OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Monday, February 10, 2014

OVW TV #756 Preview: TV Title Defense + More!

Episode #756 will be taped Wednesday, February 12th.

"Mister Marvelous" will finally get his hands on his former tag team partner, the jealous Bodyguy. Can Melvin successfully defend the OVW TV Title, or will Bodyguy somehow weasel his way to victory?

At the Saturday Night Special, Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes were celebrating their hard fought win until Dylan Bostic came to ringside and distracted the Southern Tag Team Champs as Robo De Luna snuck into the ring and attacked Hayes from behind. Now that Bostic & Robo have Ali's attention, can Ali get some revenge on behalf of his injured partner?

Femme Fatales are going down left and right as a mysterious masked person has now taken a steel pipe to both Lei'D Tapa and Lovely Lylah. Who is this masked person, and why are they targeting the ladies?

After last week's main event, Jamin Olivencia is once again the #1 contender, but Marcus Anthony ambushed him immediately following his win. What will happen next as these two prepare to square off at the March Saturday Night Special, and what role will Timmy Danger play in it? more!

The doors open at 6:30PM, bell time is 7:00PM. Just go to 4400 Shepherdsville Road with $5.00 in your pocket for admission! For more information, visit the Events section at!