OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

OVW TV #725: "Changing of the Guard?"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 10, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, a contract signing between OVW Heavyweight Champion Jamin Olivencia & Jay Bradley, Shiloh Jonze, Raul LaMotta, & Joe Coleman have a special announcement, Dylan Bostic defends the OVW Television Title against Tony Gunn, "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz picks another opponent, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

"Lambda Lambda Lambda" Stephon J. Baxter III & Albert Einstein Baxter II vs. "The Really Really New Rockers" Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe.
Howe & Spud both work over Albert's arm, jumping and hitting it off the rope. They do a double arm fling hip toss and continue working it over. Spud throws Albert in the corner, but Albert drops, and Spud runs into the turnbuckle. Albert tries a sunset flip for 2, and then locks in a headlock. Spud escapes and tags Howe as Albert tags Stephon. Stephon ducks a punch, and wails away on Howe. He hits a butt bump, but Howe comes back with a slam and the strumming fist drop. He tags Spud as he hits the Chart Topper, and Spud then hits a flying elbow drop for 3.
WINNERS: ROCKERS by pinfall.

(NON-TITLE) Lovely Lylah vs. OVW Women's Champion Trina.
Trina locks up with Lylah in the corner, and Lylah complains that Trina was pulling her hair. Lylah rams Trina into the corner and charges, but Trina moves and delivers a hip toss. Lylah comes back and hits Trina and slams her down. She stands on her hair and pulls her arms up. Trina comes firing back, clotheslines Lylah, and finishes her off with a full nelson slam.
WINNER: TRINA by pinfall.

"Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony vs. Eddie F. Diamond (w/Timmy Danger).
Marcus attacks EFD and snapmares him. Marcus totally dominates except for missing EFD and hitting face first into the turnbuckle, and EFD's only offense was hitting a jumping forearm on him in the corner. Marcus goes back to dominating and hits a suplex slam, pinning him by placing a foot on top of him without the Gamma Punch for 3.
WINNER: MARCUS by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 12 noon with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

The show starts with a video recap of SNS.

Paredyse vs. Rudy Switchblade.
Rudy with a headlock. Paredyse shoves him into the ropes, but Rudy hits a shoulder block. Back in the headlock, Rudy tries to pin for 2. He goes for the Boston Crab, but Paredyse kicks him away. Rudy jumps up and hits an elbow drop. Paredyse claws his eyes and goes to the top rope, but Rudy slams him down. Paredyse comes back and throws Rudy from the ring, then dives from the apron and hits him on the outside. Rudy fires back inside and hits a double knee to the back of Paredyse in the corner. He goes for the Boston Crab, but Paredyse kicks him off. Paredyse goes for his spinning neckbreaker, but Rudy somersaults out, and catches Paredyse in the Boston Crab for the tapout.
WINNER: RUDY by submission.

In the back, Dylan Bostic is approached by Randy Royal and Royal says that the TV Title is eventually coming back to "this ole boy". Dylan says it's because of his interference in Tony Gunn's match Saturday night that got Elvis DQ'd that he has to defend the TV Title against Gunn tonight. Royal says that's not right and good luck. Dylan mumbles "Who Sucks Now?" as Royal walks off, and Royal yells back "What'd you say?" off-camera. Dylan says "Nothing".

"VIP" Joe Rosa (w/"The VIP Club" J. Best & Roberto De Luna) vs. Yaden Matthews.
Yaden starts out on fire, and takes Rosa down with a side headlock takedown. Best gets on the apron distracting Yaden, allowing Rosa to poke him in the eyes. He stomps him in the corner, but Yaden comes back with a facebuster and a russian leg sweep. Best & Berto jump on the apron, and Yaden knocks them both off. Yaden turns around into a big spinebuster, followed by the "V-I-P" legdrop and a stunner for 3.
WINNER: VIP by pinfall.

"Rudo" Raul LaMotta, Joe Coleman, & Shiloh Jonze come to the ring. Shiloh says the Coalition was arrested Sunday for breaking and entering Michael Hayes' home. After a lot of bargaining and plea deals, the 3 men in the ring are standing here and are what made the Coalition run. He says the Generals always talked about power and success, but along the way, they lost the way. He asks "What good is being king, if there is no kingdom"? Coleman says they were promised championships and glory, and if you look at the record books, they were undefeated as a team and unstoppable. Raul says they saw the writing on the wall, and that's why they went out and recruited a new member, Flash Flanagan. Flash says he's been accepted by these guys, and will watch their backs, and they will watch his. Shiloh says you can say they have been dishonorably discharged, and can now call them "The Marauders".

