OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OVW TV #731: "King Mo, Miss OVW, & the Best Team Ever?"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, August 21, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, the return of King Mo, the Miss OVW Contest begins, the Marauders are in action as Flash defends the TV Title against Rob Terry while Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman meet the Mobile Homers in the Nightmare Cup , plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Clint Poe vs. Rockstar Spud (w/Ryan Howe).
Poe shoves Spud down. Spud kicks at Poe's leg, and Poe shoves him into the ropes. Spud holds on to the ropes, Poe charges, and Spud pulls down the rope making Poe fly to the floor. Poe gets back in and Spud puts him in a side headlock. Poe flips Spud over, but Spud lands on his feet. Spud tries to roll Poe up, but Poe doesn't budge. Poe pulls Spud up, but Spud dropkicks Poe twice. Spud goes off the ropes, but is caught with a big clothesline. Spud comes back kicking at the legs again to chop him down and dropkicks him to take him off his feet. Spud goes up top and hits the flying elbow drop for the 3.
WINNER: SPUD by pinfall.
4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus (w/The Bodyguy) vs. Ryan Howe (w/Rockstar Spud).
Howe locks up with 4M, but is shoved off. He tries again, but is again shoved off into the corner. 4M wants a test of strength. Howe grabs 4M's hand and locks him up from behind, but 4M slings him off. Howe goes off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle, but 4M is still up. He goes off the ropes again, but is tripped by Bodyguy. 4M throws Howe hard into the corner and delivers a big slam. He drops an elbow for 2. He slams Howe again, delivers another elbow, but misses a second elbow. Howe pulls himself up in the corner. 4M charges, but misses. Howe fires back and takes him off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Howe goes up top. Bodyguy tries to interfere, but Spud pulls him off the ring apron. Howe then hits 4M with the Chart Topper for 3.
WINNER: HOWE by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 12 noon with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

Jessie Godderz comes out in the pink bunny suit and wants another shot at Dean Hill. Dean says that ship has sailed, but he has someone in mind that can fight Jessie.
"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. King Mo.
Jessie hits Mo from behind and pokes him in the eye. He delivers a fireman's carry and kicks at Mo. Mo blocks a kick and delivers a neckbreaker. He clotheslines Jessie and splashes him in the corner. Mo fires a bunch of shots at Jessie and ends it with a knockout blow for 3.
WINNER: KING MO by pinfall.

Jay Bradley comes out and says that it's in the Bible that you are supposed to help those that are weak and powerless. He tried to practice that by throwing "Nacho" (Jamin Olivencia) a party 2 weeks ago. Instead, he got embarrassed. Then, the next week, "Nacho" parodied his good hearted intentions. Jay says now his hand has been forced and he's the superior individual and the bigger man. He says Jamin is afraid and calls him an emotional dwarf "Nacho" that he's beaten 3 times, but doesn't have the OVW Heavyweight Title, because Jamin couldn't emotionally handle it and was underhanded to get himself disqualified.
Jamin comes out and says he is greater than Jay and tells him that they will do this one more time at the September 7th Saturday Night Special, and that the little "Nacho" will beat him down. Jay attacks Jamin as he is exiting the ring and knocks him to the floor, and stomps away on him.

Backstage, Paredyse has returned and wants to enter the Nightmare Cup Tournament, but Chris Sharpe tells him that there are no spots left, the last spot was given out to "them"...the camera pans over to Eddie Diamond & Timmy Danger. Danger says he wants to prove himself to Eddie and he got them entered as a team.
NIGHTMARE CUP MATCH: Yaden Matthews & "The King of Pink" Dylan Bostic vs. Timmy Danger & Eddie F. Diamond.
EFD with a side headlock takedown to Bostic. Bostic punches him in the gut and tags Yaden. Yaden runs in into an arm drag. EFD with a side headlock, but Yaden pulls EFD down and tags Bostic. They throw EFD off the ropes, but he comes back with a double clothesline. Danger wants in. Bostic & Yaden take it to Danger. Bostic knocks EFD off the apron and Bostic & Yaden continue to stomp and kick Danger forcing the ref to call for the bell.

