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OVW Champions

Saturday, April 6, 2013

OVW Saturday Night Special April 2013 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, April 6, 2013. Tonight, the Coalition looked to keep their reign of terror going on this show titled "Zero Dark 30". Was their mission successful? Also, Jamin Olivencia went after the OVW Heavyweight Title and Doug Williams once again. Was he able to take the company's top prize? Plus, the Femme Fatales participated in a battle royal, Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz finished their marathon match, Johnny Spade, Moose, & Jay Bradley locked up in a triple threat match, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Spud with a drop toehold. He puts Cardinal in a side headlock. Cardinal flings him off. Spud comes back and locks Cardinal up from behind. Cardinal breaks out, throws Spud off the ropes. Spud ducks a clothesline and comes back off the ropes with a body press. Pin attempt, but only a 1 count. Cardinal catches Spud with a big clothesline. He kicks Spud, hammers him in the corner, then throws him hard into the other corner. A big slam, but Cardinal misses an elbow drop as Spud rolls out of the way. Spud fires some forearm shots at Cardinal and tries to throw him to the opposite corner, but Cardinal reverses. Cardinal charges, but Spud moves, and Cardinal runs into the turnbuckle. Spud catches him with a roundhouse kick, knocking Cardinal out of the ring. Spud fires up and dives out of the ring onto Cardinal. Back inside, Cardinal charges at Spud, but misses again. Spud dropkicks Cardinal's knee out from under him, setting him up for the DDT which he hits and then makes the pin for the 1-2-3.
WINNER: SPUD by pinfall.
 MY TAKE: Another hard fought victory for Spud. Can he carry this momentum into next Wednesday's TV taping against Cliff Compton with the TV Title up for grabs?

"VIP" Joe Rosa & "The Mexicutioner" Roberto De Luna (w/VIP Club members J. Best & Austin Bradley) vs. "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal & Tony Gunn.
 Roberto locks up with Gunn into the corner. He hits him, charges at him, but Gunn moves. Gunn fires away and hits an arm drag. Royal tags in and kicks Roberto's arm. Roberto into the corner with Royal, where he chops him. Royal reverses and chops Roberto. Gunn tags back in and works over the arm. Royal tags in and hits the arm and a running knee lift. Pin attempt for 2. Gunn comes back in, runs off the ropes, and is kicked in the back by VIP. Roberto tries to come up from behind, but Gunn ducks and tries to roll him up for 2. VIP runs in and knocks Royal off the apron, and works over Gunn in his corner with Roberto. VIP goes for a suplex, but Gunn reverses and suplexes him. VIP catches Gunn before he can make a tag, but Gunn pokes him in the eye and tags Royal. Royal comes in on fire as Best & Bradley get on the apron. Both of them get knocked down as VIP grabs the champagne bucket. He swings and misses, as Royal & Gunn catch him for a 3D and Royal makes the pin for the win.
WINNERS: ROYAL & GUNN by pinfall. 
MY TAKE: Royal & Gunn pick up another tag team victory, as Royal still keeps tabs on the TV Title picture.

OVW FEMME FATALE BATTLE ROYAL FOR #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Taeler Hendrix, Hannah Blossom, Trina, Cinnamon Twist, Bobbi Bardot, Heidi Lovelace, & Jessie Belle.
Cinnamon Twist starts screaming that she's a lover, not a fighter, and eliminates herself. Taeler eliminates Bobbi. Then, Trina, who made her return (though I'm not familiar with her), showed off her strength by eliminating all the remaining competitors: Hannah, Taeler, Jessie Belle, & Heidi to win!
MY TAKE: Epiphany has some new competition. A strong showing in her return for Trina.

