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Saturday, March 1, 2014

OVW Saturday Night Special March 2014 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, March 1, 2014.

Tonight, Marcus Anthony defended the OVW Heavyweight Title against Jamin Olivencia, Trailer Park Trash & Flash Flanagan teamed up against the Marauders, Lei'D Tapa defended the OVW Women's Title against Jessie Belle, plus much more! It was a packed house, and the announcers for the evening were Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Michael Titus.

Without further ado:

Here we go...

"Primetime" Robbie Walker & Elvis Pridemoore vs. Eddie F. Diamond & Ryan Howe.
A decent back and forth match to start the night. EFD gets a hot tag to Howe, who comes in on fire. He forearms Elvis & Robbie, and locks the armbreaker on Robbie. Elvis tries to run in, but EFD takes him down and locks him in the Cripwalk Crossface. Both men tap to EFD & Howe's submissions.
WINNERS: EFD & HOWE by submission.
The Assassin's music hits and he grabs Howe's guitar on his way into the ring. He hands it to Howe, before high-fiving them and dancing with EFD.

"The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles comes to the ring and once again talks about how the cleansing is coming. He says that everyone smells like hot garbage and that he could put the number of teeth from everyone's mouths together and still not make a full set. He says that Dean Hill is disgusting and says that he saw him use the bathroom without washing his hands. He reiterates that the cleansing is coming and peace be with us all.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Jessie Belle vs. Lei'D Tapa (c).
Tapa hits Jessie Belle, clotheslines her, locks her in the Tongan Death Grip, and goes for the TKO, but the masked hitman comes to the ring, distracting her and the referee. Jessie Belle pulls a chain out of her kneepad and clocks Tapa from behind. She hides the chain in her boot and pins her for the 3!
After the match, the masked man gets in the ring. Jessie Belle pulls out a handful of cash and gives it to him. The masked man unmasks and it's Randy Royal!

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: The Bodyguy vs. "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus (c).
Bodyguy attacks Melvin as he was trying to get his robe off. Bodyguy takes out Melvin's leg and works it over. Melvin kicks Bodyguy off and locks him in the bearhug, but his leg gives out. Bodyguy goes back to work on it. Bodyguy misses a kneedrop, and then another. Melvin goes to work on Bodyguy's knee, and then locks him in the bearhug again to get the tapout.
It is announced that the Bodyguy MUST wear the dress Wednesday night, as passed down by OVW Owner Danny Davis!

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE HANDICAP MATCH: "The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling" Dylan Bostic & "The Mexicutioner" Robo De Luna vs. Mohamad Ali Vaez (w/Michael Hayes) (c).
Michael comes out with a cane and his leg bandaged up and tells Bostic & Mexicutioner that Ali is an 8-time TV Champion, and he has faith in him. Ali starts out hot, and quickly tries to lock Bostic into a camel clutch. Mexicutioner breaks the hold, and him & Bostic wear down Ali. Bostic hits the backstabber and Mexicutioner hits the spear, but Ali kicks out at 2! Ali slaps Dylan, and Mexicutioner goes for another spear, but Ali rolls him up into a small package. It's broken up by Bostic. Mexicutioner & Bostic team up to hit their spinebuster into the backstabber finisher and get the 3.
After the match, Bostic & Mexicutioner attack Hayes at ringside. They roll him into the ring, remove the bandaging from his leg and hit it with his cane. Bostic lines up to do it again, but Dean Hill & Gilbert Corsey jump up from the announce desk, run into the ring, and shield Hayes with their bodies. Bostic laughs, and leaves the ring.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Jamin Olivencia vs. Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger) (c).
An awesome match between these two once again. Jamin gets in some shots early, before Marcus uses his strength and power to slam Jamin around the ring. Jamin tries to fire back, but Marcus' powers him back down. Midway through the match, Josh Ashcraft comes out and says something to Chris Sharpe. Sharpe runs out of the ring and out the door, and Josh takes over as referee. Jamin starts to get some momentum as Timmy Danger removes the turnbuckle pad from one of the corners. Jamin picks Marcus up(!) and slams him down, but Timmy points out that the turnbuckle is missing, distracting the ref. Jamin is able to take Marcus down again and hit his reverse splash off the top rope, but Marcus kicks out. Marcus powers Jamin down again, and charges at him in the corner. Marcus runs into the exposed turnbuckle, and Jamin gets up on the ropes and hits a huge Standing O, but Marcus falls out of the ring. Jamin goes to the outside and rolls him back in, but Timmy sneaks under the ring and holds Jamin's foot as the referee counts to 10!
After the match, Jamin wants to go after Marcus, who is still knocked out. He has to be held back as he yells out that Timmy screwed him out of the title.

HANDICAP GRUDGE MATCH: "The Marauders": Shiloh Jonze, "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, & Nick Dumeyer vs. Flash Flanagan & Trailer Park Trash.
There are weapons galore brought to the ring, and Flash & Trash go right after the Marauders. Early on, Trash is blinded by powder and cracked in the head by a trash can lid and has to be helped to the back. Flash is left to fend for himself.
The Marauders wear him down with kendo stick shots and he ends up going through a table, but kicks out! The Marauders are upset and crack referee Jordan Barker in the head with the kendo stick. The Marauders bring out a second table, but Trash returns with a kendo stick and cracks Shiloh in the back a few times, who was on the top rope. He throws some powder of his own into the eyes of Raul and takes him out as Flash fights back and lays out Dumeyer on the table. Trash goes up top and hits the Trailer Jack on Dumeyer through the table. Referee Joe Wheeler, who was beat up by the Marauders last week, runs out to make the 3.
WINNERS: FLASH & TRASH by pinfall.

Another great Special that leaves questions to be answered. Will Jamin ever get a fair shake at Marcus Anthony and the OVW Heavyweight Title? Why did Randy Royal take out Lei'D Tapa & Lovely Lylah and help Jessie Belle win the Women's Title? What will the Bodyguy look like in a dress?

As always, thanks for reading!

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