OVW TV TITLE: "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry vs. Flash Flanagan (w/Shiloh Jonze, Raul LaMotta, & Joe Coleman) [c].
Flash hits Rob from behind as he is distracted by the Marauders at ringside. Rob grabs Flash by the neck and shoves him down. He hits 2 big slams. Flash hits Rob in the gut, but Rob slams Flash a third time. He throws Flash from corner to corner. He runs at Flash, but Flash kics him in the face. Flash goes up top, but Rob recovers and slams him down to the mat. He hits the Marauders off the ring apron and tries to pin for 2. Rob locks in a bearhug. Flash elbows out, runs off the ropes, but back into the bearhug from Rob. The Marauders interfere allowing Flash to hit a missile dropkick. He hits and kicks Rob, and the Marauders hit Rob from the outside while Flash has the ref distracted. Flash chops Rob, Rob chops back. Flash throws Rob from the ring and distracts the ref again as the Marauders attack Rob on the floor. Flash gets out and rams Rob's back into the side of the ring. Back inside, Rob starts to fire back, but misses a charge in the corner, and Flash clotheslines him for 2. He locks in a sleeper, but Rob fights out. Flash chops Rob and rakes his face across the top rope. He chokes him over the rope. Rob comes back with a high knee and a clothesline. He hits a giant shoulder tackle. He sets up for the powerslam, but Shiloh distracts the ref while Raul & Coleman intefere. Flash gets the kendo stick and nails Rob in the head to get the 3.
Shiloh grabs a mic and says the Marauders will not be held down. They have another shot in the Nightmare Cup tonight and says to bring out the "lambs".
NIGHTMARE CUP: "The Marauders" Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman (w/Flash Flanagan & Raul LaMotta) vs. "The Mobile Homers" Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Brittany Devore).
Ted & Adam make quick tags in and out working over the arm of Shiloh. They deliver a double hip toss for 2. They work over the arm some more and Adam headbutts Shiloh in the ribcage. Ted jumps down across Shiloh's stomach from the top rope. Shiloh gets the tag to Joe. Joe gets his leg worked over. The Marauders take a breather on the outside. Joe gets back up and Ted pulls the rope to fling Joe back in. Ted & Adam each hit a double underhook suplex on Joe & Shiloh. Raul & Flash try to interfere, but Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez come out and fight with them to the back. The Mobile Homers set up for the Double Wide, but Joe pulls down the rope and Ted falls to the outside. Shiloh then rolls up Adam as Joe holds his feet on the ropes for 3.

Backstage, Rudy Switchblade is walking down the hallway to the restroom when he sees a note on the door that says "Do Not Unplug" and it's signed "Mr. Pec-Tacular". He follows the wire into the restroom where Jessie Godderz is ready to end it all. Jessie tells him he lost to Dean Hill for goodness sake. Rudy walks away, but stops and turns around as Jessie is holding an electrical appliance and about to step in a running shower. Rudy says maybe he can help him. He says Jessie should team with him tonight. Jessie agrees.

Michael Titus is in the ring for the first round of the "Miss OVW" contest. All the Femme Fatales come to the ring and they are each being asked a question. It breaks down when the Blossoms start arguing over which one of them should answer their question, Taeler Hendrix takes the mic away and says it's a foregone conclusion that she should be crowned "Miss OVW", and Lei'd Tapa says that everyone shoudl bow down to her as "Queen of Rings". Trina ducks a big boot from Tapa, and for the second straight week, Trina takes Tapa down.

"The VIP Club" Roberto De Luna & "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/J. Best) vs. "The Best Team Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
Rudy kicks Roberto down and hits an elbow drop. Jessie wants in and locks in a headlock. Roberto reverses and clotheslines Jessie. Rosa tags in and hits, kicks, and knees Jessie. He shoulders him in the corner and stomps him. Jessie is tripped by Best on the outside and the ref throws him out. Jessie tags Rudy and Rudy is on fire. He hits the frog splash, and Jessie wants back in. As Rudy gets out, Roberto and Best (who snuck back out) hit Jessie from behind and deliver a double backdrop. Rosa goes for the pin, but Rudy makes the save. Jessie & Rudy then hit the Best Finisher Ever for the 3!
WINNERS: BTE by pinfall.
After the match, Rudy had to pull Jessie from going through the curtain he was used to and bring him through the "other" curtain to his locker room.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Taeler Hendrix vs. Jessie Belle.
Taeler points at Jessie and says she is not "Miss OVW" material, and Jessie bites her hand. She rolls her up for 2. Jessie locks in a legscissors and rolls around the ring with Taeler. She hits a bronco buster, but Taeler comes back and claws Jessie's eyes. Taeler hits a reverse neckbreaker for the 3.
WINNER: TAELER by pinfall.

Raul LaMotta (w/Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman) vs. Paredyse.
Raul hits Paredyse from behind, but Paredyse fires back. He hits an arm drag and butt butts Raul in the corner. Shiloh & Joe run in and attack Paredyse, who is saved by Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes. Ali says since they want to get involved, let's make this a 6-man tag. The Marauders start to walk back through the curtain, but Hayes, Ali, & Paredyse drag them back out.
"The Marauders" Raul LaMotta, Shiloh Jonze, & Joe Coleman vs. Paredyse, Mohamad Ali Vaez, & Michael Hayes.
Ali fires away on Shiloh and Hayes elbows him in the corner. Paredyse thumbs him in the backside. Ali drop toehold on Shiloh and Hayes drops an elbow. Hayes goes to slam him, but Joe runs in and hits him from behind. Michael fires back and Paredyse headbutts him in the gut. Raul hits Paredyse from behind and double teams him with Joe as Ali & Hayes try to get in. Paredyse kicks out at 2. Ali gets the tag and backdrops Joe. Shiloh gets one as well. Hayes clotheslines him and throws him from corner to corner. He delivers a suplex. Raul runs in, but Hayes hits him with a drop toehold and Ali drops a knee. Paredyse hits a flying elbow, but Shiloh & Joe run in. Ali & Hayes run in and fight with them to the outside. Paredyse kisses Raul and rolls him up for the 3.

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