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OVW Champions (As of 8/11/22)

OVW Champions (As of 8/11/22)
OVW Champions (As of 8/11/22)


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Thursday, July 7, 2022

OVW TV 1195: Could Shera Weather the Storm?

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, July 7, 2022.

-A huge main event as Mahabali Shera defends the OVW National Title against James Storm!
-OVW Heavyweight Champion Omar Amir defends his title in a rematch against Jack Vaughn!
-In Women's action, Freya the Slaya goes up against OVW Women's Champion Leila Grey!
-Dark Kloudz will take on the team of Roger Matheus & Raul LaMotta!
-Plus, special guests from IMPACT Wrestling as IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander & Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace pay a visit to Davis Arena, and much more!

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Without further ado:

Here we go...

Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

Brandon Espinosa
 vs. Donovan "Bam Bam" Cecil.
Espy complains that he was in the main event for the last 3 months and has been here for 11 years, but is in a dark match. He says other people show up and get title matches, but where is his? Cecil ducks a punch and heaves Espy across the ring. Espy attacks the left knee and takes the big man down. He covers for 1 as Cecil powers out quickly. Espy goes back after the left leg, twisting it up in a submission. He drops a couple elbows across the knee and Cecil tries to fire out. Espy then bites his knee. Cecil tries to get back to his feet, but Espy with a single leg takedown. Cecil back with some clotheslines, and catches Espy off the ropes with a fall away slam. Cecil gets Espy on his shoulders, but his knee goes down on him. Espy kicks the knee and hits a double underhook DDT to pick up the 3.
WINNER: ESPINOSA by pinfall.

 Alexander (w/"Rockstar" Ryan Von Rocket) vs. Michelle Green.
Arie plows Green down off the ropes, but then Green arm drags her, hits a headscissor takedown, and hits a Russian leg sweep. Arie grabs hold of her arm and yanks her down. Green reverses a throw to the corner and runs in with a cross body. Arie pulls her down by the hair and throws her into the corner. Green with a back elbow and fires up. She hits some clotheslines and a backdrop. Green goes up top and hits a flying body press, but Ryan gets on the apron to distract the ref. Arie pokes Green in the eyes and hits a German suplex to get the 3. 
WINNER: GUIT-ARIE by pinfall.

Maximo Suave vs. "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino (w/
"The Fallen": "The Demon Magnate" Amon, "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts, & Lustful Lawrence).
Suave gets in a little early offense including a super kick to the jaw, but D'mone raises right back up. D'mone takes him down and nails Suave with 10 consecutive snap suplexes to pick up the 1-2-3.
WINNER: D'MONE by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

 Raul LaMotta & "The Viking" Roger Matheus vs. 
"Dark Kloudz": "Elusive" Eric Darkstorm & "Hustla" Deget Bundlez.
Eric locks up with Raul into the corner. Raul with a side headlock, Eric reverses. Raul reverses back, then Eric knees him. He hits Raul into the corner turnbuckle and hits him with a hard right to the face. Raul back with some big chops and a tag to Roger. The ref makes Raul get out and Deget comes in and hits Roger from behind without a tag. Deget chokes him and clubs him across the back. Roger catches him with a kick to the head and a German suplex, but a distraction allows Eric to come in and take control. Dark Kloudz try a double clothesline to Roger, but he breaks through and then double clotheslines them. He tags Raul and Raul comes in firing away. Roger clotheslines Deget to the floor and Raul chops Eric. Eric yanks him down by his bad shoulder. There's no bell or finish, as officials come out to check on Raul.

In the back, Omar Amir says there is an alliance between Dark Kloudz and Jack Vaughn, but no matter how many "dark kloudz" come his way, he will send Jack's evil gym teacher looking *** out and prove why he is OVW Heavyweight Champion!

Bryan Kennison
introduces IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Josh Alexander. IMPACT will be back in Louisville for Derby City Rumble at Paristown Hall next weekend. Josh says he is a wrestling fan first and foremost like all of the fans, and he thinks about all the people who have been in this business and just need an opportunity like he got with IMPACT and now he is the World Champion. He thinks they should offer an "IMPACT Opportunity Match". He gets interrupted by Ryan Von Rocket & Guit-Arie Alexander.
Ryan says the opportunity is his, because this is his rock show and he is going to take Josh's title away from him tonight. Josh says the opportunity isn't for his championship, and he would love nothing more than to shut him up and make it to where he could never play his guitar again. He says tonight Ryan and someone else will compete to be at Derby City Rumble next week. If Ryan happens to win, he would love nothing more than to tap him out!