6-MAN TAG: The Coalition's "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, "Lieutenant Lats" Joe Coleman, & "Corporal" Shiloh Jonze (w/"Sgt. Major" Jack Black & Ghillie) vs. Elvis Pridemoore, "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer, & Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger, Cinnamon Twist, & Bobbi Bardot).
The Coalition attacks as the match gets underway. Raul is working over EFD, but he comes back with a dropkick and tags Dumeyer. Dumeyer comes in with clotheslines, but Raul comes back, and tags Shiloh. Raul with a drop toehold to Dumeyer, and Shiloh drops a knee. Coleman tags in, punches Dumeyer, and does pushups across Dumeyer's back with his neck across the ropes. He charges Dumeyer, but eats an elbow. Dumeyer clotheslines him and tags Elvis. Elvis comes in firing away, but Raul distracts him, allowing Coleman to recover and hit him from behind. He gets Elvis in his corner. Raul comes in and kicks Elvis, and brings in Shiloh. Shiloh charges and rams Elvis in the corner. Joe tags in and tries to pin for 2. He hits Elvis with a big right. Raul tags back in and kicks him in the sternum. Coleman tags in, hits a big slam, but misses a splash after running and jumping up and off the second rope. Coleman tags Shiloh, who comes in and misses a knee drop. Elvis makes the tag to EFD. EFD comes in firing away and hits the Soulja Boy Shuffle. Coleman & Raul are in to break the pin, and in comes Elvis & Dumeyer. Everyone is fighting, but Elvis & Dumeyer get knocked to the outside. EFD gets slung across the top rope by Shiloh & Raul and is pinned.
After the match, the Coalition attacks Timmy Danger and he is hit with the "Bombs Away" top rope splash by Jack Black.
MY TAKE: The Coalition is dangerous with numbers and the "kill 'em all" mentality. Can they be stopped?

3-ON-1 HANDICAP MATCH: Stephon J. Baxter III, Albert Einstein Baxter II, & Bodyguy vs. "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus.
 Bodyguy came out saying his training partners haven't worked out and tonight he will teach his partner from the first week he tried doing this a lesson with his "proteges", the Baxters. Bodyguy made Stephon start out. Stephon locked up with Marvelous, but Marvelous shoves him across the ring. Albert tags in and he is also shoved across the ring. Stephon comes back in and runs off the ropes and tries to plow into Marvelous, but Marvelous doesn't budge, and Stephon knocks himself out. Albert tries the same thing, and also bounces off of Marvelous. Bodyguy is standing on the top rope yelling at them, saying that they are doing it all wrong. They grab him and slam him down to the mat. Albert throws Bodyguy into a Stephon butt bump. They high five Marvelous and leave Bodyguy for him. Marvelous places Bodyguy in a bearhug, making him submit.
WINNER: MARVELOUS by submission.
MY TAKE: Bodyguy may want to just give up on the partner/protege search.

The Coalition comes out and Crimson has a box that he dumps out with his tag title, a gas mask, a map, a glowstick, and other things in it. They talk about regaining the tag titles and how their work is not done. They made a mistake by being complacent last time. Sam Shaw runs out and leaps from the top rope on all of them. He knocks everyone from the ring, but they all surround each side and have him trapped. Michael Hayes comes out and tells the Coalition to back up and tells Shaw he can't let him fight all 7 men by himself. Ryan Howe's music plays and he runs to the ring to join Shaw. They will partner up to face Crimson & Jason Wayne.
The Coalition's Generals: "He-Man of Homeland Security" Jason Wayne & "Red Baron of Ruthless Reconnaissance" Crimson (w/the Coalition) vs. Sam Shaw & Ryan Howe.
Howe & Shaw are distracted by the rest of the Coalition, allowing Wayne & Crimson to attack from behind. They come back with dropkicks and Shaw takes Crimson down. Howe tags in and drop toeholds Crimson. Wayne tags in, but Howe & Shaw hit him with a double hip toss. Howe grabs Wayne, but Wayne rakes his eyes. Crimson tags in and they wishbone Howe. He hammers Howe in the back, and elbows him in the back of the head. He grabs Howe's foot, but Howe kicks him off. Both men tag, and Shaw comes in firing away on both Crimson & Wayne. Crimson grabs Shaw from behind, but Shaw throws Crimson out of the ring. Wayne comes up from behind and throws Shaw off the ropes. Howe blind tags Shaw, Shaw ducks a clothesline, comes back off the ropes and dropkicks Wayne. Howe hits a reverse DDT, as Shaw goes up top and dives onto Crimson on the outside. Howe goes up top for the Chart Topper, but Dylan Bostic runs out and shoves him off the top rope. Wayne recovers and makes the cover for the pin.
 MY TAKE: The Coalition capped off the night with another win, with an assist from Dylan Bostic. Will Howe beat the jealousy out of Bostic? Will Shaw get his revenge on the Coalition after they took out his partner and friend, Alex Silva?

