OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Special Interview With Chris Sharpe

Hello, OVW fans! This is OVWmania's Brian Cannon with a very special interview. As you may know, this past week on OVW TV #752, Jamin Olivencia was willing to do anything to get his hands on Marcus Anthony & Timmy Danger. Timmy came up with the idea of a tag team match for the main event of OVW TV #753, to be taped Wednesday, January 22 at the Davis Arena. Jamin's partner? Referee Chris Sharpe! While Sharpe was totally against the idea, Jamin accepted the match on Sharpe's behalf. With the match coming up in just a few days, I wanted to find out from Chris Sharpe, the answers to some very important questions that are on a lot of fans' minds...

BC: Chris, what is your current mindset heading into a tag match with Timmy Danger, who I think many people including yourself would like to punch in the mouth, but also Marcus Anthony, the OVW Heavyweight Champion and total animal in the ring who has severely injured opponents with that Crimson Omen?
CS: Pardon me, but what do you think? I have 1,000 thoughts rushing through my head right now. Is Jamin going to throw me to the wolves? Why is this happening to me? What if I end up in the ring with Marcus Anthony? Will this be my last Wednesday at OVW?

BCIt's no secret that you are good friends with Jamin. Why do you think he's putting all the blame on your shoulders? Is it passion to be the best, is it because it's easy for someone to snap at the ones closest to them, or is there some other underlying issue?
CSHe's always been hardheaded, but he's always been my friend too. We've been through a lot. I hope I can somehow make this up to him, because I do feel really bad.

BCHave you been able to talk to Jamin at all regarding a game plan for the match?
CSI got a text that night (last Wed.) that read: "Here's your chance to make it right" and after a few days, and some messages sent to him, I finally got another that said "I don't wanna hear it, be there Wed."

BCDo you think the two of you will be able to get on the same page?
CSI really don't know...

BC: Chris, I know you're having a rough week, but I wish you the best of luck!

There you have it. What's going to happen? There's only one way to find out, and that's by going to the Davis Arena located at 4400 Shepherdsville Rd. on Wednesday, January 22. Tickets are only $5. Bell time is 7PM.