OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, July 2, 2016

OVW July 2016 SNS: Anarchy Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, July 2, 2016.


-Rocco Bellagio faces Mitch Huff in a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the OVW Heavyweight Title
-Tony Gunn defends the OVW Television Title against Bud Dwight in a title on a pole match
-Big Jon vs. Justin Smooth in a Stretcher Match
-Rudy Switchblade faces Stephon Smith in a Lumberjack Match
-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Ron Hed & Joey Edwards, and Ron is also ring announcer.

SUBMISSION MATCH: "Bad Boy" Shane Andrews (w/"Bad Girl" Jessie Belle) vs. Damian Adams.
Shane & Damian exchange wristlocks and armbars early. Damian shoulders Shane in the corner. He throws Shane into the other corner and charges, but Shane moves, and Damian hits the ringpost. Shane leaps in off the apron and kicks Damian in the face. He slams him and hits a double foot stomp to the gut. Shane tries to lock in a cross armbreaker, but can't lock him. He hits him across the ropes and distracts the ref while Jessie kicks Damian in the head. Damian starts to fire back, but Shane knees him in the gut. He tries the cross armbreaker again, but Damian gets to the ropes. Shane throws Damian hard shoulder first into opposite corners. Damian starts to fire back again and locks in a rear naked chokehold. Jessie Belle gets on the apron as Shane taps out, but the ref doesn't see it. Shane locks in an STF. Damian is getting close to the ropes, but Shane rolls over and locks in the cross armbreaker for a tapout.
WINNER: ANDREWS by submission.

LUMBERJACK MATCH for #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Stephon Smith vs. Rudy Switchblade.
Stephon tries to run out of the ring, but the Tag Buddies throw him back in. Stephon ends up back on the outside, and Rudy is hit to the outside early. The lumberjacks get more antsy each time, and chaos erupts between the lumberjacks. They end up fighting to the back. Stephon thumps Rudy in the ring, but Rudy hits off the ropes and comes back with a clothesline. Both men German suplex each other. Rudy is down in the corner and Stephon butt bumps him in the head. He goes for another, but Rudy flies out of the corner with a dropkick. He goes up top, but Stephon catches him in mid-air with an uppercut. He pulls down his kneepad and goes for the shining wizard, but Rudy catches him and goes for the elevated Boston crab. Stephon tries to fight out, but Rudy gets him turned over and Stephon taps.
WINNER: SWITCHBLADE by submission.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE FATAL 4 WAY MATCH: "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle vs. "Amazing" Maria James vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Scarlet (c).
A lot of action to call with all 4 women in the ring at the same time. Jessie has Maria tapping, but the ref is in the corner with Deonna & Scarlet. Deonna & Maria throw Jessie & Scarlet into each other. They both roll them up for 2. Maria hits a reverse DDT for 2 on Jessie. Scarlet takes down Maria for 2 when Deonna breaks the pin. Deonna knees Scarlet. Deonna & Maria each have a leg of Jessie's in a Boston crab. Scarlet double DDT's both of them. Jessie then grabs Scarlet from behind and rolls her up with tights for the 3.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE "PICK YOUR POISON" GAUNTLET MATCH: Billy O & Houdini vs. "The Tag Buddies": Adam Revolver & "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles (c).
Pick your poison meant teams could bring a weapon of choice to the ring. Revolver brought a crutch, Stu brought a plunger, Houdini had a wet floor sign, and Billy had a trash can lid. After some back and forth sword fighting with their weapons, Revolver knocks Houdini out of the ring, and Stu "heals" Billy with the trash can lid off the second rope for the 3.
OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE "PICK YOUR POISON" GAUNTLET MATCH: "The Van Zandt Family Circus": Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Little Damion vs. "The Tag Buddies": Adam Revolver & "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles (c).
Dapper & Damion are out with kendo sticks and take it to the Buddies. Dapper accidentally hits Damion with a kendo stick as he was perched on the top rope. The Buddies start to come back. Damion charges back in, but Stu tosses him outside. Dapper goes after him with a kendo stick, but Stu moves, Dapper hits the ropes with the stick, and it bounces back and hits him in the head. The Buddies hit the double flapjack for the 3.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE ON A POLE MATCH: "Party Starter" Bud Dwight vs. "Shotgun" Tony Gunn (c).
The only way to win is to retrieve the title and hit your opponent in the face with it. Dwight charges after Gunn with fists of fury. Gunn rolls out and Dwight tries to climb for the belt. Gunn grabs him from the outside and drags him out. They fight outside. Back inside, Dwight misses a party splash but tries to go after the belt. Gunn stops him. Gunn  connects with 3 German suplexes, and tries to handcuff Dwight to the ring. Dwight fires back and slams him. Dwight goes up, but Gunn knocks him down straddling the top turnbuckle. Gunn hits his head off the pole. He knocks him to the mat and goes for the belt. Dwight runs back up and hits a Hangover over the top rope. Gunn grabs Dwight's foot and drags him down by twisting his knee. Gunn handcuffs both Dwight's hands behind his back. Gunn kicks him in the head and grabs the belt. Dwight ducks Gunn twice. He headbutts Gunn and connects with a big boot. Referee AJ Lucio undoes the cuffs for Dwight. Gunn shoulders Dwight into the corner, but Dwight catches him with a high knee. Dwight goes back after Gunn, but Gunn pulls AJ in front of him. He low blows Dwight and hits him with the title for the win.
After the match, Gunn handcuffs Dwight again and DDT's him on the title.

