OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, April 1, 2017

OVW SNS: April 2017 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, April 1, 2017.


-Rocco Bellagio defends the OVW Heavyweight Title against Big Jon in a steel cage.

-Rev. Stuart Miles defends the OVW TV Title against Robbie Walker in a ladder match.

-Big Zo faces Ca$h Flo.

-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Gilbert Corsey & Ron Hed, and KC is ring announcer.

Big Jon opens the show reviewing the rivalry between him & Rocco Bellagio. He says with the love and support of the OVW faithful, he will go through Rocco tonight.

GRUDGE MATCH: Dapper Dan vs. LJ.
Dan with the early offense including a suplex off the ropes, double axehandle, but LJ slides out of a Death Valley Driver. LJ with some running forearms, and a roundhouse kick that knocks Dan off his feet. He hits a roundhouse DDT for 2. He goes up, but misses a frog splash. Dan connects with a Death Valley Driver, but LJ kicks out at 2! Dan sits LJ on the top rope, but LJ fights him off and Dan falls awkwardly on the ropes and to the mat. LJ connects with the frog splash and gets the 3.
WINNER: LJ by pinfall.
After the match, it appears Dan is raising LJ's hand as a sign of respect, but Dan kicks LJ below the belt.
He goes out and grabs a kendo stick, but the ref tries to take it away. Dan pulls it back, but this allows LJ to kick Dan and get the stick.
He hits Dan with it several times as Dan retreats to the back.

INTERGENDER 6-PERSON TAG: "Bad Boy" Shane Andrews, "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle, & Colton Cage vs. Callie, SK Eveslage, & Dustin Jackson.
A relatively quick match. Callie tries to sunset flip Jessie out of the corner. Jessie falls on top of Callie, and Shane holds on to Jessie's hands for leverage to get the 3.
After the match, Colton gets mad at Shane & Jessie for cheating, and Shane attacks him.

GRUDGE MATCH: Ca$h Flo (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Big Zo.
Zo with a hip toss, slam, and splash in the corner. He sets up for the Zo train, but Josh distracts him on the apron. Zo runs into a super kick from Ca$h. Ca$h chops him and runs Zo's face across the top rope. Josh hits Zo from the outside while Ca$h distracts the ref. Ca$h hangs Zo in the tree of woe and charges in, but slides into the ringpost as Zo moves. Zo chases Josh around the ring, and Ca$h catches Zo with a big clothesline.
He then delivers a side slam on the apron for 2. Ca$h goes up top, but Zo hits the ropes and Ca$h falls across the top rope. Zo with a superplex, and both men are down. They are up before 10 and Ca$h catches Zo off the ropes with a spinebuster. Ca$h starts to climb up top again, but Zo gets up and powerbombs him off. Josh is back on the apron, and Zo hits a spinning kick to knock Josh off the apron. Zo then delivers the Zo bomb to Ca$h to get the 3.
WINNER: ZO by pinfall.

Rocco Bellagio is interviewed by Gilbert Corsey. He says it doesn't matter if it's a 15' high steel cage, a 20' ladder, he will walk out champion and steal the show like he always does. His reign of 322+ days will continue and he can't wait to get rid of Big Jon for good.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES 4-CORNERS MATCH: David Lee Lorenze III & Lukas Gibson Jacobs vs. Houdini & Little Damion vs. The Fearless Musa & Chace Destiny vs. Billy O & Kevin Giza (c).
This match lasts just long enough for everyone to get a minute in the ring. Damion dives out, then Giza leaps out. Billy is left inside with Musa & Chace. They charge at him, but Billy moves and they crash into each other. Giza gets back in, and him & Billy hit Chace with their finisher for the 3.
WINNERS: GIZA & BILLY by pinfall.

GRUDGE MATCH: Adam Revolver (w/Shannon the Dude) vs. "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix.
Adam takes the early advantage after Tyler gets distracted by STD. Tyler reverses out of a suplex and hits the twisting neckbreaker. He exchanges blows with Adam, nails a kick, and goes up for the swanton. He nails it, but STD is on the apron distracting the ref. Tyler has his attention on STD, and Adam runs to the back to grab a chair. He hits Tyler from behind and goes to pin, but Tyler kicks out at 2. Adam tries to take off the turnbuckle, which distracts the ref. Tyler is getting back to his feet, as STD gets in and grabs the chair. He hits Tyler, but this only angers Tyler. He hits STD with a super kick, but Adam runs up from behind and rolls Tyler up with a handful of tights for the 3.
WINNER: REVOLVER by pinfall.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE LADDER MATCH: "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker vs. "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles (c).
This was a very good, but very brutal ladder match. It went back and forth, but Robbie took a lot of punishment. Robbie does connect with the Comb Over after spraying Stu in the eyes with his hairspray, but can't get the title.
Robbie falls off a broken ladder, and later gets a back body drop onto a ladder set up between two chairs that allows Stu to make the climb to the top to retrieve the title.
After the match, Jade Dawson runs out and attacks Stu. He nails the snap DDT and spits on the TV title.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE CAGE MATCH: Big Jon vs. "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio (c).
Rocco & Jon both go for their finishers early, but escape. Jon nails Rocco with a boot, but Rocco slides out of a chokeslam attempt and catches Jon with a super kick. He runs Jon's face across the chain link of the cage. He chokes Jon across the ropes and stomps on him. He throws Jon into the cage several times, before Jon reverses and throws Rocco into the cage. Rocco comes back with a big clothesline. As he goes after Jon, Jon pops up with a big spear. He goes for the chokeslam again, but Rocco kicks him below the belt.
He hits the Plunge for 2. Rocco gets mad and hits the ref! He turns into a spinebuster from Jon, but there's no ref. Jon checks on the ref and Rocco motions to the back. Dapper Dan runs out and hands Rocco a kendo stick through the cage. Jon turns into a kendo shot to the head. Rocco goes for the pin, but Jon is out at 2! Rocco motions again, and Robbie Walker comes out and has hairspray, Rocco says no, and he pulls out a chain. Rocco takes it and nails Jon with a loaded fist, but Jon is out at 2 again! Rocco motions to the back again, and now Adam Revolver is out with a sledgehammer. Rocco nails Jon with the sledgehammer, and Jon kicks out at 2 again! Rocco is flabbergasted. He motions again, and Ca$h Flo & Josh Ashcraft are out and Ca$h hands Rocco the lead pipe. Rocco hits Jon in the ribs and across his back, but Jon is out at 2! Ca$h throws the ref on the outsdie down after taking away the key, and unlocks the cage door. He gives Rocco a kitchen sink! Rocco nails Jon in the head with it, but Jon kicks out again! Rocco literally used everything AND the kitchen sink!
Tyler Matrix, Big Zo, LJ, & Rev. Stu run out and brawl with Ca$h, Revolver, Dan, & Robbie at ringside. Then Justin Smooth's music hits. He delivers the running big boot to Ca$h, Robbie, & Dan on the outside, and throws Revolver into the cage on the outside. Rocco turns into a chokeslam from Jon on the inside, followed by a second one, and Jon gets the 3!
After the match, the superstars celebrate with Jon. Jon helps Rocco up out of the corner and raises his hand. He offers a handshake and they shake hands to end the show. Jon says Rocco was a heck of a competitor, but "we" are all OVW Champion.

Gilbert Corsey also announces that OVW alumni, former WWE superstar, and current Lucha Underground star Johnny (Morrison, Nitro) Mundo will be back at OVW on Wednesday, April 19!

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on!

As always, thanks for reading!