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OVW Champions

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

OVWmania 2014 Year-End Awards

Welcome to a new year! We hope you enjoyed 2014 and all the hard-hitting action that OVW had to offer. Today, OVWmania reveals its picks for the best tag team, feud of the year, match of the year, and most improved superstar of 2014! After that, we will reveal who you picked as top superstar of 2014, based on your votes on OVWmania and Twitter.

Best Tag Team of 2014: Mohamad Ali Vaez & Michael Hayes
We have to time travel quite a bit, as Ali & Michael were a team back at the beginning of 2014, and they were OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. They had a big feud with the Mobile Homers' Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler. They carried the titles into 2014 and defeated J.Best & the Mexicutioner, and again feuded with the Mobile Homers. They defeated the Mobile Homers at the February SNS, causing Ted McNaler to leave OVW in a loser leaves OVW match. Immediately following the match, Michael was taken out by a baseball bat at the hands of the Mexicutioner (who has since changed his ways), and Ali wasn't able to defend the titles successfully in a handicap match against the Mexicutioner & Dylan Bostic at the March SNS. Between Michael's injury at the time and Ali's future issues with concussions, we will never know just how long Ali & Michael could have held on to the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, but they definitely made a statement as fighting champions in 2014.

Runner-Up: TerreMex
Randy Terrez was responsible for the change in the Mexicutioner, who was brainwashed by the evil ways of Danger International/Titus Enterprises. After forming "TerreMex", Terrez & Mexicutioner went on to have some great matches and picked up a lot of steam in the tag team division. With Mex's power and Terrez's speed, they became #1 contenders and defeated Titus Enterprises' War Machine (Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker) at the November SNS. Unfortunately, they would only hold the gold for about six weeks, losing the titles to the Fabulous Free Bodies with some help from a steel chain on OVW's 800th episode.

2nd Runner-Up: The Sky Walkers
The rookie team of Robbie Walker & Aaron Sky got together and quickly turned heads with their talent. After racking up some wins over J. Best & Deonta Davis, they defeated Best & Deonta, Bodyguy & Bobby Black, and Flash & Trash in a tournament to become #1 contenders for the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles. They went on to defeat Dylan Bostic & the Mexicutioner at the May SNS and had another fantastic match against them at the following SNS in June. Unfortunately, at the July SNS, Sky was attacked with a steel chair by an unkown source before their title defense against the Fabulous Free Bodies, and Walker was unable to successfully defend the titles alone.

Honorable Mention: The Fabulous Free Bodies
The Bodyguy & Big Jon have two reigns in 2014 with the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, although they won the first time over Robbie Walker in a handicap match, and are the current champions after defeating TerreMex by using a steel chain.

Most Improved Superstar: Rump Thump
He spent 2013 as the nerdiest wrestler we've ever seen. No, really. Donning suspenders and thick-rimmed glasses, the former Stephon J. Baxter III looked like he just walked out of a Steve Urkel fan club meeting. An injury put him on the shelf and he spent some time as a backstage interviewer. It was after this that he reinvented himself as Rump Thump, and took out competitors with a finisher of the same name. He literally thumps his opponents with his rump. Rump got on quite a winning streak and in July, found himself in the hunt for #1 contendership for the Heavyweight Championship. He won a qualifying match to get into a Fatal 4 Way that also featured Melvin Maximus, the Bodyguy, & Michael Hayes. Although Rump didn't win, he solidified himself as a serious contender in OVW. With shades of Koko B. Ware & the Junkyard Dog, Rump could be a serious threat in OVW in 2015.

Runner-Up: Dapper Dan
2014 was a year of growth for several new superstars, but another one who made a lot of progress is now the OVW Television Champion. Dapper Dan spent 2014 finding his way around OVW, teaming with different superstars from Deonta Davis to Leon Shelly, to fighting battles on his own. The last couple months of 2014 saw Dapper Dan elevate his game and finish opponents off with the big German Suplex. The last TV taping of 2014 saw Dapper Dan (with outside interference by Adam Revolver) defeat Michael Hayes to become TV Champion. What will 2015 hold? Time will tell, but if opponents do not stay out of the German Suplex, Dan will hold the TV Title for a long time.

2nd Runner-Up: Robbie Walker
Robbie was a young upstart looking to make a name for himself, and he definitely did just that. He won his first championship in 2014, teaming with Aaron Sky as the Sky Walkers, and had some great tag team matches against Dylan Bostic & the Mexicutioner. After Sky went out with an injury, Robbie had to return to singles action. He came close on different occasions of winning the OVW Television Title, but never quite got there. He did have a small winning streak, defeating the likes of Dapper Dan, Deonta Davis, Dapper Dan again, the Bodyguy, Vaughn Lilas, & Raul LaMotta from OVW TV #783 through OVW TV #787 including the September SNS. He had some more singles encounters, but appeared to get the itch for tag team action again. He had some unsuccessful matches teaming with Tanner Reynolds and Ram Jam, but picked up some victories with Adam Wylde, Elvis Pridemoore, & Ryan Howe. Robbie & Ryan even got a tag title shot against then-champions TerreMex, but came up short. If Robbie can up his game in 2015 and use the Cosmic Kick to his advantage, the sky is the limit for him whether it be singles or tag action.

Honorable Mention: Bud Dwight
When Dwight arrived on the scene, he was all about having a good time and partying it up. While he still likes partying with the OVW fans, he improved himself in the ring, and found himself a partner in Eddie Diamond to form the Wild Boyz. They racked up several wins, and had a couple opportunities at the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles, losing to the War Machine at the October SNS and TerreMex at the December SNS. Also at the December SNS, Dwight injured his shoulder, requiring surgery to fix a torn labrum. It will be a couple months into 2015 before the "Party Starter" heals up and returns, but when he does and if he rejoins Eddie, the tag team division better be on the lookout.

Feud of the Year: "Ref vs. Ref" Chris Sharpe vs. Josh Ashcraft
It was a feud that captivated the OVW audience, and it didn't involve the superstars, but 2 of OVW's officials. Fan favorite referee Chris Sharpe was sick and tired of Josh Ashcraft sticking his nose where it didn't belong, and not calling matches correctly. Tensions came to a boiling point, with Josh mentioning Sharpe's wife and Sharpe taking some crazy dives out of the ring on Josh. Finally it came down to "ref vs. ref", with the title of senior official on the line. At the July SNS, Sharpe had gotten injured earlier in the night after being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a match between Adam Revolver & Melvin Maximus. Sharpe got squashed by Melvin in the corner and injured his arm. When it came time for the match, a one-armed Sharpe wouldn't give up and gave Josh everything he had. It appeared that he was on his way to a victory when Michael Titus got up from the announce table and distracted Jordan Barker. Marcus Anthony came out and delivered a Gamma Punch to Sharpe, allowing Josh to get the win.

Runner-Up: Jamin Olivencia vs. Danger International
Jamin Olivencia was the longest reigning OVW Champion, but was being opposed by Marcus Anthony of Timmy Danger's "Danger International". Jamin's biggest problem wasn't as much Marcus Anthony, as it was Timmy Danger. Jamin & Marcus had some really good matches for the OVW Heavyweight Title, but Danger was always getting involved. Jamin was finally able to get some revenge at the April Sunday Night Special, defeating Danger in a street fight where he won by stripping Timmy down to his pink-trimmed panties!

2nd Runner-Up: Trailer Park Trash & OVW Owner Danny Davis vs. Titus Enterprises
Trailer Park Trash came out as Frank Miller on OVW TV to talk about the rough year he had after losing his father. He was bearing his soul to the OVW fans that he considers family, when Michael Titus came out and said no one cared about his "dirty laundry" and blamed him for his father's death. In the weeks after, Titus would continue to go on profanity-laced tirades, talking bad about Frank and making light of the entire situation surrounding Frank and the passing of Frank's father. OVW Owner Danny Davis considers Frank a son to him, and teamed with him to face Titus' War Machine (Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker), so Frank could get his hands on Titus. Outside interference by Marcus Anthony and questionable officiating by Josh Ashcraft allowed the War Machine to get out of the December SNS with the victory, but we now head into the January 2015 SNS, where Michael Titus has to get in the ring (with the War Machine) against Danny & Frank, and Danny has promised to send Titus out with his toes pointed up, or he will refund everyone's money!

Honorable Mention: Flash & Trash vs. The Marauders
It always seems that Shiloh Jonze is on the opposite side of the ring as Trailer Park Trash. Flash had gotten fed up and left the Marauders, and Trash was tired of Shiloh and company running around causing chaos, acting like they owned the place. Old enemies united, and the "Two Hicks With Sticks" went on a mission to end the Marauders for good.

Match of the Year: The Sky Walkers vs. Dylan Bostic & the Mexicutioner
The young rookie team shocked Bostic & Mexicutioner at the May SNS by defeating them to win the Southern Tag Team Titles, but the rematch at the June SNS was quite a sight. All four men put their bodies on the line and left everything they had in the Davis Arena that night. In the end, Robbie Walker was hit with a spear and a super backstabber, but kicked out! Aaron Sky superkicks Mexicutioner as Bostic is complaining to the ref. Sky & Walker then hit the double superkick to Bostic to get the win. This night didn't end well for Bostic. A call from "the Boss" instructed Timmy Danger to have Marcus Anthony, Adam Revolver, & Mexicutioner lay out Bostic, to the point he had to be stretchered out.