IMPACT OPPORTUNITY NON-TITLE MATCH: "Rockstar" Ryan Von Rocket (w/"Guit-Arie" Alexander) vs. OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Champion Dustin Jackson
They lock up and Dustin takes Ryan to the mat. Ryan scampers to the ropes. Ryan hits Dustin in the back and into the top turnbuckle. Dustin comes back with some hard chops and Ryan heads outside for a breather. Dustin gets near the ropes and Ryan pulls his head down across the top rope. He covers for 2. Dustin sends Ryan out of the ring and goes to leap out on him. Ryan moves and Dustin lands on the apron, but Ryan pulls his leg out from under him. He covers for 2. Dustin rolls Ryan up in a small package for 2. Howe with a hit and covers for 2. He sets Dustin up on the top turnbuckle and Dustin hits him down. Arie grabs Dustin's foot and Dustin leaps off over Ryan. Off the ropes, he hits a back elbow and chops Ryan several times. He hits a neckbreaker across his leg and sets up in the corner. He hits the running boot and goes up for the Derby City Dive. Ryan rolls to the ropes and gets the ref's attention. Joe Mack runs out and shoves Dustin off the top rope. He then delivers a powerbomb and Ryan covers to get the 3.
WINNER: VON ROCKET by pinfall.

In the back, Jack Vaughn says he has been a pro wrestler for 18 years and heard OVW is supposed to have some of the best up and coming wrestlers. He gets here and Omar Amir is the best OVW has to offer? He says Omar can't even lace his boots. Tonight, he walks out the NEW OVW Heavyweight Champion!

Callen Vance
vs. OVW Rush Division Champion "Certified" Luke Kurtis.
Luke quickly takes care of Vance with a clothesline, running knee, and then he makes him tap to the C.O.A.
WINNER: KURTIS by submission.
After the match, Luke grabs a mic and says he has done it all and now he is going to be a daddy! He's having a girl! Jared Kripke tries to run out to the ring and get ahold of Luke, but he narrowly escapes as officials keep Jared pulled back and off of Luke.

Manny Domingo vs. 
"The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts (w/"The Fallen": "The Demon Magnate" Amon, "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino, & Lustful Lawrence).
Manny with a lot of offense, but Ronnie seems unfazed. Manny keeps at it and hits the salm off his back and a 450 off the ropes, but Lustful & D'mone cause a distraction. Amon gets in and hits Manny with the STH. Ronnie rolls over and gets the 3.
WINNER: RONNIE by pinfall.

vs. Omar Amir (c)
Omar ducks a big boot and fires away on Jack. He ducks a lariat off the ropes and hits Jack with a t-bone suplex. Jack hangs him up in the ropes, but Omar comes back and clotheslines him to the floor. They fight on the outside and Omar suplexes him back in from the apron. Omar stomps him in the chest. Jack grabs him by the throat, but Omar breaks out. He hits a suplex to Jack and clubs him across the back. Jack grabs him by the throat again and chokeslams him. He clubs him across the back and delivers a backbreaker. Jack slams him hard in the middle of the ring and chops him. Omar hits him back and fires up. He comes back with a running clothesline off the ropes and a back elbow. He hits a belly to back suplex and then Dark Kloudz comes out. He hits them off the apron and hits another belly to back suplex. He splashes Jack in the corner and goes up top for a flying clothesline. He spikes Jack with Island Time, but Eric Darkstorm causes a distraction. Deget Bundlez hits Omar and delivers an inverted suplex. Jack takes down Omar with a lariat and picks up the 3!

