corner, but EFD moves. Miles grabs EFD to slam him, but EFD slides out and then crawls through Glasure's legs to tag Thump. Thump hits and elbows Dawson in the head, and hits a knee off the ropes. The pin is broken by Miles & Glasure at 2, as the Wild Boyz come in. The Congregation tries to throw the other 3 off the ropes, but the Boyz & Thump reverse it and throw them all out of the ring. The Congregation huddle up at ringside, but inside, Dwight gets down on all fours, and EFD runs and leaps off his back, over the top rope onto the Congregation. EFD throws Dawson back in, and Dwight throws Thump into Dawson with the Rump and gets the 3.

Shiloh Jonze vs. "Big Country" Clint Poe.
*If Shiloh loses, the Marauders must disband!
Shiloh hides by the entrance and attacks Poe on his way out. Poe fires back, though, and rams Shiloh into the ringpost. He then drops Shiloh across the ring apron. Back inside, he chops Shiloh and slings him out of the corner with a giant hip toss. He presses Shiloh over his head, but Shiloh claws Poe. He chops Poe, takes him down, and hits a kneedrop off the second rope for 2. He locks in a sleeper, but Poe breaks out by twice ramming Shiloh into the corner. Shiloh jumps on his back again, but Poe flips him over his head to the mat. He hits a back elbow, a shoulder tackle, and a clothesline. He presses Shiloh over his head again and drops him to the mat. Nick Dumeyer runs out to distract the ref (which also distracts Poe), and Randy Royal enters from the other side with a chain in hand. Shiloh hands Royal some money, but Royal clocks Shiloh. Poe turns around and makes the pin.
WINNER: POE by pinfall.
After the match, Poe hands an envelope to Royal, and the win means the Marauders must disband!

Backstage, we see Aaron Sky on the floor injured, and a mangled up chair beside him. He is being checked out by his partner, Robbie Walker, and referee David. Josh Ashcraft is standing there and says it doesn't look like they can compete and he might as well strip them of the titles now. Walker yells at him that he can't do that, and he will fight by himself if he must.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: "The Body Brigade" Big Jon & the Bodyguy vs. "Primetime" Robbie Walker (c).
Walker leaps in off the ropes and hits Jon. Walker fires away on both Jon & Bodyguy, but is caught in a spinebuster by Jon. Bodyguy hits Walker with a double axehandle off the second rope twice. Bodyguy locks in a sleeper. Walker tries to fight out, but Bodyguy pulls him down by his hair. Big Jon comes in and hits a big vertical suplex. Bodyguy yells at Jon to tag him, because he wants to hit his finisher. He goes for the pedigree, but Walker flips him over. Walker fires away, hits an atomic drop, and a dropkick to Bodyguy. Jon runs in and Walker kicks his legs. Jon grabs Walker and throws him into the corner, but misses a splash. Walker superkicks Jon, and then nails Bodyguy, but Jon grabs Bodyguy's foot and places it on the bottom rope. Walker goes up top and dives out on Jon. Bodyguy recovers and hits Walker from behind off the apron. He rolls Walker in, and yells at Jon to get up. Inside, Bodyguy goes up again for a double axehandle as Jon holds Walker. Walker slips away, and Bodyguy hits Jon. Jon looks upset as Bodyguy yells at him. Walker is up behind Bodyguy, and Jon pushes Bodyguy out of the way and nails Walker with a big boot. Bodyguy quickly covers Walker for the 3 and grabs both belts.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE BEST 2-OUT-OF-3 FALLS: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus vs. Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger) (c).
Chris Sharpe is the ref for fall #1. Melvin slings Adam around and controls most of the opening fall. Josh Ashcraft is at ringside and tries to distract Sharpe. Danger gets in and throws powder in the face of Melvin, but Sharpe sees it and calls for the bell while also ejecting Danger from ringside.
Josh is now the ref. He calls for the bell early from what is supposed to be a 30-second grace period between matches. Adam takes out Melvin's knee and works it over. Adam locks in a figure four, but Melvin turns it over. Adam grabs the title and clocks Melvin and Josh sees nothing. Josh counts the 3.
WINNER of FALL #2: REVOLVER by pinfall.
Sharpe gets to ref the 3rd fall. During this fall, Josh once again argues with Sharpe. Melvin goes after Adam, but Adam moves and Sharpe gets squashed in the corner. Josh takes over as ref, and Melvin gets the bearhug locked in on Adam, but Josh turns away as Adam taps. Melvin corners Josh and Adam sneaks up from behind and rolls him up. Josh counts a super quick 3.

REF vs. REF: Josh Ashcraft vs. Chris Sharpe.
Josh makes referee Jordan Barker start a 10 count as Sharpe's music plays, but he doesn't come out. Sharpe finally makes it out in a sling due to the injury from the previous match. Sharpe flies at Josh and fires away. Sharpe hits Josh's head off the turnbuckles. Josh hits Sharpe's bad shoulder and works it over. Sharpe fights back and chops Josh at ringside, after pulling Josh's shirt over his head. Sharpe goes inside and dives out on Josh. He rolls Josh in and hits a flying elbow drop off the top. He then waits for Josh to get up and hits him with Jamin Olivencia's Standing O. Michael Titus gets up from the announce position and distracts Jordan. Marcus Anthony comes out and attacks Sharpe, hitting him with the Gamma Punch. Marcus throws Josh on top of Sharpe and Jordan turns around to count to 3.

Chris Silvio is now on commentary solo as Michael Titus has disappeared. The fans all try to figure out what just happened.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) vs. Jamin Olivencia.
Jamin fires at Marcus, but Marcus hits back and throws Jamin across the top rope. He hits Jamin in the ropes. Jamin comes back with a 180 backflip off the top rope. Jamin rams Marcus into the corner. Jamin goes to the opposite corner for a running charge, but Marcus runs out and catches him with a huge clothesline. Marcus press slams Jamin to the mat. Jamin tries to fire back, but Marcus clubs Jamin and catches Jamin off the ropes, powerbombing Jamin into the corner. He does this 3 times. Marcus clubs Jamin again and goes to powerbomb him a 4th time, but Jamin hurricanranas him into the corner. Marcus charges at Jamin, but misses a clothesline. Jamin backflips Marcus out of the corner. He hits Marcus in the opposite corner and runs in with the high knee. He hits 2 jumping clotheslines and goes for the Standing O. Marcus catches him and tries to slam Jamin off his shoulders. Jamin slides off and puts Marcus on his shoulders and slams him off. He hits a reverse splash off the top rope. Mexicutioner runs out, but Jamin hits him off the apron. Adam Revolver runs out, but Jamin hits him with a jumping clothesline. Danger gets in, but Jamin hits him with a Standing O. Michael Titus is back out again and kicks Jamin below the belt. Marcus has recovered, and Jamin can't get up before the 10 count.

Danger International had a perfect night, but what was the deal with Michael Titus? Many fans were wondering if he is the Boss. Is he, or is he just another pawn in Danger International's game? Many questions will need to be answered Wednesday night at OVW TV. As always, thanks for reading!