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OVW Champions

Friday, May 1, 2015

OVWmania Parties With Bud Dwight!

In celebration of OVWmania's 3rd anniversary, we caught up with one man who really knows how to party! Here is a special in-depth interview with "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight:

BRIAN: Who or what inspired you to be a professional wrestler?
DWIGHT: Honestly, not one wrestler or moment inspired me. I have 3 older brothers and all the way back to when I was a little party starter in diapers, I'd watch wrestling with them. It was like clockwork that every Monday I'd be glued to the TV watching Monday Night Raw. I was drawn in by the larger than life personalities and the athleticism. Ever since then, I've always dreamed of making it to the WWF/WWE.

BRIAN: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers when you were growing up?
DWIGHT: Duke the Dumpster Droese comes to mind right away. Just kidding, but I'd kill to have him as my garbage man. My first true favorite was Bret Hart. He was a technician in the ring and always delivered good matches. Looking back on it, he wasn't much for promos, but I always found myself glued to the TV during his matches. Later on I became a fan of both Stone Cold & The Rock, just like every other person during the mid to late 90's. I was also a big Edge and Christian fan. Watching the tag division back then was amazing with some of the crazy stuff they were doing during the TLC matches they had.

BRIAN: What do you want to accomplish in your wrestling career?
DWIGHT: WWE World Heavyweight Champion. A lot of people dream of being astronauts or firefighters and other things, but how many can say they actually go after their dream? One of my favorite quotes is from the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" where Will Smith says, "You want something. Go get it. Period." That's how I feel about chasing my dream to one day be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It's a long road to get to that point, but I'm willing to shed my blood, sweat & tears to make that dream a reality one day.

Another goal of mine is to have a match on the level of Savage/Steamboat at Mania 3. I want to have that match that everyone talks about for years/decades.

I also want to be a role model for future wrestlers. I want to be able to help younger talent learn and get better. Someone they can look up to. Aside from Bret Hart and older WWE guys that I looked up to, I gotta give a shout out to Chris Sharpe aka Package. He is one guy that has helped me with the psychology of the business and helped develop me into a better wrestler in the short time I've been doing this.
Also, Roberto De Luna and others at OVW have helped me, so thanks to them for getting me to this point in my career. I hope to one day be able to pass on knowledge to others like they have done to me.

BRIAN: Recently, you submitted a video for WWE's Tough Enough. What would you do to standout above the competition if you were chosen?
DWIGHT: I don't think you need to do anything special to standout. You either have "IT" or you don't. If I'm blessed enough to be a member on Tough Enough, I'd bust my butt more than ever. Once the lights come on, I shine brightest. I love the big stage and the pressure it brings. I'd just be myself and show them what they want to see. One trainer may want to see one thing and another trainer would want something else. Just have to adapt on the fly and impress them with everything you do.

BRIAN: What's your go-to song or music artist when you're riding to a show or working out?
DWIGHT: I'm a huge podcast guy. When riding to a show, I'm a big fan of listening to any sports or wrestling podcast. Some of my favorites are Colt Cabana's, (Chris) Jericho's and Steve Austin's. I also enjoy The BS Report with Bill Simmons.

And surprisingly, I more often than not don't listen to any music when I lift. When I do though, I love some old school 2 Pac and Def Leppard to be blasting through the earbuds.

BRIAN: Do you have a favorite sports team?
DWIGHT: I have some of the weirdest favorite sports teams. When you're from Nebraska, you just kinda pick teams who are good when you're young and go with it. Try sticking with me on this:

NBA: Orlando Magic and New York Knicks (whatever team Carmelo Anthony plays for)
MLB: Atlanta Braves
NFL: San Francisco 49ers
NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
College Basketball: Syracuse Orange
College Football: Syracuse Orange and Miami Hurricanes.

Yeah, I know, super random, but I stick with my teams through thick and thin.

BRIAN: What wrestler (any organization in the world) would you like to have a chance to step in the ring with, that would be your dream match?
DWIGHT: Tough question. I've never truly thought about this, but on the spot here, one name that jumps to mind is Edge. I've always heard he was a mastermind when it came to putting matches together and how to get the best out of an audience, so I'd love to work a match with him to see what would happen.

I'd also love to go one on one with the great one. Picturing Wrestlemania 18 when Hogan and Rock squared off was bananas. That atmosphere was electric and you just knew that moment was something big. To step in the ring with The Rock one time would definitely be something special.

BRIAN: Any special talents, besides wrestling and partying?
DWIGHT: Thanks for acknowledging that partying is a special talent. I've been perfecting that craft for years! I'm pretty good at handstands if that counts as a special talent. I can stay up for good minute without falling. (There is a joke there but I'll keep this PG). I can also do a mean "Blue's Clues" impression.

BRIAN: Your former partner, Eddie Diamond, just became the new OVW Heavyweight Champion. What was it like to see him finally get to the top, and what advice has he given you for your career?
DWIGHT: First off, good for Eddie, no one deserves that more than he does. I was at the Davis Arena (Wednesday) night to watch him win the title, and I got goosebumps watching him win and celebrate. Couldn't happen to a better guy. He busts his butt in the ring, and I don't care what people say about size, Eddie can wrestle circles around anyone.
Eddie has been a great influence on my career. Before we formed our tag team (The Wild Boyz), I was always super nervous before matches and overthinking everything. Eddie definitely took me under his wing and has made me much calmer and confident in the ring. I just wish we would've captured those tag titles together once before I went out with a torn labrum.

BRIAN: Speaking of the torn labrum, you have missed some time due to that injury. How exactly did you injure it, and how is it coming along?
DWIGHT: There was no defining moment when I tore my labrum. I just noticed over time that my shoulder would randomly pop out of socket and it would leave me with the sharpest pain. Finally, the straw that broke the camel's back was at the December SNS when wrestling for the Tag Titles. Randy Terrez kicked me off the top rope, and I fell to the outside and landed right on that bad shoulder. After that, I went to a doc and surgery was my only option.
Rehab is coming along well though. Hopefully you'll see me partying back in a ring sooner than you think.

BRIAN: Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to the fans reading this interview?
DWIGHT: Thank you. Without the fans, we would be nothing. You fans are awesome and I appreciate you spending your hard earned money to come out and support us performers. I love interacting with the fans and partying with them. To all the fans: keep being awesome and be sure to never stop the PAR-TY!

Thank you Brian for the interview. I appreciate all you do for OVW, and all the effort you put in. It doesn't go unnoticed. Happy 3 year anniversary to your site!

BRIAN: Thanks Dwight for hanging out with us and bringing the party to our 3 year anniversary! We hope to see you back in action soon!