OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

OVW TV #714 Preview: Has the Coalition Taken Over?

Episode #714 will be taped Wednesday, April 24th.
The Coalition is running through the OVW locker room and attempting to take over the company. Last week, they attacked Sam Shaw from behind, took out Eddie Diamond, took out Rockstar Spud before his TV title defense, hit Johnny Spade's leg with a chair, and then gave Moose a spike piledriver on a chair that has put him on the shelf for a long time, if he can ever return at all. Is there anyone or anything that can help put a stop to their evil ways?

It appears that Doug Williams is trying to get in Jamin Olivencia's head and take him off his game. Will it work?

Will the Double R Superstar ever get his hands on the OVW Television Title that seems to be eluding him?

What is the condition of Eddie Diamond? Is Epiphany more worried about him or getting her OVW Women's Title back from Trina, who won the gold last week?

All this and more live at the Davis Arena. The doors open at 6:30PM, bell time is 7:00PM. Just go to 4400 Shepherdsville Road with $5.00 in your pocket for admission! For more information, visit the Events section at!