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Saturday, January 6, 2018

OVW January 2018 SNS Results

This is the OVW Report for the January 6, 2018 Saturday Night Special!


-Michael Hayes defends the OVW Heavyweight Title against Houdini!

-The Bro Godz try to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the Bad Boys Club composed of Randy Royal & Jessie Belle!

-The 30-man Nightmare Rumble!

-Josh Ashcraft goes 1-on-1 in a street fight with Dapper Dan!

-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Dr. Ted McNaler & Gilbert Corseyand Miss V. is ring announcer.

Tony Gunn comes out and tells Gilbert Corsey, who was going over the card for tonight, to get out of his ring. He has been suspended for 3 weeks, but we should be privileged that his suspension is over. He says he is officially entering the Nightmare Rumble. Speaking of which, he knows a lot of has-beens and others are returning tonight to try and make a name for themselves. He is issuing an open challenge right now...
"Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
Gunn stomps Bud as he enters the ring, but Bud fires back and Gunn goes outside for a break. Gunn comes back and gets in some offense, but Bud comes back with a flying body press for 2. He puts Gunn up for the Hangover, but Gunn pokes him in the eyes. Gunn throws Bud and his bad shoulder into the ringpost and rolls him up for the 3.
WINNER: GUNN by pinfall.

STREET FIGHT: Josh Ashcraft vs. Dapper Dan.
Dan comes out with a trash can full of weapons including his trusty kendo stick. As he awaits Josh to come out, Ca$h Flo sneaks out from under the ring and attacks Dan from behind with a chair. He hits him several times and leaves him laying for Josh. Josh says nothing was said about Ca$h being out before the match. He hits Dan with another chair and puts a boot on him for 2. Josh kicks him in the side and tries another pin for 2. Josh then cracks him in the head with a cookie sheet twice for a 2. Josh goes under the ring and brings out two wooden doors. He hits Dan in the head with a gas can for 2. Dan comes back with a low blow. He knees Josh and tosses him to the floor. Josh pulls his head down across the top rope from the outside. He jumps off the apron with an elbow drop. Dan's girlfriend yells at Josh and spits in his face, allowing Dan to hit Josh from behind with a chair. Dan spills out legos in the ring and belly to belly suplexes Josh on them. He handcuffs Josh in the corner and wears him out with a kendo stick. The ref helps Josh out and then he throws powder in Dan's eyes and puts him through the door. He pins for 2! Josh sets the other door up between two chairs. He takes Dan down again and hits him with a chair. Dan is across the door and Josh goes up top. Dan's girlfriend shows back up and distracts Josh on the apron. Dan regroups, throws a chair at Josh, then gives him the Death Valley Driver off the top rope and through the door for the 3.
WINNER: DAPPER by pinfall.
After the match, Ca$h comes out to carry Josh to the back.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Torey Payne vs. Jaylee (w/"The Entourage"(c).
Torey shoves Jaylee down, then they lock up. They exchange armbars and side headlocks. Torey rolls up Jaylee for a quick 2. She delivers a drop toehold and slams Jaylee. Jaylee kicks Torey andthrows her to the outside. Jaylee goes out and gets mad at the Bro Godz for being in the way. She rolls Torey back in and kicks her. She stands on her hair and pulls up. Torey fires back and spears Jaylee for 2. The Bros are checking on Torey as Jaylee goes to grab her. Torey rolls her up in an inside cradle, but the ref is still trying to get the Bro Godz off the apron. Jaylee reverses a sunset flip attempt a moment later, holding the ropes for the 3.
After the match, Torey & Jaylee continue to go after each other. DL3 gets in between them, but gets sandwiched and then slapped by both of them. The Bros have to separate them.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: "The Bro Godz"Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson vs. "The Bad Boys Club""Double R Superstar" Randy Royal & "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle (c).
Randy & Colton start out. Randy stomps on Colton's fingers and he tags out to Dustin. Dustin gets a kick and a neckbreaker. The Camera Guy trips up Randy and Dustin takes advantage. Colton tags in and hits Randy in the corner, spelling out "Bro". He then back elbows him, and throws him into a beautiful dropkick from Dustin. Dustin powerslams Randy for 2. Colton tags in and kicks Randy, then gets a throw reversed into the corner. Randy runs into a boot, but Colton runs into a reverse Russian leg sweep. Dustin tags in and Randy can't tag Jessie. Dustin throws him in the corner, but runs into a boot. Randy hits a missile dropkick. Jessie tags herself in and hurricanranas Colton, then bulldogs Dustin. Colton goes after her, but she ducks, and Randy pulls the rope down for him to fly out. Dustin charges at her, but she moves and rolls him up with her feet on the ropes for the 3!