5-SECOND COUNT MATCH: Big Zo (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. The Assassin.
The big men go to lock up and Assassin smacks Zo's butt. He then changes hands back and forth on a test of strength. Zo is upset with the games. Assassin with a side headlock. Off the ropes, they run into each other, but neither budges. Assassin shoulder blocks Zo and knocks him out of the ring. He grabs for him on the outside, but Zo pulls his head down across the top rope. Zo with a leg drop and drops a headbutt. He only gets a 3. He hammers him in the corner, shoulders him, and delivers a knee. Josh chokes with a baton while Zo has the ref distracted. Zo goes for a splash in the corner, but Assassin moves. Assassin with clotheslines, but Zo doesn't go down. Josh trips Assassin up off the ropes. Assassin grabs at him, allowing Zo to recover. He hits Assassin from behind. Zo delivers 2 Zo Bombs in the corner to get the 5.
WINNER: ZO by pinfall.
Josh says the Legacy of Brutality has only just begun and has Zo deliver a 3rd Zo Bomb.

SPECIAL REFEREE (TOREY PAYNE): "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker vs. "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix.
Matrix goes right after Robbie. He hits a kick off the ropes. He misses an enziguri, but kics Robbie out of the ring. He flies out with a cross body. Robbie hits back, and throws Matrix toward the ringpost, but Matrix reverses. Robbie hits off the post and Matrix back body drops him on the floor. Back inside, Matrix almost runs into Torey. This allows Robbie to pull him down by his hair. He chops Matrix and hits the double foot stomp in the corner. He connects with a flying leg drop. Matrix comes back with dropkicks and a facebuster for 2. Matrix goes up top, but Robbie knocks him straddling across the top turnbuckle and slaps him in the face. He has Matrix on his shoulders, but Matrix gets out and runs off the ropes. He goes for a kick, but Robbie moves, and Matrix nails Torey. Referees AJ Lucio & Jamie Lynn run out and join Matrix in tending to Torey, but Robbie takes advantage, grabbing Matrix from behind and planting him with Crossroads for AJ to count the 3.
WINNER: WALKER by pinfall.