SPECIAL CHALLENGE MATCH: Paredyse vs. Brittany Devore. 
Paredyse comes out looking under the announce table and the ring. He apologizes and begs Brittany to forgive him, because he doesn't like ghosts and spirits. The lights go out and Brittany comes out to eerie music and stands in the middle of the ring with her arms outstretched. Paredyse is confused and starts playing around thinking she's not going to do anything. He waves his hand in her face and she doesn't move. He starts laughing a little bit, saying she's not so scary. Brittany raises her hands and drops them, causing the lights to go out. When they come back on, the Assassin is standing behind Paredyse. He tries to run, but the Assassin grabs him by the tights. He delivers a couple heart punches and his big clothesline and the lights go back out. When they come back on, the Assassin is gone, and Brittany folds Paredyse's hands over his chest and pins him for the win. The Mobile Homers pop up from behind the announce table as Paredyse rolls out of the ring. They sneak up behind him and dump a bucket of BBQ sauce over his head to get their full revenge for Brittany.
WINNER: BRITTANY by pinfall.
 MY TAKE: Paredyse got what was coming to him after embarrassing Brittany. She was able to embarrass him by defeating him and then covering him in BBQ.

LUMBERJACK MATCH: "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Rudy Switchblade.
This was not a traditional lumberjack match. The competitors could fight on the outside, but the superstars were to make sure they didn't leave the ringside area or the building. Rudy throws Jessie out of the ring to start off and Jessie pops up and tells the lumberjacks not to touch him. Rudy takes Jessie down to the mat with a side headlock. Jessie reverses out into an armlock. Jessie kicks Rudy in the gut and throws him out. Rudy gets back in and tries 2 different pinning combinations for 2 counts. Rudy with a hip toss to Jessie and a splash in the corner. He stomps on Jessie's hands and dropkicks him. He goes to charge Jessie in the corner, but Jessie moves the ref in front of him. He kicks Rudy and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Rudy falls to the floor. Jessie goes out and tries to pin for 2. Jessie throws Rudy into the barrier wall, and tries to pin again for 2. He slams him on the floor and again pins for a 2 count. Jessie hits lumberjacks Scott Cardinal & Tony Gunn. He gets back in the ring and misses an elbow drop on Rudy, but comes back with an enziguri to the side of Rudy's head. Another 2 count. He locks Rudy in an abdominal stretch, elbowing him in the ribcage. He then Pectacular Presses Rudy onto Cardinal, Gunn, & Randy Royal on the outside. He tries to pin again for 2. He locs Rudy in the abdominal stretch again, but Rudy elbows out and hits an arm drag. Jessie comes back, takes Rudy down and gets another 2 count. He swings at Rudy, Rudy ducks, and Rudy hits a backdrop. Jessie charges after Rudy, but Rudy pulls the rope down, and Jessie flies to the outside. Jessie grabs a chair. He gets into a tug of war, but pulls it away from Cardinal. Rudy gets back up with Jessie on the apron, and dropkicks the chair into Jessie's face, knocking him off the apron. Jessie tries to leave, but the lumberjacks grab him and throw him back in the ring. Rudy hits him with running elbows and a flying neckbreaker. He goes up top for a frog splash, but Dylan Bostic jumps up and pushes him off. Jessie covers for 2. He sets up for a stunner, but Rudy shoves him off into Bostic, who is still on the apron. Rudy hits a stunner of his own, and makes the pin.
 MY TAKE: Was this the Best Feud Ever? Does this prove that Rudy was the best man on the Best Team Ever?

