OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, March 6, 2016

OVW TV #863 & March SNS Quick Results

Due to work-related scheduling conflicts, I was unable to attend this week's OVW TV or Saturday Night Special. However, thanks to my "sources", I have the results from this week, and they are as follows:

OVW TV #863:

-A brawl breaks out to start the show. First, we see Rocco Bellagio and the Bad Boys Club attacking Ryan Howe, and then in another part of the locker room, we see Devin Driscoll & Big Jon brawling. All 6 men spill out to the ringside area, and the Tag Buddies join in. Dean Hill comes out and says since their matches at SNS aren't good enough, Dean Hill's law says there will be an 8-man tag tonight.

-Backstage, Robbie Walker is wanting to see what numbers everyone else draws for the Nightmare Rumble. Bud Dwight comes in and says it doesn't matter what number he gets, when Robbie comes in at #19, Dwight will still be in there and ready to party.

-Eric Locker defeats Tyler Matrix with the off-the-shoulders German Suplex, meaning Matrix has to enter the Rumble at #1.

-Marcus Anthony defeats Nate Stone quickly with a spear and the Gamma Punch. Marcus locks in the full nelson after the match, until Pope comes out. Gilbert Corsey interviews Pope, and Pope says that when families go through turmoil, they overcome together as family. He says he treated Marcus Anthony like family, and Marcus repaid him with contempt. He tells Marcus that he is coming, not just for his ring, but for him.

-Mitch Huff defeats Eddie Knox with the Athlete's Foot super kick.

-Jessie Belle comes to the ring saying there is a code of conduct for any champion in OVW. She comes out with a "specimen" sample to be tested, because she is clean. She tells Maria to come out and do the same, claiming she is a drug dealer and high on her own supply. Jessie Belle attacks Maria and goes to throw the sample on her, but it backfires, as Maria hits Jessie and it goes all over her.

-Backstage, the Tag Buddies are drawing their numbers, and Robbie is still trying to figure out numbers. He wants to know who has #20. Adam tells Stu to do his thing to Robbie. He annoys Robbie by speaking about God, and Adam says he is glad that finally worked on someone else.

-Daniel Eades defeats Ravishing Ronnie with the overhead side slam.

-Rocco Bellagio, the Bad Boys Club, & Devin Driscoll (w/Josh Ashcraft) defeats the Tag Buddies, Ryan Howe, & Big Jon after Rocco hits the Plunge on Howe thanks to a distraction by Ashcraft.

OVW Saturday Night Special:

-Big Jon defeats Devin Driscoll to become the NEW OVW TV Champion.

-Devin Driscoll wins the Nightmare Rumble to become new #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Title. Surprise entrants included former OVW stars Rudy Switchblade, Ted McNaler, & Tony Gunn.

-The Tag Buddies defeat the Bad Boys Club by DQ to retain the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles after the Bad Boys hung Stu with a noose over the ropes.

-Ryan Howe defeats Rocco Bellagio to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title after a Whammy Bar to Ashcraft, a Chart Topper to Rocco, kicking a cookie sheet in Ashcraft's face, and climbing the ladder to win. After the match, Josh told Rocco it's been fun, but it sucks to be him. Rocco grabbed Josh and gave him the Plunge.