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Friday, April 28, 2017

Run For the Ropes III Results

The 3rd annual Run for the Ropes event took place tonight, and although the weather did not cooperate, OVW moved the event inside the world famous Davis Arena to hold the big show that was originally scheduled for the Kentucky Derby Festival at the Waterfront. Here's what went down tonight...

Thoroughbred Battle Royal:
The winner of this match would get a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title later in the night. Order of entrants: David Lee Lorenze III, Colton Cage, Raul LaMotta, Lukas Gibson Jacobs, Dustin Jackson, Chace Destiny, Little Damion, Houdini, Adam Slade, Apollo, & Aiden O'Shea. O'Shea gets the win after eliminating ALL of the other entrants in this order: David III, Lukas, Dustin, Damion, Slade, Houdini, Apollo, Chace, Raul, & Cage. Following the match, Gilbert Corsey interviews O'Shea and goes over his accolades. O'Shea scares Gilbert and Gilbert runs out of the ring. O'Shea says he is the biggest dog in this yard, sending a warning to Big Jon.

Battle of Brutality:
Ca$h Flo (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Big Zo  vs. "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya
 Hy clears the ring, then flips out, but only lands on Zo. Ca$h works over both men on the outside. Zo is hung upside down in the corner, but pulls himself up impressively to avoid getting hit. Zo controls for a while, and fights with Ca$h on the top rope. Hy takes down all 3 with a flipping power slam. Hy goes up, but gets knocked off by Josh. Hy gets sandwiched by the big men. Ca$h slams Zo, but as he goes for the pin, Hy hits the Ninja Vanish and pins Ca$h for the 3. Hy & Zo shake hands after the match.

David Lee Lorenze III vs. Diamond
Diamond plays the guitar for a bit before the match actually gets underway. Diamond controls most of the opening, until David gets some brief offense in. Several exchanges before Diamond goes for the Whammy Bar, but David gets to the ropes. Diamond drops a fist off the rope, and hits 3 front-facing atomic drops that send David from the ring. Back in, Diamond hits the Chart Topper to finish him off for the 3. David again throws a temper tantrum after the match.
Women's Title Invitational:
Madi Maxx (c) vs. Cali vs. "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle vs. "The Most Hated Woman in Wrestling" Maria James vs. Mickie Knuckles
Gilbert Corsey asks Mickie if she's had all her shots. The ladies all fight over the title belt, and Mickie licks the referee Charlene. Cali also gets licked and is tied to the ropes with a chain by Jessie. Madi, Jessie, & Maria all triple team Mickie. Everyone ends up in chokeholds. Jessie & Maria back body drop Mickie. They alternate trying to pin Mickie. Mickie gets the key to get Cali unlocked from the chain. Cali kicks Mickie as she was trying to pin Maria. Mickie then goes after Cali. Madi ends up getting the pin on Mickie. Mickie licks Jessie on the way out.
9-Man Elimination Tag Match:
"TEAM REVOLVER": Adam Revolver, Jade Dawson, Dapper Dan, & "The Bad Boys Club": "Double R Superstar" Randy Royal & "Bad Boy" Shane Andrews (w/"Bad Girl" Jessie Belle & Shannon the Dude) vs. "TEAM MATRIX": "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix, "Master of Smoothology" Justin Smooth, "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stu, & Kevin Giza (w/Billy O)
 Jade & Tyler start off. Team Matrix has the early offense, until Dan nails Stu with a powerslam. A lot of good back and forth action. Giza then takes a lot of punishment, but even after a double team finish by the BBC, Giza kicks out at 2. Billy O trips up Royal, and he gets eliminated by Giza. Giza gets eliminated by Shane. Jade gets eliminated by Stu. Stu gets eliminated by Dan. Revolver eliminates Tyler after hitting him with the "Radio Title". Shane gets eliminated by DQ after low-blowing Smooth. Dan drops Smooth, but he kicks out at 2.
Smooth comes back and eliminates Dan. Revolver hits Smooth with the "Radio Title" also, but Smooth kicks out at 2 1/2. Smooth comes back and connects with the running big boot for the 3. Smooth is the sole survivor and wins for Team Matrix.

Heavyweight Title:
"The Thug" Aiden O'Shea vs. Big Jon (c)
O'Shea taunts the crowd and then locks up with a test of strength with Jon. O'Shea drops Jon to a knee, but Jon comes back. The fight spills outside and O'Shea hits the barricade hard. O'Shea gets back in and flies through the ropes onto Jon. O'Shea works over Jon's leg. O'Shea actually (accidentally) hits referee Charlene in the side of the face. He misses a boot in the corner and Jon hits a big boot to O'Shea.
He connects with the chokeslam to get the 3.

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