OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Friday, March 20, 2015

OVW Friday Night Fights

Hey wrestling fans, if you weren't at Derby Park Expo Five tonight, March 20, 2015, for Ohio Valley Wrestling's Friday Night Fights (sponsored by Round Peg Promotions), you missed out!

This was a well-planned and wonderfully produced show that had fans loud and excited all night long! We had lucha action, an intergender shoot fight, a Louisville street fight where the "Ultraviolent" Chris Silvio & Trevor Steele faced off against Ryan Howe and the return of Paredyse, and more! Plus, the night was hosted by "Mr. 1859" Cliff Compton & TNA Knockout Rebel! If you weren't there, here's what you missed:

There was a special meet and greet for fans who bought VIP/Ringside tickets that featured Cliff Compton, Rebel, and TNA Superstar Rockstar Spud, as well as the other many talents in attendance tonight. The former Brittany Devore was the ring announcer for the evening.

"Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe came out and played the National Anthem on his guitar to start off the festivities.

As Cliff & Rebel went to get things started and sing a special Happy Birthday to Brittany, they were interrupted by Josh Ashcraft. He brought his stripes and has decided he will referee the main event for tonight.
Cliff doesn't agree with this idea, kicking Josh, and delivering a stunner.

"The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic (w/Ray Lyn) defeated "Manbeast" Ted McNaler with the backstabber in a fantastic back-and-forth opener, that featured interference from Ray Lyn, and a spot where Ray Lyn was knocked down into and below the belt of Dylan. Cliff interviewed him after the match and Dylan says there's a reason he's called the Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling and to quit staring at his nuts. He says he has been selling out arenas all over like the one tonight, and he will face anyone, anywhere, anytime. His challenge is answered by "Ram Jam" Jonathan Ramser.

"Ram Jam" Jonathan Ramser defeats "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic (w/Ray Lyn) after a cocky Bostic gets rolled up by Ramser for the 3. After the match, Rebel says she only has one question for Dylan..."Who Sucks Now?"

The Van Zandt Family Circus comes to the ring and the "Ringleader" introduces Dapper Dan Van Zandt. His opponent, accompanied by Timmy Danger holding a mirror, is Melvin Maximus.
Maximus powers Dan down and is in control until the Ringleader distracts him and Dan takes out his knee.
Maximus powers back, and the Ringleader is on the apron again. Maximus locks him in the bearhug. The circus girl gets in the ring, but Danger gets in the ring and puts her in a bearhug! Dan gets up, and Maximus locks him in a double bearhug with the Ringleader for the tapout.

Next up, there is 5-way Lucha action featuring Los Ochentas, Senor Sabado Noche (w/Senora Maria Juana), Adam Wylde, Robbie Walker, & the Mexicutioner (w/Timmy Danger). Danger leads Mexicutioner out with a chain, before unleashing the beast.
Mexicutioner was powering through all his competitors, before he got caught up dancing with Senora Maria Juana. Los Ochentas had a preview video of watching old clips of Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant, and came out with a mask and Hogan headband. There was another crazy spot in this match where all 5 men dove out on each other, and referee Chris Sharpe got up on the top rope and yelled at them to get back in, before deciding to take a dive out on all of them himself! In the end, Los Ochentas "hulked up" and slammed Mexicutioner, and hit a big legdrop for the 3.
After the match, Ochentas put the headband on Sharpe, and they both did the hand-to-the-ear Hogan pose around the ring.

At intermission, "Walk on the Wylde Side" posed in the ring.

After a video showing the Bodyguy degrading women and wanting to put an end to women's wrestling, we have an intergender shoot fight between him and Ray Lyn. Bodyguy wins pretty quickly with a tapout to a cross armbreaker. Bodyguy is interviewed and he says he is superior to women and women don't belong in the ring, and he can beat any of them.
He gets a surprise in the return of Lei'd Tapa!
Tapa defeats Bodyguy after hitting a samoan drop and the TKO.

In the main event with Cliff Compton as special referee, "Ultraviolent" Chris Silvio & Trevor Steele defeat Paredyse & "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe after Steele powerbombs Paredyse off the top rope onto a chair. This match featured chairs, trash cans, cookie sheets, a computer keyboard, a crutch, and a toilet seat.
After the match, Silvio grabs a mic. He says he doesn't normally do this and he'll only do it once, but he commends Paredyse and Howe for their challenge and they all shake hands.

If you missed this show, you missed a great performance from everyone involved. Hopefully, there are more Friday Night Fights in the future! Stay tuned to OVWmania for details if and when they become available. Until next time, thanks for reading!