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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

OVW TV #955: "Hou Had the Magic Touch?"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, December 6, 2017. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 9PM, and online at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html. In this episode, the Southern Tag Team Champions team with the Television Champion in 6-man tag action, Dean Hill announces the main event for #1 contendership for the OVW Heavyweight Title, Mike Lacett makes a huge challenge, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Dapper Dan defeats SK Eveslage. SK is mad at being called a chicken. He gets a wristlock on Dan, but Dan reverses. Off the ropes, Dan plows him over. He runs into a back elbow from SK in the corner, and SK clotheslines him down. He misses an elbow drop, and Dan hits a big sidewalk slam. He splashes him in the corner, then again in the opposite corner. SK rolls to the outside and is called a chicken again. Dan goes out after him. SK runs back in the ring and hits Dan on his way in. He gets him in a chinlock. He throws him off the ropes and Dan comes back with a sunset flip attempt. SK stays on his feet and tries a pin holding the ropes, but the ref won't allow it. He misses a double axehandle and Dan comes back firing away. He goes for the Death Valley Driver, but SK slides off and rakes his back. SK charges him in the corner, but Dan moves, and Dan does get the Death Valley Driver for the 3.

Apollo "Showtime" Garvin defeats "Livewire" KTD (w/"The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson). KTD with quick arm drags and a dropkick. Apollo rakes his eyes and hits him. He slams him and hits him again. Off the ropes, KTD gets a sunset flip for 1. Apollo back with a fist and a slap to the face. Apollo knocks him into the ropes, but KTD fires back with a spinning uppercut that knocks Apollo to the outside. Apollo shoves Sam and gets in. Sam is mad and gets on the apron. KTD tries to calm him down. Apollo shoves KTD into Sam from behind and rolls him up with a handful of tights for the 3.

Camera Man & "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson (w/David Lee Lorenze III & OVW Women's Champion Jaylee) defeat Willie Cranium, BGB, & Ashton Cole. A quick start from Cranium & BGB as they take the fight to Dustin. Some distractions lead to the Entourage taking control, and the Camera Man getting the pin on BGB for the victory.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html.

Dr. Ted McNaler & Gilbert Corsey are on commentary, and KC is the ring announcer.

"The River City Dragon" Logan James & "The Top Guys""The Winter Swoldier" Adam Slade & Kevin Giza defeat Randall Floyd & "The Bad Boys Club": "Bad Boy" Shane Andrews & "Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/"Bad Girl" Jessie Belle). Randall & LJ are in the ring to start, but Randall tags out to Shane. They exchange wristlocks, then LJ hits a dropkick. He sunset flips Shane, then kicks him in the head. LJ tags Slade. Slade tags Giza and they hit a double hip toss and a double kick to the face. Slade tosses Giza on top of Shane for a 2. Shane comes back with a belly-to-back suplex and tags in Randy. Randy drop toeholds Giza and Shane dropkicks him in the face. Randall tags in and works Giza over in the ropes. The BBC causes a distraction as Jessie chokes Giza in the ropes. Randall tags Randy and Randy hits a knee to the face in the ropes. Shane follows up with a double foot stomp off the top rope. Shane fires away and pins for 2. Randall tags back in and goes for a suplex. Giza flips out and tags LJ. LJ fires away on Randall and things break loose as all 6 men are in the ring. LJ & the Top Guys hit their opponents in opposite corners. Shane knocks Giza off of him to the floor. Randall hits Slade with a spinebuster. LJ flies in and hits Randall. The BBC hits LJ with a double flapjack. Giza hits Shane with a knee to the face. Randy hits Giza with the Royal Flush. Slade hits Randy with a super kick. Randall drops Slade for the modified Boston crab, but LJ comes back in and rolls Randall up from behind for the 3!

Gilbert Corsey & Ted McNaler are talking about Dean Hill making an announcement regarding the #1 contender for the January 6 Saturday Night Special, Ca$h Flo facing Aloicious Hamilton later tonight, and then Mike Lacett comes out. He says someone slashed his tires and he thinks he has a good idea of who did it. He has a challenge for Shannon the Dude for his Radio Heavyweight Title at the January 6 SNS. He knows STD isn't here tonight, but that gives him a week to think about it.

