OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

OVW TV #730: "Jay Bradley Appreciation Night"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, August 14, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, Flash Flanagan defends the TV Title against Rudy Switchblade, Dean Hill goes 1-on-1 with Jessie Godderz, an announcement regarding the OVW Femme Fatales, Jamin Olivencia throws a Jay Bradley Appreciation Party, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

"The Mobile Homers" Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Brittany Devore) vs. "Double Platinum" Ryan Howe & Rockstar Spud.
Howe dropkicks Adam. Howe & Spud work over Adam's arm. Adam throws Howe into the ropes and misses a dropkick, but Howe misses an elbow drop. Adam & Ted then work over Howe's arm. They deliver a double hip toss. Howe comes back with a sliding uppercut to Ted and then works over his arm. Spud tags in and they deliver a double hip toss. Spud leaps off the second rope and jams his knee. Ted & Adam then focus on Spud's knee. They wishbone him and Adam locks in a figure four. Spud turns it over and Adam gets to the rope. Both men make tags and Howe comes in on fire. He delivers a neckbreaker and then tags Spud and hits the Chart Topper. Adam gets in and tosses Howe to the outside and hits Spud before he can go for the flying elbow on Ted. Adam & Ted go for a double suplex on Spud as Howe gets underneath Adam and powerbombs him simultaneously. All 4 men are down as the time limit expires.
Nikki St. John & Lovely Lylah vs. The Blossom Twins.
Holly with a side headlock on Lylah. Lylah throws her into the ropes and Holly runs into a brick wall. Lylah swings wildly at Holly, but Holly ducks and locks the side headlock back in. Holly tags Hannah and they throw Lylah off the ropes and hit a double back elbow and Hannah drops an elbow. Lylah tags Nikki, who runs into a hip toss from Hannah. Hannah tags Holly and they deliver a double hip toss. Lylah runs in and the Blossoms hit her with a double dropkick. Nikki tags Lylah back in and as Hannah runs off the ropes, Nikki kicks her in the back. Lylah charges at Hannah, but Hannah moves, and Lylah knocks Nikki from the ring apron. Hannah tags Holly and they hit a double Rock Blossom for the 3.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 12 noon with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

Footage is shown from earlier in the day of Randy Royal walking into the building and being approached by Chris Sharpe. Sharpe informs him that he has been suspended for his actions last week and is banned from being in the building.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Rudy Switchblade vs. Flash Flanagan (w/Shiloh Jonze, Raul LaMotta, & Joe Coleman) [c].
Rudy with a roundhouse kick and a dropkick. He kicks Flash in the chest. Flash knees Rudy and chops him in the corner. Rudy comes back and chops Flash. Flash throws Rudy into the ropes. Rudy hangs in them, Flash charges, and Rudy moves. Flash flies to the outside. Shiloh clocks Rudy while the ref is distracted by the other Marauders. Flash chokes him and rakes his face across the top rope. Rudy tries to fire back, but Flash kicks him and throws him to the outside. He distracts the ref which allows the Marauders to hit Rudy on the outside. Flash goes out and slams Rudy on the floor and delivers a diving elbow from the ring apron. He rolls in and grabs Rudy and suplexes him in for 2. He clubs Rudy, but Rudy comes back with a sunset flip. The Marauders have the ref distracted again and there is no count. Flash kicks out and goes for a flying elbow, but misses. Rudy fires back and backflips Flash. He goes for the Boston crab, but Flash kicks him off. He charges at Rudy, but runs into a dropkick. He hits Rudy off the top, but runs into another Boston crab. The Marauders distract Rudy and as he goes after them, Flash gets the kendo stick and cracks Rudy in the head. The ref turns to make the 3.
Shiloh says the Marauders are looking for recruits and want to know if anyone in the back has what it takes to join them. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer comes out and says he can help them win, and they can help him win.
They beat "Fudd-meyer" down as SHiloh keeps calling him, and ask if there is anyone else in the back. Mohamad Ali Vaez and Michael Hayes come out and say they don't want to join, but they want to kick butt after they tried costing them their chance at the Nightmare Cup last week.
The VIP Club comes out also, and Joe Rosa says that while he admires the Marauders' strength in numbers, they also ruined their chance as well. Chris Sharpe runs in and says he got word from the back that they will have a 3-team tag match tonight with the winning team advancing in the Nightmare Cup.

In the back, the Bodyguy approaches "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus and asks him to be his partner tonight. He says his only task is to make sure "the masked guy" stays out of his match tonight. 4M accepts.

Jamin Olivencia comes out and says it's only fair for him to reciprocate to Jay Bradley what Jay gave to him last week. Since Jay threw him a party for his birthday, he is throwing a party for "Jay Bradley Appreciation Night" since they are apparently "friends" now.
Jay comes out and says he doesn't trust Jamin. Jamin says he got Jay some gifts and first brings out some ladies (Lylah, Jessie Belle, & Rachel). The first gift is on the monitors and it is a picture of Jay that says #LookUgly.
Lylah whispers to Jamin that it is actually "Win Ugly". Jamin says he made a mistake, but he hopes Jay likes the pink tablecloth and unicorn pinata since he knows Jay likes those things. Finally, his big gift is a BROOM stick.
Jay says it's a boomstick, and Jamin should know since he's hit him with so many of them. Jamin says that's okay, he also has a few pies for him. Jamin & Jay each grab one and chase each other around the announce table with them. Jamin throws one at Jay, but Jay ducks and it ends up in Lylah's face. Jamin then hits Jay with one and busts the pinata over him and celebrates.

