OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OVW TV #738: "Jamin's Next Challenge"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, October 9, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, Jamin Olivencia meets his next challenger, The Furions are in action, the 2013 Miss OVW is crowned, the Marauders go up against "The Pope" & Eddie Diamond, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Jay Bradley comes out and says that he is issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back to see if they have what it takes, like he does, to one day be a future TNA World Champion.
Jay Bradley vs. Elvis Pridemoore.
Elvis comes in firing away on Jay, but goes off the ropes and is met with a quick Boomstick.
WINNER: BRADLEY by pinfall.
Jay asks who else wants to try him.
Jay Bradley vs. "Marksman" Nick Dumeyer.
Jay charges at Dumeyer, but Dumeyer with a drop toehold into the turnbuckle. Jay hits back and takes him out with the Boomstick for another victory.
WINNER: BRADLEY by pinfall.

"The Boston Strong Bombshell" Taeler Hendrix vs. Ray Lyn.
Ray Lyn wants to shake hands, but Taeler smacks it away. She then asks for a high five, but Taeler high fives her in the face. Ray Lyn says she must be a hugger and jumps on Taeler and gives her a hug. Taeler slings her off and smacks her in the face. Ray Lyn says that wasn't nice and smacks Taeler back. Taeler gets aggravated and shoves Ray Lyn into the turnbuckle and rolls her up with a handful of tights for 3.
WINNER: TAELER by pinfall.

"The Marauders" Flash Flanagan & Clint Poe vs. "The Best Team Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
The Marauders try to cheat, but the Best Team Ever is too much to handle. Rudy & Jessie double superkick Flash out of the ring and hit the Best Finisher Ever on Poe for the pin.
WINNERS: BTE by pinfall.

The Bodyguy & 4M come out and the Bodyguy wants to show off his "gorgeousness" and "gorgeousity", but is interrupted by the return of Bin Hamin. Bin Hamin calls them infidels and says he can snap his fingers and have his Insurgency come out and take them both out. The Assassin's music hits, and 4M jumps out of the ring as Bodyguy cowers in the corner. The Assassin offers a handshake to Bin Hamin, but pulls him in for the clothesline.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 9AM with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring and says he is just days away from becoming the longest reigning OVW Heavyweight Champion in history. (The fans also start a "Jamin/Angle" chant while he's in the ring.) He says he defeated Moose at SNS and no one can deny him anymore about being too small or doubting his ability. Timmy Danger's music hits and he rolls out to ringside in a wheelchair. He said the war isn't over and a normal man may have been severely injured after being unprovokingly thrown through a table, but he's the most dangerous hype man. He says he has someone that Jamin has never beat for the title. Jamin gets out of the ring to go after Danger, but a man with a hood emerges from the curtain and super kicks Jamin. It's Johnny Spade! Johnny shakes hands with Danger and rolls him to the back as the refs check on Jamin.

"The VIP Club" J. Best & Robo De Luna vs. "The Furions" "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry & "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony.
The Furions completely dominate, throwing around Robo like a rag doll, and then taking out Best with the double powerslam for the win.
WINNERS: FURIONS by pinfall.

Backstage, Jessie Belle is complimenting Ray Lyn & Lovely Lylah and Taeler Hendrix tells her to shut up, because she is the winner anyway. Taeler storms off and passes Dylan Bostic & Evan Markopoulos, who are taking pictures of the ladies. They argue over who can do things better and then recruit two guys to fight for them and coach them better than the other one.

Michael Titus brings out Lovely Lylah, Jessie Belle, Taeler Hendrix, & Ray Lyn for the finals of the Miss OVW contest. He says the winner will also become #1 contender for the Women's Title. Ray Lyn gets distracted by Titus' tie and Jessie Belle has to pull her away. Then, Taeler grabs the tiara and says she knows she is the winner. Titus says she is not and Taeler screams and pouts in the corner. Lei'D Tapa has also come out to the ring to find out who wins and will be her next challenger. Titus announce the winner as Lovely Lylah. Taeler starts a tug-of-war with Lylah over the tiara. Lylah pulls it away, but turns into a big boot from Tapa. Taeler grabs the tiara and runs away as Tapa stands over Lylah.

Aaron Sky (w/Dylan Bostic) vs. Stephon J. Baxter III (w/Evan Markopoulos).
Dylan & Evan continually interfere, but it's Evan holding down Aaron's legs where he can't kick out that gets Stephon the pinfall.
WINNER: STEPHON by pinfall.

Backstage, 4M & the Bodyguy are singing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic in the mirror. 4M gets Bodyguy's attention when he sees the Assassin and ducks down. Bodyguy gets taken out with an Assassin clothesline.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez come out and say the Best Team Ever was close, but they are still the champions. The Best Team Ever comes out and says that the fans were chanting "5 more minutes" at SNS, but they really only needed 2 more seconds and they would be the champions. Ali says they are the Best Team Ever only in name. They will settle who the Best Team Ever is starting next week in a best 2-out-of-3 series of matches. They starts shoving each other and get into a brawl, but are pulled apart by the referees.

"The Marauders" Shiloh Jonze & Joe Coleman (w/Flash Flanagan, Clint Poe, Nick Dumeyer, & the Masked Marauder) vs. "The Pope" Elijah Burke & Eddie F. Diamond.
The Marauders attack Pope & EFD before the match gets started. Referee Chris Sharpe checks on EFD to make sure he's okay to continue, and he is.
EFD gets beaten down for most of the match until he gets the hot tag to Pope. Pope comes in on fire and EFD blind tags Pope. Pope clotheslines Shiloh to the outside and EFD hits a flying body press on Coleman for the 3.
WINNERS: POPE & EFD by pinfall.
After the match, the Marauders attack Pope & EFD again. After they leave, Pope grabs a mic and says tonight "PIP" stands for Pope is Pissed! He has a special announcement and the Marauders come back to ringside. He says the numbers game has happened in every match since he returned, so next week, he will get a TV Title rematch against Shiloh a steel cage! Shiloh is livid, but the Marauders surround the ring again. They get in, but this time, Pope & EFD are able to stand their ground and Pope gets a hold of Flash's kendo stick that he renames "Little Pope". He misses Shiloh, but hits all the other Marauders to send them running.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

***I had to leave at intermission, but the only dark match tonight was sent to me by Ref Chris Sharpe. He said it was a really good match with aggressive action between the teams of Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez and "Double Platinum" Ryan Howe & Rockstar Spud.
Hayes & Ali came away with the victory.

***Jamin's challenge to Kurt Angle still stands. Tomorrow, he will release a special statement regarding this challenge and hopes to get #JaminVSAngle trending on twitter during tomorrow's edition of IMPACT Wrestling!

This episode of OVW TV will be up online tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading!