OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

OVW TV #805: "2015 Nightmare Cup Begins"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, January 21, 2015. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 9AM and 10PM, and online on Monday at In this episode, Dapper Dan defends the OVW TV Title against Ryan Howe, we have 2 matches in the Nightmare Cup Tournament, Jim Cornette makes a major announcement about joining forces with a new promotion, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

J. Best vs. Dave-Lo.
Best attacks Dave. Dave comes back with rollup attempts, dropkicks, and tries to dive off the ropes, but Best puts his knees up. Best hits a TKO for the 3.
WINNER: BEST by pinfall.

Josh Ashcraft comes out and says that he gave his men, the War Machine, the night off. He's still here, though, and decided to take some notes on the next match.
"Rudo" Raul LaMotta vs. Timmy Danger.
Raul & Danger exchange armbars. Raul knees Danger in the gut, and throws him off the ropes. Danger back with a clothesline and back elbow. He slams Raul, but Raul chops him and claws his back. He locks in a camel clutch. Danger fights out and jabs Raul in the chin. He elbows Raul in the head and picks him up, but Raul slides off, kicks him, and delivers the double underhook DDT for the 3.
WINNER: RAUL by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 9AM and 10PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at

Dean Hill & Gilbert Corsey are on commentary, and Terry Boddie is the ring announcer.

We start off with Gilbert Corsey and acting chairman, Jim Cornette. Jim has a big announcement, that OVW will be working with Great American Wrestling out of Knoxville, Tennessee. Their show airs Saturdays at Noon on WTNZ FOXville 43, and soon there will be more news regarding live events featuring OVW stars in the Knoxville area. (This partnership means stars from both promotions will be seen across both shows. GAW just started up last week and crowned former TNA & OVW superstar Crimson as their first Heavyweight Champion). You can find their official Facebook page at

2015 Nightmare Cup Opening Round: "The No Class Connection": Deonta Davis & Leon Shelly vs. Trailer Park Trash & "Nightmare" Danny Davis.
Trash & Danny work over Leon's arm and chop him. Leon claws Danny's eyes and tags Deonta. Deonta hits Danny's head off the turnbuckle. He works him over a bit, but Danny gets the tag to Trash. Trash comes in firing and goes to pin Deonta, but Leon breaks it up. Danny gets back in, and all 4 men are fighting. Danny & Trash have Leon & Deonta in opposite corners and throw them into each other. They both roll up the No Class Connection for a double 3.
WINNERS: TRASH & DANNY by pinfall.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs. Dapper Dan (c).
Dan attacks Howe before the bell even rings. Howe back with a dropkick. He hits Dan's head off all 4 corners, then hits a shoulder tackle. Dan with a big right hand. He clubs Howe in the back. Off the ropes, Howe hits a hurricanrana. In the corner, Howe charges, but eats a boot. Dan with a side slam, but misses a kneedrop. Howe with an uppercut, and rolls Dan up for 2. Dan back with a big slam, but Howe hits a chinbuster. Howe with an inverted atomic drop, back elbow, neckbreaker, and strumming fist drop. He hits a flying forearm in the corner and hits the backflip dive for 2. He goes back up for the Chart Topper, but Dan rolls out. Rump Thump (who came out to join commentary) gets in his way. Howe grabs Dan and rolls him back in, but as he gets back in, Dan gets up and kicks the ropes. Dan then hits the big German suplex for the 3.
Rump Thump pulls the title away from Dan and argues with him and the ref on the outside. Dan attacks Thump with his cane.

J. Best vs. "EFD" Eddie Diamond.
Best attacks EFD, but EFD drop toeholds him into the second turnbuckle. He hits a reverse DDT and goes up top, but Best puts his feet up as EFD dives off. EFD catches himself, grabs Best's feet and rolls him over. He locks in the Cripwalk Crossface for the tapout.
WINNER: EFD by submission.
As soon as the match is over, Chris Silvio & Big Trevor run out and attack EFD. Silvio cracks him with a chair, and Trevor hits a backbreaker. Silvio hits a swinging neckbreaker as Mary Jane comes out and looks on. Silvio tells Eddie that's what he gets when he messes with the devil.

"Rudo" Raul LaMotta vs. Michael Hayes.
Hayes with a side headlock takedown. Into the corner, Raul with a sucker punch. They exchange armbars and Raul chops him. Raul goes for the double underhook DDT, but Hayes reverses and connects with the facebuster for the 3.
WINNER: HAYES by pinfall.
The Congregation is out, with Mohamad Ali Vaez leading the way. They surround the ring and Ali says he has a message from above. Hayes says he knew something like this might happen and found some guys to have his back. Ali says no one is crazy enough to team with him, but Hayes introduces his partners for a 6-man tag against the Congregation this Saturday in E-Town...Trailer Park Trash & Danny Davis.
Ali & the Congregation retreat and Danny says it will be an E-Town Beatdown.

2015 Nightmare Cup Opening Round: Adam Wylde & "Primetime" Robbie Walker vs. OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "TerreMex": Randy Terrez & the Mexicutioner.
A very fast-paced and exciting start to this match between Walker & Terrez. Later on, it's Wylde & Terrez in the ring, and Terrez dives at and clips Wylde's leg. TerreMex works over Wylde's leg for a long time, until Wylde finally gets the tag to Walker. Walker fires away and hits a big dropkick to Terrez's face, but Mex breaks the pin. Wylde climbs up top and hits a missile dropkick on Terrez as TerreMex was going for a double-team. All 4 men are in the ring and fighting in opposite corners. Terrez & Walker are thrown into each other, and Mex then knocks Wylde from the ring and follows him outside. Terrez starts to recover and pulls the brass knucks out of his trunks. He turns to hit Walker, but gets a Cosmic Kick, and Walker gets the 3!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

The following match was taped to be shown to the GAW audience in Knoxville.
"Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion Adam Revolver.
Adam attacks Howe and chops him in the corner. Howe comes back with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Adam rolls out, but Howe follows him and chops him on the outside. He goes for the 10-punch count in the corner, but Adam drops him face first into the turnbuckle on punch 4. Adam throws him off the ropes, but Howe comes back with the sliding uppercut for 2. He slams Adam, and Adam rolls out again. This time, Howe dives through the ropes onto Adam outside. He rolls him in and goes up top, but Adam staggers into the ropes, tripping Howe up across the top rope. Adam stomps him and hits a backdrop for 2. Adam tries for the sleeper, but Howe fights him from locking it in. Adam hits him and delivers a suplex for 2. He chokes Howe across the top rope. Howe hits Adam in the gut from the mat as he returns to his feet. He runs off the ropes into a back elbow from Adam. Adam locks in the sleeper and Howe starts to fade. The crowd gets behind him, and he starts working back up. He elbows Adam and hits a backdrop. He punches Adam, hits a neckbreaker, and the strumming fistdrop. Adam rolls out again and grabs the title to leave. Howe grabs him, throws him back in, and the title falls on the ring apron. Off the ropes, Howe connects with a powerslam. Adam grabs the belt as Howe picks him up and Adam hits him in the head for the DQ.

As always, thanks for reading!