OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, January 7, 2017

OVW SNS: Evolution Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, January 7, 2017.


-Rocco Bellagio defends the OVW Heavyweight Title against the OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Big Jon & Justin Smooth in a triple threat match.

-The semifinals and finals of the Nightmare Scramble tournament.

-Tyler Matrix defends the OVW TV Title against Jade Dawson in a Street Fight.

-Diamond faces Tony Gunn in a submission match.

-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Gilbert Corsey & Shannon the Dude, and Gilbert is also ring announcer. SPECIAL THANKS TO SCOTT CANNON FOR TONIGHT'S RESULTS!

NIGHTMARE SCRAMBLE SEMIFINALS: "Team Next Level": "The Complete Athlete" Devin Driscoll & "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff vs. Billy O & Kevin Giza.
Devin & Billy start off. Some early offense from Billy, but he misses a corner run-in. Huff is in and continues a beat down on Billy that sees some hard corner chops. Billy is able to get the hot tag to Giza. Giza goes up top to hit Huff, but gets pushed off by Devin. Devin hits Giza with the cutter and gets the 3.

NIGHTMARE SCRAMBLE SEMIFINALS: Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Big Zo vs. Little Damion & "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles.
Zo starts out with Stu. Zo powers through Stu and slams him. Stu climbs on Zo's back, but gets rammed into the corner. Zo misses a corner splash and tags out to Dan. Damion is begging to get in. Dan makes Damion sit, stay, and roll over. He tries to pin Damion. Damion with 3 headbutts on all fours. Dan fakes a knee injury as Damion corners him, but then bum-rushes him and squashes Damion in the corner. Zo does some "healing" on Damion. Zo & Dan make several tags wearing Damion down. Damion finally gets a tag to Stu. Stu "heals" Zo. Dan grabs Stu for a sidewalk slam, but Damion bites his backside which causes him to fall, and Stu gets the 3.
WINNERS: DAMION & STU by pinfall.

SUBMISSION MATCH: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "Wrestling's Rockstar" Diamond.
Gunn hides behind the entrance and when Diamond comes out holding the YTO poster, Gunn jumps him. Diamond comes back and tries to submit Gunn with a tarantula in the ropes. Gunn goes outside, and Diamond flies through the ropes on him. Back inside, Gunn with the Three Amigos. Gunn goes to do it again, and Diamond is able to reverse it into a Whammy Bar. Gunn gets a rope break. Gunn grapevines Diamond, but Diamond gets a rope break. Several submission holds back and forth, until finally Diamond faceplants Gunn and locks in the Whammy Bar, making Gunn tap after almost a minute of pain.
WINNER: DIAMOND by submission.

Trevor Steele, Ringmaster, Scarlet, & "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker vs. Lucas Gibson, Carlos Gabriel, Callie, & El Stingray.
Scarlet & Callie start out, and Scarlet dominates. Ringmaster & Lucas are fighting next, and then Stingray is in with a backflip off the rope and Carlos gets in with some hits. Everybody enters the ring and Steele double clotheslines Stingray & Lucas. Carlos gets quadruple teamed in the corner. Carlos & Walker both hit flying body presses. Scarlet & Callie are back in, but all 8 end up brawling. 6 men are on the outside, and Scarlet decides to go up top and jump off onto them all. Back inside, Steele hits the torture rack slam on Lucas for the 3.

STREET FIGHT for the OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Jade Dawson vs. "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix (c).
Jade is out first with a trash can and lids, then Matrix sneaks out with a kendo stick and beats down Jade. In the ring, Jade uses a lid as a shield as Matrix smashes the kendo stick. Jade then hits Matrix with the lid. A ladder comes in and Matrix smashes Jade into it twice. Jade moves as Matrix charges at him and takes control. Jade with a flying knee over a chair. Jade stacks 6 chairs in the ring. Matrix throws Jade into the ladder propped in the corner and then hits him off the top rope onto the floor. Jade comes back and hits the DDT on the pile of chairs, but Matrix somehow kicks out at 2 and 99/100. Jade tries to throw Matrix in the corner with the ladder, but Matrix reverses and super kicks him. Matrix hits a swanton on Jade on the pile of chairs and picks up the 3.

NIGHTMARE SCRAMBLE FINALS: "Team Next Level": "The Complete Athlete" Devin Driscoll & "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff vs. Little Damion & "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles.
As Stu & Damion enter, they are attacked by Ringmaster & Dapper Dan. Stu is hit with a kendo stick, and Damion gets chained and dragged back to the locker room with the Circus. Next Level tells Stu they will give him $1000 if he forfeits and he can get himself a girl. Stu goes at it alone and starts off hot, but the numbers advantage quickly catches up. Next Level dominates most of the match. Stu finally breaks free, but goes to his corner forgetting he has no partner. Driscoll hits him from behind and makes fun of Stu wanting to tag. Huff connects with an Athlete's Foot, and Driscoll hits a cutter for the 3.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: Justin Smooth vs. Big Jon vs. "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio (c).
Rocco starts off with fists flying on both Jon & Smooth, but they both kick Rocco and knock him to the outside. They team up on Rocco on the outside. Back in the ring, they double elbow Rocco and then punch him out. They go for a double chokeslam, but Rocco reverses and chokeslams them at the same time! He has a submission on Smooth and the ref checks Smooth's arm. On the 3rd raise, Jon catches Smooth's arm to not let it fall and Rocco win by submission. Smooth comes back and slams Rocco and gets a near 3. Jon goes for a big boot, but Rocco moves, and he kicks Smooth. Jon grabs Rocco, slams him, and gets a near 3. Smooth confronts Jon, and they exchange blows. Rocco grabs Smooth for a near 3. Rocco chokeslams Jon for another near 3. Smooth gets Rocco up for Street Justice, but Rocco kicks the ref. Smooth & Jon with a double chokeslam on Rocco, but there is no ref to count. Rocco delivers 2 low-blows to Jon. Team Next Level shows up and attacks Jon on the outside. Smooth can't pin Rocco with the interference. Smooth then gets low-blowed and Plunged. Rocco gets a ref and Plunges Smooth again to get the 3.

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