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OVW Champions (As of 1/7/23)

OVW Champions (As of 1/7/23)
OVW Champions (As of 1/7/23)


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Thursday, December 8, 2022

OVW TV 1217: Anger "Flo's" Through Ca$h!

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, December 8, 2022.
-OVW Tag Team Champions Omar Amir & Luscious Lawrence team with Haley J to face the Fallen's D'mone Solavino, Dark Reverend, & Shawna Reed!
-In Women's action, OVW Women's Champion Shalonce Royal & Freya the Slaya team up to face the duo of Leila Grey & Tiffany Nieves, and Arie Alexander meets Alice Crowley in a grudge match!
-Plus, Tony Gunn and Jessie Godderz in a sitdown interview before their cage match at Christmas Chaos, the Outrunners are in action, Rush Division Champion Kal Herro goes 1-on-1 with Damian Chambers, and much more!

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Without further ado:

Here we go...

Josh Ashcraft, Bryan Kennison, & Dancin' Stevie J are on commentary, AJ McKay is the ring announcer.

Kalen Vance vs. "The 80's Baybee" TW3 vs. "The Dreamweaver" Wayne Moxxi vs. Manny Domingo.
This match kicked off the night with the high-flying and fast-paced action you would expect from the Rush Division. In the end, Vance is down, and Manny connects off the top with the 450 splash for the 1-2-3.
WINNER: DOMINGO by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Manny continues to work his way into contention for another shot at the Rush Division Title.

"Superior" Tony Evans & "Rudo" Raul LaMotta vs. "The Outrunners": Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd.
Evans starts off on the mic saying he came here to make his own opportunities and it starts tonight. The Outrunners disagree, hitting the Total Recall on Evans while the ref tries to keep Raul out of the ring and in his corner.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Evans has been promising big things, but has yet to deliver on a big win!

"Big Al" Alice Crowley vs. "Double A" Arie Alexander.
A hard hitting brawl, but the ref goes down. Alice kicks a "field goal" on Arie below the belt and then spikes her with a backdrop for the 3.
WINNER: CROWLEY by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Big Al shows again that she means business and will do whatever it takes to win!

"The Mercenary" Garrisaon Creed vs. "The Machine" Doug Basham.
Doug shows that he still has a lot left in the tank. He puts Creed down and away with a leg lariat for the 3.
WINNER: BASHAM by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Can Doug overcome both Jack Vaughn & Ryan Von Rockit in a triple threat to become the new Kentucky Heavyweight Champion at Christmas Chaos?
After the match, Doug reads his own version of the Night Before Christmas to Rockit & Vaughn. Rockit comes out and sings his own versions of some Christmas carols before being blindsided by Vaughn from behind with the Kentucky Title.

"The Fallen""The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino, "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts, & "The Daughter of 1,000 Maniacs" Shawna Reed vs. "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence, Omar Amir, & "Hollyhood" Haley J.
The rivalry continues and the match breaks down. Shawna goes to spit mist into the eyes of Haley, but Luscious shoves her out of the way and gets the mist to the face instead.

Josh Ashcraft, Bryan Kennison, & Dancin' Stevie J are on commentary, AJ McKay is the ring announcer.

Ca$h Flo is out to say he will do whatever it takes to keep the National Heavyweight Title at Christmas Chaos against Mahabali Shera. Shera shows up on video and says he is a lot of talk and is really a coward and his family will see that after he beats him. Ca$h is enraged and tells AJ McKay to bring someone out to fight him right now.
OVW National Champion Ca$h Flo vs. Anthony Catena.
Catena goes right at Ca$h, but Ca$h destroys him and puts him away after 2 Payloads.
WINNER: CA$H by pinfall.
After the match, Ca$h grabs a chair. The ref takes it away, but Ca$h goes back up and hits another Payload!
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Ca$h clearly sending a message to Shera. He is not backing down from a fight and does not plan on losing!
"Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin & Big Zo vs. Donovan "Bam Bam" Cecil & Jay Dinero.
Beef & Zo continue to dominate in the tag team division. They put Cecil away after the double splash for the pin.
WINNERS: ZO & BEEF by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Omar & Luscious are busy with their bitter rivals, the Fallen, but they are the Tag Team Champions and better watch out for Zo & Beef!
Damian Chambers vs. Rush Division Champion "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro.
A good match that sees Kal with some jabs, the bionic elbow, and the Fanny Pack Knee to put Damian away for the 3 count.
WINNER: HERRO by pinfall.
After the match, Luke Kurtis says he wants the Rush Division Title back and tells Kal he wasn't relevant until he got in the ring with him. He wants his rematch.

"The Queen of the North" Freya the Slaya & OVW Women's Champion "The Fighting Siren" Shalonce Royal vs. "La Princesa" Tiffany Nieves & "The Unstoppable Danger" Leila Grey.
Freya accidentally knocks Royal off the apron with a forearm shot, then Leila rolls her up for the 3 and the win.

Tyler Lee Deputy vs. "The Star of the Show" Star Rider.
Before the match gets underway, Luke Kurtis comes out and tells Star that they had an agreement and is mad that Star attacked him last week. Star says he carried the Rush Division and made it what it is. They begin fighting on the outside. Kal Herro runs out and joins in. He takes Star & Luke both down and out and grabs a mic. He says that there will be a 3-way dance at Christmas Chaos for the Rush Division Championship!

We hear from both "Shotgun" Tony Gunn and "Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz prior to their cage match at Christmas Chaos.

Tony Evans is back out and looking to show why he is superior to everyone else. A still angry Ca$h Flo comes out and takes Evans out with the running cross body.

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