OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

*UPDATED* OVW TV #713 Preview: Jamin's Time

Episode #713 will be taped Wednesday, April 17th. Jamin finally took the OVW Heavyweight Title out of the grasp of Doug Williams and is the NEW champion. He will team with "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry to take on the Mascara Mafia.

What happens when you put 3 combustible elements in the same room? You have one who wants to make a statement, one who wants to boot heads off, and another who is dancing to the beat of his own drum in Jay Bradley, Moose, & Johnny Spade. Moose will take on Spade, but Jay is sure to be around to watch.

The Double R Superstar got everyone's attention by delivering knockout blows to Rockstar Spud & Cliff Compton. Will he explain his actions?

The Coalition continues to get under the skin of Sam Shaw. Will Shaw enlist an army of his own to combat the Coalition, or will he remain an army of one?

#1 contender, Trina, will get her Women's Championship match against Epiphany.

What will happen next in the mixed up love story of Taeler Hendrix, Ryan Howe, Dylan Bostic, & Heidi Lovelace?

All this and more live at the Davis Arena. The doors open at 6:30PM, bell time is 7:00PM. Just go to 4400 Shepherdsville Road with $5.00 in your pocket for admission! For more information, visit the Events section at!