In the back, Jamin Olivencia is seen walking in. We then see Jay Bradley walking out of an office saying something about having the contract signing tonight.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "The King of Pink & Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic (c) vs. Tony Gunn.
Randy Royal runs out before the bell even rings and brawls with Gunn. They have to separate them and finally Royal is taken to the back so the match can start. Gunn fires lefts at Dylan and knees him. He hits a side headlock takedown. Dylan chops Gunn and charges at him, but Gunn backflips him. Dylan rolls out of the ring and pulls Gunn down and out, but Gunn hits and stomps him on the outside. Back in, Gunn chops him and hits a dropkick. Gunn mounts and punches Dylan. He throws him in the corner, and Dylan catches him with a boot to the face. He goes for a flying dropkick, but Gunn moves. Gunn fires away again on the mat. Dylan chops him, but Gunn hits him again and locks in a headlock. Bostic uppercuts him and runs off the ropes, but Gunn with a Lou Thesz press. Royal runs out again and brawls with Gunn causing a DQ.
Royal throws Gunn into the steel steps on the outside.

"Mr. Pec-Tacular" comes to the ring and talks about his accolades. He says his abs have abs. He said his opponent tonight has merit. His opponent is a former OVW Heavyweight Champion.
"Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Elvis Pridemoore.
Jessie attacks Elvis and knees him in the head. Elvis tries to fight back, but Jessie catches him with a dropkick. He slams Elvis on the floor outside and argues and yells at Dean Hill as Elvis rolls back in. While he's yelling at Dean, the ref counts to 10!
WINNER: ELVIS by countout.
Jessie can't believe he lost again.

In the back, Taeler Hendrix is talking to some new girls. They walk out and come across Jamin Olivencia laid out on the floor.

Gilbert Corsey is in the ring for the contract signing between Jay Bradley and Jamin Olivencia for the August Saturday Night Special. Jay comes out first and says that Jamin can't come out. He said he was discussing the contract with "Nacho Olivares" in the back, and he got so flustered that he passed out. He said he was scared of how big and bad he was, and has never faced anyone like that. Gilbert says Jamin just defeated Rob Terry at SNS. Jay says Jamin has already signed and all he has to do is add his name. As he's signing, Jamin runs out, flips the table up on Jay and pounds away on him. Jay leaves the ring as Jamin paces back and forth in the ring.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Lei'd Tapa, Taeler Hendrix, & Avery vs. Heidi Lovelace, Hannah & Holly Blossom.
Heidi & the Blossoms work over Avery's arm. Taeler tags in, and Heidi finally gets a hold of her. She delivers a hip toss, and hits Taeler into Tapa. Tapa comes in and clotheslines Heidi, then slings her down. She hits a big slam and stands on Heidi's hair. She chokes Heidi across the middle rope, and Taeler tags herself in. Taeler tags Avery as she gets in, running from Tapa, who was mad about Taeler tagging in. They turn around into a Blossom attack. The Blossoms hit a Blossom Bottom on Avery for the 3.
After the match, Tapa slams both Blossoms to the mat on their faces, and then delivers her spinning diamond cutter finisher to Heidi. She then chases Taeler & Avery to the back.

4M: "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus & "The King of Pink & Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes.
4M shoves Ali into the corner and the wants a test of strength. Ali keeps changing hands on 4M, and kicks him. He locks in a side headlock. 4M off the ropes, Ali side steps him and he flies out of the ring. As he gets back in, Dylan tags himself in. Dylan runs in to a hip toss. Ali tags Hayes and they do a double backflip. Off the ropes again, Hayes with a drop toehold, and Ali with an elbow drop. Bostic grabs referee Josh Ashcraft, distracting him, and 4M hits Hayes from behind. Bostic hits Hayes and 4M clubs him in the chest. Bostic knees Hayes in the gut and 4M locks in a headlock and clubs him in the back. He charges Hayes in the corner, but Hayes moves, and both men make tags. Ali hits a chinbuster on Dylan, kicks him, and hits a DDT. He takes out 4M, and then delivers a kneedrop to Bostic. 4M gets in, and Ali hits him, and clotheslines Bostic. Hayes tags, and Dylan turns around into a facebuster from Hayes, folowed by a neckbreaker drop from Ali, and Hayes pins Dylan for the 1-2-3.
WINNERS: ALI & HAYES by pinfall.

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