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: James "Moose" Thomas vs. "Lonesome" Jay Bradley vs. "Smooth" Johnny Spade.
Moose & Spade both go after Jay. He gets in the ropes, saying 2 on 1 isn't fair. Spade goes after Jay, but he shoves Spade down. Moose gets Jay in a side headlock. Moose runs off the ropes, but Spade puts Jay in a side headlock. Spade runs off the ropes, but Moose puts Jay in a side headlock again. They both grab an arm of Jay's, twist it up, and throw him down. Moose bowls over Jay. Spade runs off the ropes, and Moose hip tosses him across Jay. Moose & Spade argue, and Jay gets up and headbutts both of them. Jay is taken down as Moose corners Spade. Jay comes up behind Moose and shoves him into Spade. Spade is backflipped by Jay. Jay hits a running knee to Moose, knocking him from the ring. Jay pins Spade for 2. Moose climbs back up, but Jay knocks him back to the floor. Jay goes up top, but Spade chops him. He goes up for a top rope suplex, but Moose gets back in and powerbombs Spade as Spade suplexes Jay. Moose splashes Jay in the corner. Moose goes up for a splash off the second rope, but Spade pulls Jay out of the way. Spade kicks Jay and puts him in a sleeper. Moose gets back up and puts Spade in a sleeper. Spade hits a chinbuster to break loose. Moose & Spade fight over trying to pin Jay. They shove each other as Jay gets back up. It looks like Jay is going after Moose with the Boomstick, but Spade gets him with the drop toehold. Moose locks him in a crossface while Spade locks him in a half boston crab. They argue over both using submissions. Spade tries to superkick Moose, but Moose catches his foot and clotheslines him. He charges after Spade, but Spade pulls down the rope, and Moose flies out. Jay charges Spade, but catches a kick to the face. Spade goes for the senton bomb, but misses. Moose is back in and takes down Jay before turning into a superkick from Spade. Spade then hits Jay with a superkick and gets the 1-2-3.
WINNER: SPADE by pinfall.
After the match, Moose hits Spade with a Moose Kick, and Jay hits Moose from behind with a steel chair.
MY TAKE: Spade ends up with the fall here, but is this rivalry over or beginning again?

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Jamin Olivencia vs. Doug Williams (c).
Doug knees Jamin, but Jamin fires back, and Doug rolls out of the ring. Jamin dropkicks Doug in the head, and Doug goes out again. Jamin goes after Doug, and Doug forgetting where he was, tripped backwards over the stairs. Jamin grabs him and rolls him back inside. He throws Doug in the corner, but runs into a back elbow. Doug goes for Chaos Theory, but Jamin holds on to the ropes. He goes for a Standing O, but Doug throws him offand dropkicks his knee. Doug works over the knee, but Jamin kicks him out of the ring. He goes out and rams Doug's head into the apron. He chops him and rolls him back in. 2 count. Jamin puts him in a reverse headlock, shoves him into the corner, charges, but is met with a boot. Doug rams him head first into the corner turnbuckle. Jamin catches Doug with a hip toss. Doug rolls out, hits Jamin from the outside, and rams him into the ringpost, hitting his knee against the steel. Jamin pulls himself up in the corner and hits Doug with 2 big punches, but Doug comes back and hangs Jamin upside down in the corner. Jamin kicks Doug down, and pulls himself up onto the top rope. Jamin hits a missile dropkick. Both men are down. They both make it up before the 10 count, and Jamin starts firing away and hits the jumping clothesline. He tries to pin, but Doug kicks out at 2. Doug takes Jamin back down and works over the knee. Jamin reaches the ropes. He kicks Doug in the face and rolls him up for 2. Doug comes back and fights with Jamin in the corner. He works over his knee with Jamin sitting on the top rope. Jamin headbutts Doug down to the mat. He hits a flying reverse splash, but Doug kicks out at 2. Doug gets up and rams himself into the ringpost and starts screaming that his shoulder hurts. The referee calls for the bell and says Doug cannot continue. He calls for help and Jamin is still trying to grab Doug. They bring out a stretcher and load Doug up as Jamin still tries to get his hands on Doug. As Doug is being taken to the back, he points and laughs at Jamin as he remains champion.
MY TAKE: Don't totally understand the ruling, but Doug remains champion after taking the cowardly way out.

A decent night of action. Remember that every Monday night you can find the latest edition of the OVW Top 20 here on OVWmania.
As always, thanks for reading!