OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

OVW TV #703: "This Whole Locker Room's Out of Order!"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, February 6, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, Trailer Park Trash made a major announcement affecting control of OVW, OVW Heavyweight Champion Doug Williams decided to make an example out of a non-wrestling OVW employee, there was added anger between the Mascara Mafia & the Mobile Homers, more arguing between former partners Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

James "Moose" Thomas b. Jeremiah Plunkett. Moose gets Plunkett in the corner and clean breaks, but Plunkett hits Moose. Moose shoves him across the ring. Plunkett wants a test of strength which Moose wins, but Plunkett kicks him. Moose rams him into the corner and delivers a massive chop. Plunkett comes back with a couple shots, but Moose throws him to the corner. He hits a big splash followed by the side slam. Plunkett gets up and eats a Moose Kick for 3. MY TAKE: Moose is still on the hunt to try and get the OVW Heavyweight Title.

"The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Tony Gunn) b. Stephon J. Baxter III. Stephon looks unsure how to start and looks at his textbook. He comes back out of the corner and puts an armbar on Royal. Royal breaks out and throws Stephon off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. He delivers chops to Stephon around the ring. Stephon hits a hip toss and says "Did I do that?". He tries to rollup Royal, but only gets a 2 count. Royal comes back with the knockout forearm for the pin. MY TAKE: 6-0 and still looking strong. Can Royal keep it going?

"VIP" Joe Rosa b. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer. Dumeyer chops VIP and clotheslines him. VIP takes down, but Dumeyer fires back. Dumeyer throws VIP off the ropes, but VIP reverses and catches Dumeyer in a big spinebuster. He spells out the V-I-P legdrop and then hits the VIP Treatment (spinning diamond cutter) for the pin. MY TAKE: VIP has been racking up the wins recently. There must be something in that champagne.

OVW Women's Champion Jessie Belle b. Heidi Lovelace. Jessie locks up Heidi from behind, but Heidi breaks out and throws Jessie into the corner. She goes for the butt bump, but Jessie moves. She hits the Widow's Peak for the pin. After the match, Bodyguy comes out and starts schmoozing Heidi, but the Assassin comes out. Bodyguy poses and the Assassin then shakes his stuff before taking Bodyguy out with the massive clothesline. MY TAKE: A quick and dominant win for the OVW Women's Champion.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at

Trailer Park Trash starts out in the ring and announces that he has been in the business over 20 years and has a lot on his plate as an active wrestler, Director of Operations, and a single father. He says he is stepping down as the Director of Operations and also retiring as an active wrestler, but doesn't want to go out a loser. Therefore, he will concentrate the next month on training for another match against Flash at the March Saturday Night Special. Flash and Josette Bynum are out and Flash says he thought Trash finally had enough sense to quit, but just kept talking. He says he can't be serious about another match, and will not step in the ring with Trash again. He said Trash will retire as a loser.

Backstage, the referees led by Chris Sharpe, say they need to band together after the way they have been treated recently. Sharpe says it's gone too far, including Doug Williams purposely shoving Rob Terry into him last week. Doug walks up and says if he feels so strongly, he should man up and meet him in the ring later tonight.

Doug Williams comes to the ring and starts talking about a new challenge when Jessie Godderz comes out. He talks about traveling with Doug and how similar they are. He says that since there is no Director of Operations, since Doug is OVW Heavyweight Champion, he should reverse the double disqualification decision from SNS between him & Rudy. Doug agrees that it should be overturned, but Rudy Switchblade comes out. He argues with Jessie about who the better leader is, and Doug says they both seem like leaders, so later tonight they should have a tag match against each other with partners of their choice.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Tony Gunn (w/Randy Royal) vs. "The Great" Cliff Compton (c). Cliff throws Gunn in the corner and chokes him. He throws him off the ropes, but Tony arm drags him to the mat and locks him in an armbar. He goes for the YTO, but Cliff kicks him off. Gunn comes right back and locks him in another armlock, arm drags him down, and locks the armbar back on. He goes for the YTO again, but Cliff gouges his eyes and kicks him down. He charges Gunn in the corner, but Gunn moves and Cliff hits the turnbuckle. He clotheslines him, but Cliff rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 3. WINNER and STILL OVW TV CHAMPION: COMPTON by pinfall. MY TAKE: Once again, Cliff escapes and remains the "Multimedia" Champion.

Backstage, Ted McNaler tells Adam Revolver he wants an apology from Paredyse & Espy about what happened at the Saturday Night Special. They walk in, and Paredyse says he's sorry that Brittany was around ringside, and he means AROUND ringside, implying that she's fat. Espy then challenges Ted to a match later tonight one-on-one with their partners in the back.

Kings Entertainment: Matt King & J. Best vs. Sam Shaw & Alex Silva. Silva takes control over J. Best, but is kicked in the back by King as he runs off the ropes. King tags in, but Silva takes him down with a drop toehold and tags Shaw. He puts King in a reverse chinlock as Shaw dropkicks him in the face. Silva comes back in and hits the Silva Surfer and Shaw hits Breaking Point for the victory. WINNERS: SHAW & SILVA by pinfall. After the match, the Coalition are on the screen with Crimson saying that they have other terroristic threats to take care of, and will not give them another tag title shot. He asks Jason Wayne, and Wayne says IF they can beat the Wild Cards next week, they might get another shot. MY TAKE: Silva & Shaw are hungry for the gold and will not let the Coalition's Wild Cards stand in their way.