Runner-Up: Chris Sharpe vs. Josh Ashcraft
The "Ref vs. Ref" match-up had fans emotionally invested, but also quite surprised at the level of intensity that both Sharpe & Ashcraft showed in a match with 2 non-regular wrestlers. Both men put it all on the line, although Josh ended up with the victory after help from Michael Titus & Marcus Anthony.

2nd Runner-Up: Chris Silvio vs. Robbie Walker
Once again, the young stud Robbie Walker appears in the year-end awards. On OVW TV #796, he battled the more experienced and "ultraviolent" Chris Silvio. The match went back and forth, and Robbie connected with the Cosmic Kick, knocking Silvio from the ring. Silvio's security, Big Trevor, was helping him up, when Robbie dove out on both of them. It appeared he was on his way to victory until Mary Jane distracted him, allowing Silvio to connect with the Superpunch for the win.

Honorable Mention: Flash & Trash vs. The Fabulous Free Bodies (TLC Match)
A rivalry between these two teams came down to a tables, ladders, and chairs match at the June SNS. It definitely wasn't for the weak-hearted. There were also kendo sticks, doors, and a guitar that ended up smashed over Big Jon's head. Big Jon was pouring blood. Flash set Bodyguy up on a table, and Trash hit the Trailer Jack for the victory.

Superstar of the Year: Michael Hayes (39%)
Michael gets the award that you the fans voted on. It was definitely a big year for Michael. It started with him as an OVW Southern Tag Team Champion with Mohamad Ali Vaez. After an injury, Michael came back stronger in singles action. He had feuds with Adam Revolver and Chris Silvio for the OVW Television Title that he held on 3 different occasions. His feud continues with Adam Revolver, who cost him the TV Title on OVW TV #802, but now the stakes are a lot higher. Michael looks to become a triple crown champion by defeating Revolver at the January 2015 SNS and becoming OVW Heavyweight Champion.

Runner-Up: Jamin Olivencia (17%)
Jamin started off the year as OVW Heavyweight Champion, and traded the title back and forth with Marcus Anthony. He also had a street fight against Timmy Danger to get some revenge on Timmy's meddling in his matches with Marcus. Jamin was forced out of the title picture, and ended up in a strange partnership with Chris Silvio. Neither Jamin nor Silvio seemed to totally trust the other, but they still came together to defeat the Fabulous Free Bodies at the August SNS and become OVW Southern Tag Team Champions. Things were getting heated between Jamin & Silvio after losing the titles to the War Machine, when Mary Jane stepped in and tried to smooth things over. They were granted a rematch by the War Machine, but Jamin vanished and Silvio ended up having Chris Sharpe as a partner. Jamin hasn't been seen in the ring since, and no one knows for sure why. If and when we see Jamin return, there is no doubt he turns the intensity up to super-high levels in the Davis Arena.

2nd Runner-Up: Melvin Maximus (8%)
"Mister Marvelous" came to OVW and was aligned with the Bodyguy. Melvin started 2014 off by defeating Paredyse for the OVW Television Title at the January SNS. He became more popular than the Bodyguy, who liked to boss him around. Melvin finally had enough, and walked out on the Bodyguy at the February SNS. He also defeated the Bodyguy in TV Title matches, including one at the March SNS that forced the Bodyguy to have to wear a dress. Melvin held the title until mid-May, losing it in a feud with Adam Revolver. They traded the title a couple more times, before Melvin moved on in a #1 contender's tournament for the OVW Heavyweight Title in mid-July. At the August SNS, Melvin defeated Marcus Anthony to become OVW Heavyweight Champion. He held onto the title for a couple months before losing it to a returning Cliff Compton at the October SNS. He had a rematch at the November SNS, but came up just shy. Overall, you could say he had a 'marvelous' 2014.

Honorable Mentions: Marcus Anthony (5%), Chris Silvio (5%), Adam Revolver (5%), & Cliff Compton (2%).
The "Other" option on the OVW poll received 15% of the vote, but there were readers who sent me votes for a variety of superstars including Shiloh Jonze, Randy Terrez, Robbie Walker, & Eric Locker.
I also had votes for Ram Jam (who voted for himself), and Elvis Pridemoore (who was voted by Chris Silvio). Randy Terrez sent in write-in votes for Raul LaMotta & Dave-Lo as tag team of the year, and himself as "Nacho King" (maybe we'll add that award next year).

Will 2015 be even better than 2014? Keep your eyes open, because you never know what moments you see could be one of the best moments of 2015! We hope you enjoyed the OVWmania Year-End Awards as we took a trip down memory lane of some of the best moments and superstars that OVW had to offer. Do you agree or disagree with any of the picks? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll see you next year!