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

Crixus comes to the ring and has a mic in hand. He fought with Lawrence against Amon and company, but something changed and he doesn't like it. Where he's from, you leave no man behind, and he's not leaving without his friend. Amon tells Crixus he can have his little boyfriend back if he beats someone he is about to send out..."2.0", the better version of ZDP.
ZDP 2.0 vs. Crixus.
Crixus quickly puts ZDP away with a Claymore.
WINNER: CRIXUS by pinfall.
After the match, Crixus takes out D'mone Solavino & Ronnie Roberts. He pleads with Lustful Lawrence to come back to him, but he gets hit from behind by him. Crixus gets attacked by the Fallen and Lustful hits him with the One Night Stand.

In the back, Jessie Godderz says he doesn't have a championship and Tony Gunn comes up and says he could have been champion had Jessie not taken it out of his hands. They talk about teaming up and going back after the OVW Tag Team Titles.

Bryan Kennison
 says IMPACT will be back in Louisville for Derby City Rumble at Paristown Hall next weekend and you can get in free with your OVW ticket stub. He introduces the IMPACT Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. She loves being in Louisville, KY. She has some news to share besides the IMPACT shows next weekend. She also thinks the talented ladies of OVW should be given an opportunity as well. Over the next 2 weeks, there will be 2 qualifying matches, and the winner will get an opportunity to compete in an IMPACT ring next week! She says IMPACT is the land of opportunities and she wants to see who will take the ball and run with it.

IMPACT OPPORTUNITY NON-TITLE MATCH: "The Queen of the North" Freya the Slaya vs. OVW Women's Champion 
"The Unstoppable Danger" Leila Grey.
Freya attacks from behind and drops some elbows. She scoops her up and slams her. Leila fights out of a submission and stuns her. She charges at her, but Freya catches her and runs her into opposite corners, before hitting a fall away slam. She chokes Leila in the ropes and clubs her across the back. She flings her across the ring, then wraps her up in the ropes and clubs her across the chest. Freya hits her in the ropes, but misses the scissor kick. Leila kicks her in the face and jumps out. Freya grabs her and rams her into the side of the ring. Back in, Freya hangs her up on the top rope and slings her down to the mat. She misses a charge in the corner. Leila charges in, but Freya sits her on the top turnbuckle. Leila kicks her away and hits a flying headscissor takedown. Freya pushes her off a bulldog and hits a big boot. She chokeslams her and says she isn't done yet. Leila slides out of a second attempt and rolls Freya up for the 3.
WINNER: LEILA by pinfall.

vs. "The Indian Lion" Mahabali Shera (c)
They lock up and clean break. Storm locks up the arm, but Shera reverses. Storm grabs the ropes. Storm with a side headlock. Shera elbows him and throws him into the ropes. He catches Storm with an elbow to the face. Storm takes a break on the floor. Shera holds the ropes open for him to get back in. They shake hands and the fans are split yelling for each of them. Storm locks up the arm again and is back to the side headlock. Shera shoves him off, then takes Storm down with a side headlock. Off the ropes, Storm goes for a hip toss, but Shera blocks and reverses. Shera with another side headlock takedown. Storm gets back to his feet. Off the ropes, Shera blocks a hip toss, but Storm goes off the ropes and knocks Shera through the ropes to the floor. Storm pulls Shera's arm down across the rope as he goes to get back in. He goes out and hits Shera with a hard right. Storm hits him into the steps and then wraps Shera's leg around the ringpost. He hits his leg off of it again. Storm fires away on him, then pulls him into the middle of the ring. He clotheslines him and drops an elbow across the damaged leg. He stomps Shera in the abdomen and drops an elbow across the leg again. Storm hits him in the ropes and locks in a sleeper. Shera tries to get up, but Storm pulls him back down to the mat. Storm covers for 1. He tries again for another 1 count. Storm hits him into the corner turnbuckles, but Shera hulks up. Shera fires back and splashes Storm in the corner. He slams him and drops an elbow for 2. Storm catches Shera with a kick to the head in the corner. Shera is on the top turnbuckle. Storm climbs up and hits a flying headscissors. He goes up top and hits a splash for 2! Storm clubs his back, but Shera catches him with a chokeslam for 2. Shera shoulders Storm in the corner and sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Shera climbs up, but Storm slides down and hits a twirling slam for 2. Storm slaps him, but Shera grabs him by the throat. Storm hits out of it and takes out Shera's leg. He nails not 1, but 2 super kicks and gets the 3!
: STORM by pinfall.


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