Backstage, Johnny Spade is saying goodbye to Trailer Park Trash and says he always has his back. As he walks out, he runs into Moose. He calls Moose a butt-kisser and Moose says he is just going to say goodbye to a friend. Spade walks off and we see Eddie Diamond pleading for forgiveness from Epiphany. Epiphany says she doesn't care, there is no Director of Operations right now, and he cost her the title at SNS. Taeler Hendrix walks in and laughs, saying that her man brings her gifts every day. Taeler walks off, and Epiphany walks off right after, with Diamond saying his heart is a squared circle of emotions.

Ted "Manbeast" McNaler (w/Brittany Devore) vs. Espy. Espy locks up with Ted and gets him in the corner. He slaps him in the face, and then slaps his butt. Ted comes out after Espy and they go back and forth. Espy goes for a bulldog off the top rope, but Ted fights out and hits a hurricanrana. Paredyse sneaks out behind Brittany and taps her on the shoulder, as she spins around, Paredyse slaps the rocket fuel out of her hand. Ted gets out of the ring and goes after Paredyse, but Adam comes out and holds him back. Espy starts to get back to his feet as the ref's count gets up to 9. Ted tries to get in real fast, but Espy catches him with a kick to the head and gets the 1-2-3 as Adam yells at Espy "What are you doing?!". Espy & Paredyse run to the back as Adam & Brittany check on Ted. WINNER: ESPY by pinfall. MY TAKE: The fans are split. Who's in the right and who's in the wrong? Paredyse & Espy seem to be exhibiting an even more odd behavior than usual.

"The Ken of OVW, Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling, & King of Pink" Dylan Freak'n Bostic & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Ryan Howe & Rudy Switchblade. Howe goes right after Bostic to start the match. Bostic kicks him and tags in Jessie. Jessie puts him in an armlock and pull him into the corner by his hair. Bostic comes in and hits an armdrag and locks in the armbar. Jessie comes back in and delivers a big elbow, then tags Dylan and tells him to do the same thing. Dylan misses his elbow, and Howe tags Rudy. Rudy comes in and scratches Dylan's back and tags Howe back in and tells him to do the same thing. Howe goes to scratch Dylan's back, but Dylan flips him over. Jessie is back in and chokes Howe in the ropes and hits an enziguri kick to the head. Bostic tags in and hits a dropkick. Jessie tags back in and puts Howe in the abdominal strech and hip tosses him over. He tags Dylan and tells him to do the same thing again. Dylan places Howe in the abdominal stretch, but Howe hip tosses him and tags Rudy. Rudy comes in and hits a Rudy-K-O, but Jessie comes in and breaks up the pin. All 4 men are fighting in the ring. Rudy and Howe go to throw their opponents into each other, but Howe gets reversed by Jessie, and Howe & Bostic collide. Jessie & Rudy both reach for the flour they threw into each other's eyes but find empty bags. They then each grab a chain and Jessie hits Howe and Rudy hits Bostic. DOUBLE DQ. MY TAKE: Rudy & Jessie are no longer a team, but seem to now be on the same page. What's the deal?

Doug Williams vs. Chris Sharpe. Doug Williams drags Jordan Barker to the ring and demands Chris Sharpe come out or he will start beating up Jordan. Sharpe comes out and Doug shoves him down. He hits a big slam and chokes him in the ropes. He then chokes him with his foot. He slaps Sharpe, and then works over his leg, placing him in a half Boston crab holding the ropes for leverage. Jordan Barker breaks the hold as Sharpe crawls over to a mic and tells Doug to kiss his you know what. This angers Doug even more who slams Sharpe down a few times before hitting Chaos Theory for the pin. WINNER: WILLIAMS by pinfall.
 After the match, Doug goes after Jordan, but Moose & Spade come out to save him. They start arguing and then start fighting. The Mobile Homers & Mascara Mafia run out to separate them before bumping into each other, and they start fighting. Then Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade, and Dylan Bostic & Ryan Howe are out. Before you know it, the entire locker room empties and we end the show in total chaos! MY TAKE: A crazy ending. It looks like we are going to need a new Director of Operations in OVW and quick!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

"The Red Baron of Ruthless Reconnaissance" Crimson (w/the Coalition) vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry. Terry slams Crimson and he rolls out of the ring. Terry follows him and hits Jack Black, but Crimson hits him from behind and throws him into the guardrail. Terry comes back with clotheslines and throws Crimson head first into the top turnbuckle. He runs off the ropes, but is grabbed by the Coalition on the outside. Referee Josh Ashcraft throws the Wild Cards, Joe Coleman, Jack Black, & Ghillie out (Jason Wayne was still at the commentary table). While Terry was distracted, Crimson got back up and took out his knee. He works over Terry's knee and throws him out of the ring. He distracts the ref allowing Wayne to attack Terry on the outside. Crimson goes to the outside and rams Terry into the steel steps. He hammers him across the back and rolls him in. He stays on the outside and rams Terry's knee across the ring apron. He comes in and goes to suplex Terry, but Terry blocks it and suplexes Crimson. Terry with axehandles, and a back elbow in the corner. He hits a sidewalk slam and looks for a finisher when the Coalition runs back out to the ring and attacks. WINNER: TERRY by DQ. After the match, Terry fights off Black, Coleman, Ghillie, and the Wild Cards, but Crimson & Wayne attack from behind. Shaw & Silva run out and the Coalition retreats. After the show ended, Shaw decided to do a posedown against Big Rob, but didn't fare as well. MY TAKE: Terry stands tall and should not be forgotten about in the OVW title picture.

Don't forget this episode will be up online tomorrow. Also remember that every Monday night you can find the latest edition of the OVW Top 20 here on OVWmania. As always, thanks for reading!