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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OVW TV #882: "Triple Crown Clash"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 13, 2016. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 10PM, and online on Monday at www.ovwrestling.com/tv. In this episode, Trevor Steele tries to stop the Legacy of Brutality started by Josh Ashcraft as he faces Big Zo, Justin Smooth faces off with Tyler Matrix, Rudy Switchblade & Rocco Bellagio have a contract signing, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Rudy Switchblade defeats "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker. A fantastic match to get the night started here. Robbie runs from Rudy to start the match. Once they finally lock up, Rudy gets Robbie with a side headlock takedown. Robbie knees Rudy and locks in a headlock. Rudy gets out of it, and Robbie rolls out of the ring again. Back inside, Rudy snapmares Robbie and locks in a headlock. Robbie gets out and gets Rudy in an armlock. Rudy breaks out and they exchange forearms and chops. Rudy takes Robbie down and clubs him across the chest 10 times. Robbie throws Rudy into the corner and catches him with a side effect for 2. Robbie with a knee drop. Rudy gets back up and jumps off the ropes with a kick, but misses. Robbie pulls Rudy down across the top rope. He elbows him repeatedly in the chest, and locks in a sleeper. Rudy fights out and chops Robbie in the corner. Rudy is going up in the corner, but Robbie clubs him in the back and Rudy gets hung up in the tree of woe. Robbie hits him and dropkicks him. He goes for a 2nd dropkick, but Rudy catches him with a cutter. He knees Robbie and hits a roundhouse kick to the back of the head for 2. He takes Robbie down and hits a double foot stomp and splash for 2. He missile dropkicks Robbie into the corner and goes up top. Robbie hits him down straddling the top rope. Rudy falls to the mat and Robbie gets a 2. Robbie is frustrated and grabs a chair. Tyler Matrix runs out and grabs it from him. Robbie falls back into a belly-to-back suplex and then Rudy locks in the elevated Boston crab for the tapout.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 10PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/tv.

Gilbert Corsey, Ron Hed, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, and Ron is the ring announcer.

"The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix (w/Torey Payne) defeats Justin Smooth. Smooth with a knee out of the gate, but Matrix fights right back. He dropkicks Smooth in the corner, and goes off the ropes. Smooth flips him over the top, but Matrix lands on the apron and shoulders Smooth in the gut. Matrix goes up top and jumps off, but Smooth catches him on his shoulders. Matrix elbows off and goes off the ropes, but Smooth catches him with a big boot to the face for 2. He chokes Matrix and knees him. He hits a big side slam for 2. He clubs Matrix across the back and chokes him across the middle rope. Smooth press slams him and pulls Matrix up at 2. Off the ropes, Matrix catches Smooth with kicks. He misses the pele, but takes Smooth down and punches. He goes off the ropes with some forearms, but gets caught with a spinebuster. Smooth goes out and grabs a wooden board and sets it up in the corner. Smooth pushes referee Jamie Lynn out of the way, and she calls for the bell.
Smooth sets Matrix up to put him through the board, but Big Jon runs out. Smooth kicks him as he enters and tries to hit him with Street Justice, but Big Jon elbows out and goes for a chokeslam. Smooth slides out and rolls out of the ring.
Dean Hill comes out and gets in between them. He says he thought a stretcher match would be enough, but obviously they still want more of each other. He is going to make them the first two entrants in War Games at the August 6 SNS. He then reminds the fans about War Games and the winner of the final fall getting any match they want. It could be for the TV title, Heavyweight Title, a revenge situation, it doesn't matter. He is interrupted by Robbie Walker. Robbie says he wants in. Matrix is back up and attacks Robbie. They exchange blows inside and Torey gets in and tries to stop them. Matrix goes to spear Robbie, but he moves and Matrix puts Torey through the board by accident.
Officials rush out to check on her and stretcher her out.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn (c) defeats JXT. Gunn tries to take JXT down quick for a submission. JXT hits a side kick, but misses a body press off the ropes. Gunn kicks him and throws him in the corner. JXT comes back with a bulldog out of the corner. Gunn pulls JXT down hard and kicks him out of the ring. JXT tries to reenter, but Gunn knees him back down to the floor. He pulls JXT up to the apron and suplexes him in. He hits him in the gut, throws him in the corner, but JXT comes out with clotheslines. Gunn takes him down by twisting his knee. Gunn goes for another suplex, but JXT flips over and rolls him up for 2. Gunn catches him with a big clothesline for 2. He hits 2 out of 3 amigos, but JXT reverses the third one. JXT clotheslines him and back body drops Gunn off the ropes. He hits a body press after jumping off the second rope for 2. He goes up top and jumps off. Gunn moves and takes JXT down, locking him in the YTO for the tapout.