STRETCHER MATCH: Justin Smooth vs. Big Jon.
Smooth nails Jon with a spear at the bell. He tries to put Jon on the stretcher, but it's too early. Back inside, Jon leaps over Smooth off the ropes and nails Smooth with a spear! He hits a chokeslam, but he's hurting again. Smooth comes back and delivers Street Justice. He throws Jon out of the ring and pushes the stretcher into him. He poses and taunts the crowd, allowing Jon to recover enough to shove the stretcher back into him. He bounces Smooth off the apron, puts him on the stretcher and climbs on the apron. He delivers an elbow drop onto Smooth on the stretcher. He tries to push Smooth past the red line on the floor, but Smooth grabs the ringpost and hits Jon. He grabs a chair and hits Jon in the ribs and then across the back. Jon is up against the ringpost. Smooth swings at Jon with the chair, but Jon moves and hits a big boot. Jon gets the chair and hits Smooth in the gut and then the back. Back inside, Jon hits a big vertical suplex. He misses an elbow drop. Smooth low blows him, and hits a splash off the top rope. Smooth hits Jon in the corner, sits him on the top rope, and goes for Street Justice, but Jon headbutts him in the back. On the apron, Smooth catches him and goes for Street Justice again, but Jon elbows off and chokeslams Smooth to the floor. He puts Smooth on the stretcher, and fights through the pain to wheel Smooth across the line for the win.

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE for the OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff vs. "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio (c).
Huff fires away, but Rocco comes back with big right hooks. Rocco catches Huff off the ropes. Huff slides off, but Rocco throws him over the top rope. Back inside, Rocco throws Huff off his shoulder off the turnbuckle and big boots. In the corner, Huff catches Rocco with an elbow. He delivers 2 inverted atomic drops. He goes for a dropkick, but Rocco holds onto the ropes. He slingshots Huff out of the ring. On the floor, he hits Huff's head off the apron. He finds a cookie sheet and hits Huff in the gut. He then bounces his head off the steel steps. He grabs a chair and goes to hit Huff on the steps, but Huff moves. The vibration from the chair hitting the steps hurts Rocco's hands. He hits Rocco with the chair and gets a 2. He slingshots Rocco into a ringpost and gets a 2. Mitch sets up a table outside and also finds a ladder that he plants in Rocco's face. Rocco fires back and hits Huff head first into the ringpost. He then drops Huff across the announce table and tries to pin him there for 2. He hammers Huff across the chest. Back inside, Rocco grabs a cameraman's camera and films while he is kicking Huff. He poses in the corner with the camera, allowing Huff to recover. He turns into a shot from the cookie sheet for 2. Rocco rolls over and is on the outside of the ring apron. Huff tries to hit him off the apron where the table is set up. He does and Rocco tries to leap over the table onto the ladder, but the ladder breaks and Rocco hits the floor. They fight to the back for a minute and come back through the curtain with Huff hitting Rocco with a chair. Back inside, Huff sets up for the Athlete's Foot, but Rocco hits a big boot for 2. He slams Huff and gets another 2. He throws him back outside. He goes to Plunge Huff through the table, but Huff slides off.
Huff charges at Rocco, but he catches him with a spinebuster through the table! Huff kicks out at 2! Rocco rolls Huff back in and Huff comes back with an Athlete's Foot for 2! Huff goes to the top rope, but Rocco catches him with a right hook. He tries a superplex, but Huff blocks it and knocks him off. Rocco comes right back and goes for the Plunge off the top. Again, Huff blocks it and knocks him off. Rocco charges back, and Huff leaps over him. He runs back at Rocco and is caught with another big spinebuster. Rocco sets up for the Athlete's Foot! He hits it, but Huff kicks out at 2! Rocco goes underneath the ring and finds a sledgehammer. Mitch ducks a sledgehammer shot and Plunges Rocco for 2! They exchange blows, Rocco knees Huff, then Plunges him. Huff is out again at 2! He sets up a metal sign that says "Plungetown, No Exit". Rocco tries to throw Huff into it, but Huff reverses and hits the neckbreaker drop. He grabs a new ladder. He slams Rocco and goes up top the ladder. He connects with a flying elbow drop, then an Athlete's Foot. Rocco is out at 2! Rocco catches Huff off the ropes with a Plunge on the metal Plungetown sign for 2! He hands referee AJ Lucio the sign and tells him to follow him. They disappear and then reappear on the balcony!
Rocco goes for a Plunge, but Huff hits out. They exchange blows, but Rocco hits Huff with the Plungetown sign and Huff falls off the balcony to the floor. Rocco comes back down moments later, drags Huff's lifeless body out and pins him while holding the sign and the title in the air.

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