OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, May 9, 2015

GAW/OVW in Knoxville: "Call to Arms" Results

Last night, the superstars of Ohio Valley Wrestling made a road trip to Knoxville, TN, where they joined with Great American Wrestling's King Shane Williams and Tennessee legends Bobby Fulton & Dr. Tom Prichard for a big show called "Call to Arms". Here are the results from the show:

Adam Wylde b. Jade Dawson via roundhouse kick.

Mexicutioner b. Bobby Fulton via schoolboy.

Rump Thump b. Adam Revolver via the Rump Thump.

OVW TV Champion Ryan Howe b. Chris Silvio via submission.

OVW Heavyweight Champion Eddie Diamond b. King Shane Williams via roll up with Dr. Tom Prichard as the special referee.

Danny Davis & Trailer Park Trash (w/ Jim Cornette) b. The War Machine (w/Josh Ashcraft) via racket shot from Davis to Locker, after Cornette punched out Ashcraft.

Don't forget that the Saturday Night Special is tonight at the Davis Arena! Ryan Howe defends the TV Title against Adam Revolver, Randy Royal & the Mexicutioner take on King Shane Williams & Vic the Bruiser, and in the main event, Jim Cornette, Danny Davis, & Trailer Park Trash take on the War Machine & Josh Ashcraft in a 6-man tag! Show starts at 7:30PM, tickets are $12 at the door!