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Houdini vs. Michael Hayes (c).
Houdini fires away at the bell. He shoulders Hayes in the corner, and Hayes has to get out. Houdini follows him out and hits him and chops him against the barricade. Back inside, he hits a stunner for 2. Hayes comes back firing away in the corner. He throws Houdini to the floor. Hayes goes out and claws the back. He chops Houdini, and throws him in. Hayes hits a backdrop. He hits him in the side, then suplexes him. He pins for 2. He hits him with a perfect plex. He hits him in the face and tells the ref to count. Houdini gets up at 9, then Hayes hits his big side slam for 2. He chokes Houdini in the ropes. He goes for some different maneuvers, but Houdini rolls him up for 2's. Hayes slams him again and locks in the mandible claw, but Houdini won't stay down! Hayes can't believe it. He goes to lock in the claw again, but Houdini locks in Hell's Gate. Hayes hits the ref in the eye and then taps, but the ref doesn't see it. Hayes hits Houdini with 3 more of his slams and finally gets the 3.

Shannon the Dude comes out and says this is an unsanctioned match, since OVW won't officially recognize his title. Therefore, he tells referee Charlene to hit the bricks, and the ref for this match will be someone who will call it right down the middle, Adam Revolver!
RADIO HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Mike Lacett vs. Shannon the Dude (c).
STD chokes Mike in the corner, and Adam does nothing to stop it. Mike comes back and takes STD down, but Adam won't count. STD chokes him in the ropes and jumps across his back twice, but the third time Mike moves. Mike chops him and hits his head off all the turnbuckles. Adam trips Mike allowing STD to take his knee out from behind. STD tries a suplex, and Mike blocks it, but Adam hits Mike in the back, allowing STD to get the suplex. STD goes up top and drops a fist. He then hits a Russian leg sweep for a quick 2 count. STD locks in a Figure Four. He then locks in the sleeper hold. Mike starts breaking free, but STD locks it back in. Mike hits a chinbuster out of it. He then flips STD on his back. Mike with some hard lefts. Mike shoves Adam after Adam gets in his face, and then connects with a hurricanrana. Mike slams him and goes up top. He hits a big splash, and Charlene comes back out to count the 3!
After the match, Revolver gets back in and says you can't put your hands on an official, so he is reversing the decision!

We start with "The River City Dragon" Logan James and "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd. Next is Ted McNaler. He says he has to run to the back and change and then he's going to come out and beat them both up. Entrant #4 is Oso Rayos. He gets unmasked as David Lee Lorenze III, and tossed by Randall. LJ & Randall are fighting on the apron as Shiloh Jonze enters. Ted is back at the commentary table, looking through a suitcase of clothes for his gear. Next out is Dustin Jackson.
#7 is Chace Destiny. Next is Billy O. #9 is Damion.
Next out is Colton Cage. The Void throws Billy out, then the Bros throw the Void out from behind. #11 is Dimes the Camera Guy. The Bros hit Bro 69 on LJ and try to toss him, but he slides back in. Next out is William Lutz.
#13 is David Lee Lorenze III. DL3 says he is hijacking this Rumble. He has the Bros throw out Lutz, and then go after Randall. Dimes & the Bros gang up on LJ, then the next entrant: SK Eveslage. #15 is KTD. Cardinal is next. He takes everyone out with super kicks, then throws KTD out. He tosses Dimes next, followed by the Bros. The Bros help DL3 eliminate Cardinal. DL3 then eliminates himself to get away from Cardinal as Adam Revolver enters. Adam & Shiloh toss SK. #18 is the Bluegrass Brawler.
He is followed by Stephon Smith. He rump thumps everyone. #20 is Tony Gunn. Next is Bud Dwight. Bud goes right after Gunn and tosses him out. #22 is Adam Slade.
Next is Apollo. Apollo throws Stephon out. Next out is Dre Blitz. The next entrant is Raul LaMotta. #26 is Kevin Giza. Giza tosses Revolver, then Slade immediately tosses Giza.
#27 is Sam Thompson. Sam chases McNaler into the ring, then tosses him out. Next out is Amon. Amon chops Sam so hard, it knocks him out of the ring. He then tosses Blitz, Slade, and Apollo. #29 is Aloicious Hamilton. Amon chops Raul off the apron to eliminate him.
Shiloh tosses BGB. #30 is Big Zo. Alo tosses Amon out with an assist from Zo. #31 is Dapper Dan. Dan eliminates Alo. Next out is Ca$h Flo. #33 is the Ringmaster.
#34 is the Bodyguy. Dan & the Ringmaster eliminate Ca$h.
Dan tosses Ringmaster. Zo gets eliminated. The final entrant is Randy Royal. Royal tosses Bodyguy. LJ tosses Randall, but the refs don't see it. Royal tosses Dan. Randall gets back in and tosses LJ. Randall then tosses Shiloh & Royal.
This leaves Randall & Bud. Randall gets Bud on the apron, but Bud flips him over and to the outside!.

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on ovwrestling.com!

As always, thanks for reading!