Dean Hill is in the ring and asks the Femme Fatales to come out and join him. As they all enter, Dean tells them that they will all be participating in a "Miss OVW" contest. The even will take place for the next several weeks and end at the October Saturday Night Special. Trina takes the mic and says that the news is fine, but she has an issue with Lei'd Tapa. Taeler Hendrix grabs the mic and says that everyone should be talking about her. The Femme Fatales begin pushing and shoving each other. Tapa tries to hit Trina with a big boot, but Trina ducks and hits a DDT to leave Tapa laying.
As the ladies exit, Jessie Godderz comes out and says he is giving Dean Hill one last chance to call off the match. Dean says he will meet him in the ring later tonight to kick his butt.

The Bodyguy & 4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus vs. "Lambda Lambda Lambda" Stephon J. Baxter III & Albert Einstein Baxter II.
The Bodyguy tells 4M to stand at the curtain and watch for the "masked man". He asks for his music to disrobe, but the Assassin's hits. The Assassin comes out of the opposite curtain and sneaks in the ring behind Bodyguy.
Bodyguy turns into a massive clothesline once again. The ref goes to call the match off, but 4M says he will fight them in a handicap match.
HANDICAP MATCH: 4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus vs. "Lambda Lambda Lambda" Stephon J. Baxter III & Albert Einstein Baxter II.
Albert locks up with 4M, but 4M shoves him across the ring. Albert tags Stephon. Stephon is thrown off the ropes where Albert blind tags. Stephon crawls between 4M's legs and stays on all fours behind him. 4M looks up to see Albert flying off the top rope with a dropkick, which knocks him over Stephon. Albert gets the 1-2-3.
WINNERS: BAXTERS by pinfall.

Jessie Godderz comes out and tells Dean to forfeit. Dean gets up and walks into the ring, even though Jessie warns him not to. Dean casually takes off his suit jacket and rolls up his sleeves.
"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Dean Hill.
Dean folds up his suit jacket and hands it to the ref. As the ref goes to lay it on the outside, Dean low blows Jessie and the ref turns around to make the 1-2-3!
WINNER: DEAN HILL by pinfall.

FIRST ROUND of the 2ND ANNUAL NIGHTMARE CUP: "The VIP Club" "The Mexicutioner" Roberto De Luna & "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/J. Best) vs. "The Marauders" Flash Flanagan & Raul LaMotta (w/Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman) vs. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez.
With Hayes & Ali arguing with the Marauders, the VIP Club attacks from behind. They deliver a double suplex to Hayes. Flash tags himself in and hits and trips Hayes. Raul comes in and kicks Hayes, but Rosa tags himself in. Along with Roberto, they try to suplex Hayes again, but he reverses it into a double DDT. He makes the tag to Ali, who comes in firing away on Raul and hitting a neckbreaker on Flash. He hits a chinbuster on Raul. Coleman gets on the apron and pulls Ali's head down across it. Rosa dives out on the rest of his VIP Club and Shiloh & Coleman on the outside. Raul grabs Ali as Flash goes up top with the kendo stick, but Hayes gets up and pushes Flash off the top rope. Ali rolls Raul up to get the 3.
WINNERS: HAYES & ALI by pinfall.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Elvis Pridemoore vs. Clint Poe.
Elvis hits Clint and runs off the ropes, but into a shoulder block from Clint. Clint grabs Elvis' hat which angers Elvis. Elvis drop toeholds Clint into the ropes and leaps across his back. Elvis charges Clint, but Clint catches him and hits a powerslam for 3.
WINNER: CLINT by pinfall.

Yaden Matthews vs. Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger).
EFD & Yaden lockup. Yaden with a snapmare and a kick to the back. He hits a suplex and gets a 2. He hits a knee drop and gets another 2 count. He locks in a sleeper, but EFD elbows out and hits a dropkick. Yaden comes back with a big clothesline. He pulls EFD down by his hair for a 2. He slams EFD and then hits an axehandle off the second rope. He tries for a second one, but EFD jumps up and dropkicks him in the air. He connects with the Soulja Boy Shuffle for 3.
WINNER: EFD by pinfall.

Taeler Hendrix & "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry & Lei'd Tapa.
Taeler smacks Tapa in the face and runs out of the ring. Dylan doesn't want to start with Rob, but Taeler doesn't want to tag back in. Dylan locks up with Rob and Rob shoves him down. Tapa chases Taeler around the ring as Dylan locks Rob up from behind. Rob powers out and locks in an armbar. Dylan tries to forearm Rob in the face and kick him in the leg, but Rob powers Dylan down to the mat. Rob hits a big slam. Taeler grabs Rob's foot which allows Dylan to hit Rob from behind and lock in an armbar. Rob reverses and throws Dylan shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He hits a massive shoulder tackle. Tapa goes after Taeler again. While the ref and Rob are distracted, Dylan clubs Rob in the back of the head, and Taeler chokes Rob across the rope. Dylan then hits Rob with a foreign object that he throws in his tights. He chokes Rob, but Rob hits Dylan and delivers a big hip toss across the ring. Rob with a fallaway slam and a backflip. He misses a kneedrop, and Dylan dropkicks him. Dylan grabs Rob's legs, but Rob kicks him into the corner and the ref calls a tag between Taeler & Dylan. Tapa comes in and hits a big boot on Taeler. Dylan charges after Tapa, but she shoves him away into Rob. Rob powerslams him while Tapa delivers her finisher to Taeler for the 3.
WINNERS: TAPA & TERRY by pinfall.

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