OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OVW TV #706: "Welcome to OVW, Bro!"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, February 27, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this final episode before the Saturday Night Special, we heard from Trailer Park Trash in an exclusive interview, Cliff Compton defended the OVW TV Title, Michael Hayes called out the Coalition and gave them some unexpected news, TNA IMPACT star Robbie E was in action, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

James "Moose" Thomas b. Matt King (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa, Austin Bradley, J. Best, Chase King, & Roberto De Luna). Moose tossed Matt around a couple times like a rag doll, splashed him in the corner, and hit the Moose Kick for the 3 and a quick victory. MY TAKE: Once again, Moose took care of business preparing to battle Johnny Spade.

"Smooth" Johnny Spade b. Chase King (w/"VIP" Joe Rosa, Austin Bradley, J. Best, & Roberto De Luna). Spade kicks Chase, chops him in the corner, and hits a suplex. The VIP Club distract the ref allowing VIP to spear Spade. Chase pounds Spade on the mat, but Spade comes back with his jive punches. He hits the running knee in the corner. Austin gets up on the apron, but eats a super kick. Chase gets up and also receives a super kick for the 1-2-3. MY TAKE: 2 Kings spelt a losing hand to a Spade & a Moose tonight.

Jeremiah Plunkett b. "Dirdey" Jake Dirden. This was the debut for Jake. He is a big guy, as he entered the ring stepping over the top rope. The two locked up, and Jake punched and hit a big backdrop on Plunkett. Plunkett came back with some rights and a slam. He placed Jake in a headlock, but Jake broke out with a chinbuster. He hits some punches and a clothesline. He goes for a chokeslam, but Plunkett slips out and hits the "Best Right in the Business" for the 3. MY TAKE: Plunkett finally gets another win under his belt.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at

Michael Hayes comes out to the ring and calls out the Coalition. He is red hot about their actions, which includes them playing TAPS after placing Sam Shaw & Alex Silva in a bodybag, as well as placing the flag on the ground over them. He would have expected Crimson & Jason Wayne to know better since they have both served in the Army & Marines respectively. He doesn't want to wait for SNS, he wants them to defend their titles against the Gutcheckers tonight! The Coalition is upset and starts circling Hayes, but Shaw & Silva run out and run them off. Before Hayes can leave the ring, Doug Williams comes out and is still unhappy. He says Jamin beating him was a fluke. Jamin Olivencia comes out and says he beat him twice, and the third time will be the charm. He is ready to fight right now. Doug says they aren't going to do this now, but they will have a tag match. He has a special partner for the evening...and out comes Robbie E! Robbie says you wouldn't expect someone from Jersey to be friends or partners with someone like Doug Williams, but they are tonight, bro.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Stephon J. Baxter III vs. "Mr. Multimedia" Cliff Compton (c). Cliff goes to kick Stephon, but Stephon catches it and hits an atomic drop. He slams Cliff and puts him in a wristlock. Cliff pulls Stephon down and gets distracted by Randy Royal who came out to scout the match. Stephon comes up from behind and rolls Cliff up for 2. Cliff is angry and hammers on Stephon, and hits the Death Valley Driver for the 3. WINNER and STILL OVW TV CHAMPION: COMPTON by pinfall. After the match, Cliff grabbed a mic and asked Royal if he was a stalker, or looking for an autograph. They are eye to eye as Tony Gunn runs out and gets in between them. Cliff hits Gunn in the back and leaves. MY TAKE: Has Royal done enough scouting to take the OVW TV Title away from Compton at SNS? We will soon find out.

We get a video of Dean Hill interviewing Trailer Park Trash about the upcoming battle at SNS against Flash Flanagan. They talk about his career, Flash, and Dean tells Trash to be careful, because Flash will be coming with everything he's got.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: The Coalition's Generals: "Red Baron of Ruthless Reconaissance" Crimson & "He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne (w/Ghillie) [c] vs. The Gutcheckers: Alex Silva & Sam Shaw. Crimson & Wayne attack from behind to start the match. Crimson chokes Shaw and goes for a quick pin, but Shaw kicks out at 2. Crimson knees Shaw in the back, and then throws him head first into the corner. He tags Wayne who comes in and chokes Shaw across the middle rope. He throws Shaw off the ropes, Shaw ducks a big boot, and tries to tag Silva, but Wayne catches him and slams him. He drags him over to the corner where Crimson tags in and chokes Shaw some more. Wayne tags in and does his choking pushups. Crimson tags in and throws Wayne into Shaw in the corner. Crimson then delivers an overhead suplex and chokes Shaw some more. Wayne tags in and goes for a butt drop, but Shaw moves. Wayne tags Crimson as Shaw makes the tag to Silva. Silva delivers some clotheslines and hits the Silva Surfer, but Wayne breaks up a pin attempt at 2. Wayne & Crimson throw Silva off the ropes. Shaw blind tags Silva as Silva ducks and double clotheslines Crimson & Wayne. Silva takes Wayne out of the ring as Shaw goes up top and hits Breaking Point, but Crimson kicks out at 2 to Shaw's surprise. The ref and Shaw are distracted by Wayne & Silva on the outside as Ghillie hands Crimson the Coalition's flag. Crimson swings and misses, as Silva gets back in the ring and hits a half stunner on Crimson followed by a flying dropkick to the back from Shaw for the 3! WINNERS and NEW OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: GUTCHECKERS by pinfall. After the match, Joe Coleman says to remember they may have won this battle, but they won't win the war. He challenges them to put the titles on the line against Delta Squad Alpha (him & Jack Black) at SNS which Shaw & Silva accept. MY TAKE: SNS came early for the Gutcheckers, and they will now head into the big event as champions. Can they thwart off another enemy attack from the Coalition?

"Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Before the two can lock up, some of the guys come out to the ring. Some are rooting for Spade, some are rooting for Moose. The Coalition come out fighting with Shaw & Silva, and then there is a free for all as the locker room empties and everyone starts brawling. NO CONTEST. MY TAKE: Not really sure what happened here. The split between Moose & Spade has apparently split the locker room.

Doug Williams & Robbie E vs. Jamin Olivencia & Rob Terry. Robbie's eyes get big when Rob Terry emerges through the curtain as Jamin's partner. Robbie & Big Rob start out in the ring, but Robbie runs over and tags Doug. Rob puts Doug in a headlock and throws him off the ropes and hits a shoulder block. He gets him in the corner and tags in Jamin. Jamin kicks Doug and slams him. Doug tags Robbie, who runs in into an arm drag. Jamin hits the kamikaze splash in the corner and tags Terry. Robbie scampers away and tags Doug in. Jamin takes Doug down, but Doug comes back and works over Jamin. Robbie tags in and works over Jamin and hits a fist drop from the second rope for a 2 count. He rams Jamin's head into Doug's boot in the corner and tags him in. Doug works over Jamin some more before tagging Robbie back. Robbie has a headlock on Jamin before stomping him. He throws him in the corner and charges, but Jamin moves and Robbie crashes. Both men make tags. Terry comes in with some big axehandles and a powerslam, but Robbie breaks up the pin. Big Rob gets up and goes after Robbie, but Doug hits Terry from behind. They throw Big Rob off the ropes, but he breaks through a double clothesline attempt and clotheslines both of them. Jamin wants back in and Rob tags him. He hits the jumping clothesline on Doug. Doug tags Robbie from behind. Robbie turns around and Big Rob is standing there and flips him in. He gets up and Jamin awaits with a Standing O for the 3! WINNERS: JAMIN & TERRY by pinfall. MY TAKE: Jamin looks ready to finally capture the OVW Heavyweight Title after beating Doug twice and TNA star Robbie E tonight. Is it meant to be for him at SNS?

This ended the TV taping.

At intermission, I got a picture autographed from Robbie E, bro:

Post-Show Dark Matches:

VIP comes out with the remaining members of the VIP Club. He starts to talk about how tonight was totally unacceptable, as the lights go out. When they come on, the Assassin awaits to take out Austin Bradley, J. Best, & Roberto De Luna with big clotheslines. VIP runs out.

Lovely Lylah & "The Irish Redhead Bombshell" Taeler Hendrix vs. Jessie Belle & Epiphany. Taeler argues with Lylah from the get-go as Jessie Belle tries to roll her up for 2. Taeler tags in Lylah, who runs in into a drop toehold. Jessie Belle tags Epiphany and they ram Lylah into the corner. Epiphany slams Lylah and tags Jessie Belle back in. Lylah comes back and tags Taeler. Taeler chokes Jessie with her boot in the corner. She takes a lot of abuse, until Taeler tags Lylah and Jessie Belle moves causing Lylah to hit Taeler. Taeler gets upset and leaves Lylah by herself, as Jessie tags Epiphany. Epiphany comes in and kicks Lylah and hits her spinning suplex finisher for the pin. WINNERS: EPIPHANY & JESSIE BELLE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Epiphany picks up the win as she makes a case to get another shot at the Women's Title.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Ryan Howe. The two lock up all around the ring and Howe attempts several rollups and pin attempts, one after Jessie misses an enziguri kick. Jessie rolls out of the ring to regroup. When he gets back in, he wants a test of strength, but he kicks Howe. He pounds away, hits his patented legdrop, and hits a power slam. He throws Howe into the corner and charges at him, but Howe backs out and collides into Jessie knocking them both out. Dylan Bostic comes out and starts cheering for Jessie. Rudy Switchblade comes out and starts cheering for Ryan. Ryan rolls Jessie up in a small package, but the ref gets distracted by Rudy. Bostic rolls Jessie on top. The ref turns around and sees Bostic still on the apron, and Rudy runs in and rolls Howe back on top. The ref turns and counts 3 for Howe. WINNER: HOWE by pinfall. After the match, Jessie grabs a mic and says no way Ryan Howe just beat him. He wants a tag match right now. Rudy, Jessie, Howe, & Bostic start brawling. Robbie E runs out and interferes causing the match to be stopped by the ref. Big Rob comes out and starts taking people out and the locker room empties again.
Then the lights go out. When they come on, everyone is laying in the ring with the Assassin standing in the middle. The Harlem Shake music hits and the Assassin starts dancing. When the chorus hits, everyone gets up and starts dancing like crazy to end the night. MY TAKE: An odd ending, but it sent the crowd home happy with a good laugh. You can only get this entertainment by being at the live shows!

Don't forget this episode will be up online tomorrow. I will be posting a preview of SNS that will be up soon as well for this Saturday's "Do or Die" show. Also remember that every Monday night you can find the latest edition of the OVW Top 20 here on OVWmania. As always, thanks for reading!