Dean Hill comes out and says the January SNS will be big, because it will feature the annual Nightmare Rumble. He also looked at a lot of tape to find a new #1 contender for Michael Hayes and the OVW Heavyweight Title. The two names he picked were Adam Revolver & Big Zo. He says it is the Christmas season, however, and he's in a giving mood. A lot of young talent in the back deserve a shot. He says the first one out to this ring right now will be added to the #1 contender's match. There's a ruckus in the back and Tony Gunn's music hits. As he poses at ringside, Houdini runs past him and gets in the ring.
Dean says congratulations, but Gunn takes the mic and says he was the first one out here. Dean says he will make it a Fatal 4 Way tonight.

Ca$h Flo (w/"The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) defeats Aloicious Hamilton (w/Billy O). Alo has a quick start, but Ca$h takes control thanks to help from Josh on the outside. Ca$h hits several chops and a huge release German suplex. Alo starts to come back and Josh gets on the apron. Billy gets on the apron with him. As the ref is distracted with them, Dapper Dan comes out and hits Ca$h Flo from behind with the kendo stick. The ref turns and calls for the DQ.
After the match, Josh hits Dan from behind. Dan turns his attention to Josh, but gets hit from behind by Ca$h.
Ca$h hits him with the kendo stick, until Billy & Alo recover to smash Ca$h & Josh's heads together. Amon & the Void come out and attack Alo & Billy.
Dan recovers and hits the Void with the kendo stick, then hits Amon. It doesn't seem to faze Amon, and Dan picks him up for the Death Valley Driver, but Amon slides off and retreats.

Michael Hayes comes out and talks about having a rematch with "The Young Lion" to prove he is a fighter and a fighting champion. He calls him out for a title rematch right now...
OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Michael Hayes (c) defeats "The Young Lion". This "young lion" is not Tyler Matrix, it's a rookie in a lion costume. Hayes slams him, locks in the mandible claw and gets the 3 in less than 30 seconds.

#1 CONTENDER for the OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Houdini defeats Big Zo, "Shotgun" Tony Gunn, & Adam Revolver. A good back and forth match with several near falls. Gunn & Adam fight over trying to pin Zo, then beating up Houdini. They brawl to the outside. Zo is up and going after a worn down Houdini. Michael Hayes hobbles out to the ring and gets in. He has a loaded fist with a chain and knocks out Zo while the ref is looking at Adam & Gunn brawl on the outside. Hayes puts the lifeless Houdini on top of Zo for the 3.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

TRIPLE THREAT WOMEN'S TAG: OVW Women's Champion Jaylee & Torey Payne (w/David Lee Lorenze III & the Camera Man) defeat "Margarita & Moonshine""Bad Girl" Jessie Belle & "Amazing" Maria James and "The Varsity Babes": Cali & Meg. Torey & Jaylee work over Cali. Cali gets a tag to Meg, but she gets worked over by Jessie & Maria. Meg powerbombs Jessie out of the corner. Jaylee & Cali tag in and Cali takes Jaylee down for the pin, but it's broken up. Jessie & Maria end up in the ring beating up Cali. Meg hits them both from behind. Torey hits Cali with a Death Valley Driver, then Jaylee shoves her off and takes the pin herself for the 3.

David Lee Lorenze III (w/OVW Women's Champion Jaylee, Camera Man & "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson) defeats Billy O. Billy with a quick start, taking David down with a big slam. David comes back and clotheslines Billy to the outside where the Bros hit him. Billy comes back and goes for the high knee in the corner, but David moves. David dropkicks him and spears him through the ropes from the apron. He kicks Billy in the corner. He is in control until a missed elbow drop. Billy fires back with dropkicks and a clothesline over the top to the apron. Billy DDT's him in. Billy hits a big clothesline and a spinebuster. He hits the high knee in the corner and goes for a slam. David tries to reverse into the Director's Cut. Billy reverses back with a tombstone. Jaylee gets in and fakes an injury to distract the ref. The Bros get in and hit Billy with the snapshot. David gets the 3.

As always, thanks for reading!