Tyler Matrix comes back out and demands for Dean Hill to come out. He wants Robbie Walker at War Games and doesn't care what loophole he has to jump through, he wants to taste Robbie's blood. He is furious about what happened to Torey Payne. Dean is out and says Tyler has the fire and determination he looks for. He will add him and Robbie as the 3rd & 4th entrants in War Games. Matrix tells "Primetime" his time is up.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring for an interview with The Tag Buddies. Rev. Stu Miles has a good word and its perseverance. He talks about all that they went through to become and remain champions. He throws in that people should go to VBS this summer. Adam Revolver says people should just stay at home and read through science textbooks. They argue back and forth. Gilbert asks if they are even friends, and they stop and say they are buddies.
They are then interrupted by The Van Zandt Family Circus. Dapper Dan says he sees a world where the champions have fallen. Soon "He" comes, but not tonight. Tonight he is alone, Ringmaster is broken, the clown has lost her title, but soon "He" will come and the Circus will be the biggest midway attraction once again.

Big Zo (w/Josh Ashcraft) defeats Trevor Steele. Steele knocks Zo out of the ring early, and he has to regroup on the outside. They have a test of stength. Steele gets Zo down, but Zo works his way back up and kicks him. He goes for the powerbomb, but Steele shoulders out. They exchange blows in the corner. Steele hits Zo with 3 shoulder blocks off the ropes to finally knock the big man down. Josh distracts Steele, allowing Zo to hit him from behind and choke across the ropes. Zo clubs Steele and throws him to the outside. He goes out and clubs him on the outside before rolling him back in. Steele starts to fire back, but runs into a big clothesline. Zo slams him and hits a big legdrop for 2. He hits a Zo Bomb in the corner for 2. Zo with a big splash for 2. He slams Steele again and goes for another legdrop, but Steele rolls out of the way. Zo kicks him and goes for another Zo Bomb, but Steele rolls away again. Steele fires back and again hits Zo with 3 shoulder blocks to take him down. Zo catches Steele in a bearhug and they run into referee AJ Lucio in the corner. Steele hits Zo with a big boot, but there's no ref. Josh gets in the ring and goes to hit Steele with the baton. Steele grabs it and Josh dares him to hit him. A wrestler known as Hy Zaya enters through the side of the arena and gets on the apron, where he pops Steele in the face with a chain-wrapped fist. He then goes up top and hits a senton bomb.
Zo covers as AJ regains consciousness for the 3.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring for a contract signing between Rudy Switchblade & Rocco Bellagio. Gilbert gives the contract to Rudy, but he says to let Rocco sign first. Rocco says he is the champion, and is a triple crown champion. He was rookie of the year in 2011 where he won the TV Title and tag titles in a span of just a few weeks. Since he returned, he has been having 5-star matches, throwing people off balconies, and that's why he is the Heavyweight Champion. Rudy is going down to Plungetown. Rudy says he acts like a cool guy and has a cute little sign. He tells Rocco he is a former triple crown champion also. He beat people like Ali, Jamin Olivencia, Mike Mondo, and beat none other than "Mr. Wrestling" himself, Nick Dinsmore for the Heavyweight Title. He says Rocco can't intimidate him. He signs the contract, and Rocco hits him with a cheap shot. He tries to Plunge him through the table, but Rudy elbows him. He goes off the ropes, but Rocco catches him and throws him. Rudy spiders in the ropes. Rocco charges, but Rudy pulls the top rope down and Rocco flies to the outside. Rudy leaps out on him and they continue to brawl. They have to be broken up by officials.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

"The Tag Buddies": Adam Revolver & "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles defeat "The Van Zandt Family Circus": Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Little Damion (w/Scarlet). The Buddies take Damion down and Stu tricks Damion into continuously running back and forth off the ropes until he passes out. Stu pins for 2. Dan tags in, and the Buddies work over his arm and shoulder him in the corner. Dan comes back and splashes Adam in the corner. He charges Adam, but runs into a boot, Adam hits a Russian leg sweep. Damion distracts him, and Dan hits a German suplex. Damion tags in and headbutts him. Dan tags back and hits Adam in the corner. He distracts the ref, allowing Damion to bite Adam's head on the outside. Adam tries to fight out of their corner, but Dan clubs him. He hits a suplex for 2. Dan locks in a side headlock, and Adam breaks it by hitting a backdrop. Both men tag. Stu comes in and heals Dan & Damion both. He throws Dan into Damion in the corner and splashes them both. Dan falls on his back to the mat, followed by Damion head first below the belt. Stu grabs Damion and hits the double underhook suplex. Dan grabs the kendo stick from Scarlet and cracks Stu has he tries to pin Damion to cause a DQ. Adam runs in with a chair to run the Circus off. Dan reminds them that "He" is coming.

As always, thanks for reading!