OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OVW TV #739: "Pope, Shiloh, CAGE!"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, October 16, 2013. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at In this episode, the first match of the Best of 3 Series between Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez and the Best Team Ever, Jamin Olivencia looks for answers from Johnny Spade, and "Pope" Elijah Burke tries to reclaim the OVW TV Title from Shiloh Jonze in a steel cage!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

"Double Platinum" Rockstar Spud & Ryan Howe vs. "The Furions" "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry & "Strongest Gamer Alive" Marcus Anthony.
Marcus totally dominates Howe. Marcus brings in Rob and they deliver a giant hip toss to Howe across the ring. Spud wants in and goes face-to-chest with Big Rob. Rob throws him around like a rag doll and delivers a double backbreaker with Marcus to Spud for the pin.
WINNERS: FURIONS by pinfall.

NON-TITLE: Jessie Belle vs. OVW Women's Champion: Lei'D Tapa.
Jessie Belle's early attempts at offense don't work out and Tapa squashes her, using the Tongan Death Grip and TKO finisher for the win.
WINNER: TAPA by pinfall.

Jay Bradley comes to the ring and says that even though he's not on TV, he still keeps himself in top shape. He's a former 2-time OVW Heavyweight Champion, he was in the BFG Series, and he won GutCheck. Now, he's gonna teach some of the young guys in the back how it's done.
Jay Bradley vs. Stephon J. Baxter III.
Jay charges at Stephon in the corner. Stephon drops, and Jay hits the turnbuckle. Stephon wails away on Jay, but goes off the ropes and is caught with the Boomstick for 3.
WINNER: BRADLEY by pinfall.
Jay is just getting warmed up.
Jay Bradley vs. Aaron Sky.
Aaron with some early offense including a couple dropkicks, but Jay pokes him in the eye and hits him with the Boomstick for another win.
WINNER: BRADLEY by pinfall.

The Bodyguy (w/4M) vs. Elvis Pridemoore.
Elvis comes out and takes it to the Bodyguy. Bodyguy goes down and grabs the ref. While distracted, 4M uses Bodyguy's shake weight to blast Elvis from behind. Bodyguy gets the pin.
WINNER: BODYGUY by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 9AM with replays Wednesdays at 9PM after WWE Main Event.

Backstage, we see "Pope" Elijah Burke enter the building as he prepares for his battle in the cage.

MATCH #1 in the BEST of 3 SERIES for the OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: "The Best Team Ever" Rudy Switchblade & "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez (c).
Before the match can get started, the Furions come to the ring and Rob Terry says they are #1 contenders and want their match now. Hayes tells him that they waited too long to get their stuff together and will have to wait. Jessie says this is the Best Team Ever's show and they need to go eat a steak or something and leave. The Furions leave and we have a really good back and forth match between these two teams. In the end, Rudy & Jessie hit a double superkick to Ali, knocking him out of the ring, and then hit the Best Finisher Ever on Hayes for the pin.
WINNERS: BTE by pinfall.
After the match, the Furions return and attack all 4 men and hit a massive double powerslam on Jessie, who has to be helped to the back.

Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring and says he is not in a good mood after what happened last week, but the fans make him feel a whole lot better. He calls out Johnny Spade, wanting to know why he aligned with the scumbag Timmy Danger, and why he attacked him last week. Timmy comes rolling through the curtain with Spade right behind. Timmy rambles something off and Spade calls someone over to help Timmy get in the ring and put his wheelchair in the ring.
Spade says he keeps hearing Jamin talk about being the longest reigning OVW Champion in history. He says that is only because he was out due to surgery and hasn't had a chance to take it from him. He tells Jamin that he has also beat him not 1, not 2, but 3 times including last Spetember 2012 in a 30-minute Iron Man Match. He wants a match with Jamin to take the title. Jamin says Spade is jealous and doesn't deserve a shot. Spade says he gets it. He knows Jamin is a family man and doesn't want to go back to them empty-handed and have to explain why he lost to him a fourth time. Jamin walks towards Spade, but Danger distracts him by grabbing his arm. The momentary distraction allows Spade to hit Jamin with another superkick. He stands over Jamin and holds up the title.

As the cage is set up, Dean Hill & Gilbert Corsey discuss the events that led up to the cage match between Pope & Shiloh Jonze, as well as go over upcoming live events.

Backstage, Shannon the Dude interviews both Shiloh Jonze & Pope about the upcoming cage match.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE CAGE MATCH: "The Pope" Elijah Burke vs. Shiloh Jonze (c) (w/Joe Coleman, Flash Flanagan, Clint Poe, Raul LaMotta, Nick Dumeyer, & the Masked Marauder).
The Marauders couldn't get in the cage, but referee Chris Sharpe sent them to the back anyway. We had an excellent battle that saw Pope with the early advantage, and then Shiloh take over after Pope crashed into the cage. Pope made a comeback and tried to climb out of the cage.
Shiloh caught up to him, but Pope kicked him off.
When Shiloh fell, he landed on top of Sharpe.
Pope decided to stand on top of the cage and leap back down on Shiloh! Pope tries to climb back out, but the Marauders have returned and try to climb in. Pope knocks them all off, but the Masked Marauder has made refree Josh Ashcraft unlock the door and makes him get out of the way. The Masked Marauder slides in a chair to Shiloh. Shiloh cracks Pope in the back twice, and then across the head. Sharpe comes back to life and makes the pin.

(This last part will probably not air on TV or online)
After the match, the Marauders tell Nick Dumeyer to go back in and grab the handcuffs. Pope gets back to his feet and has Ashcraft lock the door.
He goes to town on Dumeyer with the chair.
Pope then grabs a mic and stands on top of the announcer's table very emotional. He says this gets harder every time and this is his third time leaving OVW. He says that Danny Davis gave him an opportunity 10 years ago and he has been able to travel all over the world. He says that even though we won't see him for a while, it doesn't mean forever. He says OVW will always be home and he loves each and every fan in this house. He thanks everyone and says to remember the Pope is Pimpin'!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

(All the dark matches happened pre-show tonight, because of the cage.)

This episode of OVW TV will be up online tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading!