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OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)

OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)
OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)


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Thursday, December 2, 2021

OVW TV 1164: Two Can Play That Game!

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, December 2, 2021.

-Kentucky Champion Luscious Lawrence is in action and Haley J is back on his side!
-The OVW Tag Team Champions & 2021 Nightmare Cup Winners, the Fanny Pack Party, are in action against Level X!
-Reverend Ronnie Roberts, Ca$h Flo, Tony Gunn, & Tony Bizo compete in an elimination scramble to become the new #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Championship!
-Star Rider meets Facade in Rush Division action!
-Plus, Hy Zaya goes up against Koda JacobsDani Mo battles Dream Girl Ellie, the former OVW Tag Team Champions Dark Kloudz battle with Dysfunction, and much more!

For ways you can watch OVW TV in the Kentucky area, take a peek at the banner above. Plus, you can see OVW Thursday nights on FITE TV, Fridays at Midnight on YTA, and on several other national networks! If you can't find OVW TV, you ain't looking hard enough!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

AJ McKay is the ring announcer.

"The Nephilim"
 D'mone Solavino vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Howe.
Howe plays the guitar and D'mone finally shoves him. Howe fires away at him and hits the sliding uppercut. D'mone with boots to the face in the corner. He leaps off, but Howe catches him with an inverted atomic drop. He connects with the neckbreaker drop and gets the 3.
WINNER: HOWE by pinfall.

"The Empire State Goliath"
 Scott Cardinal vs. "Big Money" Dimes (w/Ca$h Flo & "The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft)
Dimes tries to lock Scott up, but gets slinged off. He tries a test of strength and Dimes walks the top rope, but gets thrown off and shoulder blocked. Dimes rolls out and Scott follows him. Josh gets on the apron to distract the ref. Dimes tries to push Scott into the ringpost, but he blocks it. Ca$h assists. Back inside, Scott comes back with a slingshot suplex off the ropes for 2. Ca$h gets in to chop Scott on two different occasions. Dimes goes for a Change Maker, but Scott blocks it and locks in a cobra clutch. Dimes hits him in the face, but gets thrown to the corner. Scott charges, but Dimes moves and rolls him up. Ca$h assists with extra leverage for the 3.
WINNER: DIMES by pinfall.

"The Goodfella"
 Matt Vine vs. "The Veteran" Jack Vaughn
They lock up. Vine hits him in the corner. Jack goes for a hip toss, but Vine lands on his feet and locks up the head. Off the ropes, Jack plows him down. Vine fires back and hits a dropkick. Jack drops him across the top rope and delivers an airplane spin. He big boots him. Vine slams him and goes for a splash off the corner, but Jack gets the boot up. Jack plants him with a spinebuster for 2. He leaps off the top, but Vine avoids it. Vine connects with a crossroads for the 3.
WINNER: VINE by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

"The Viking"
 Roger Mathis vs. Kentucky Champion "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence (w/"Hollyhood" Haley J).
Roger locks up Luscious, but he wiggles free. Luscious catches him with a butt bump off the ropes, then delivers a back body drop. He gets a kiss from Haley, then Roger fires on him. Luscious throws Roger to the corner and delivers the Rump Thumper. Roger fires back and delivers 2 German suplexes for 2. He hits a long-standing vertical suplex for 2. Roger argues with Haley as Luscious recovers. He fires away on Roger and hits a powerslam. He connects with the One Night Stand for the 3.
WINNER: LUSCIOUS by pinfall.

: Brandon Espinosa & "The Iron Bear Tom Coffey 
vs. "Dark Kloudz""Elusive" Eric Darkstorm & "Hustler" Deget Bundlez.
Espy locks up with Deget. Deget elbows out and tags Eric. They hit him in the corner and Dgeet throws Eric into Espy with an uppercut. Espy spins through Deget's arms and tags Tom. Tom clubs Eric and rams him into his corner. Espy tags back in and hits some forearms. All 4 men end up in with Eric pulling down the top rope for Tom to fly out. Deget then gets Espy up and they hit the double team 3D on him for the 3.

We see another video that Crixus is coming back!

"The Candidate for a Brighter Future in Wrestling"
 Koda Jacobs
 vs. "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya.
Koda takes him into the corner. Hy hits him and hip tosses him. He hits him in another corner and hip toss slams him. He goes for the leg lariat, but Koda ducks and rolls him up for 2. Hy comes back with the leg lariat and connects with Ninja Vanish for the 3. 
WINNER: HY by pinfall.

Dream Girl Ellie vs. Dani Mo.
A lot of back and forth exchanges early. Ellie catches her with a hard chop and takes Dani down for 2. She grabs Dani, but Dani comes back with a twist of fate and gets the 3.
WINNER: DANI by pinfall.
After the match, Sierra comes to the ramp and eyes her competition for the Women's Title.

Brandon Wolfe vs. "The Star of the Show" Star Rider.
Star controls the majority of the match. He hits a nice dropkick and delivers some elbow drops. Wolfe avoids one and tries to fire up, but Star catches him with a kneelift to the face. He hits a second one. He then delivers not 1, not 2, but 3 Orion's Belts to Wolfe for the 3.
WINNER: STAR by pinfall.

"Level X"
"The Sultan of the Sky" Blanco Loco & "Unforgettable" Axton Ray vs. OVW Tag Team Champions 
"The Fanny Pack Party": Dustin Jackson & "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro
The FPP work over Loco in their corner. They deliver some double team hip tosses and a double team suplex. Loco breaks free and gets a hot tag to Ray. He gets taken down immediately for 2. Kal with a headlock and throws him to the corner. Kal splashes him and Dustin tags in and clotheslines him for 2. Ray back with a kick to the gut and tag to Loco. Loco with an uppercut over Ray's back to Dustin in the corner. Ray with a kick to the head for 2. Loco locks in a headlock into the corner. Dustin elbows out. He fires up with clotheslines. Ray tags Loco after getting a dropkick. Kal tags in and they deliver a double flapjack for 2. All 4 men are in as Dark Kloudz comes to ringside. Deget Bundlez gets the attention of Kal & Dustin, allowing Eric Darkstorm to steal the Nightmare Cup. While distracted by them stealing the Cup, Kal gets rolled up by Loco for the 3!
WINNERS: LEVEL X by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

Al Snow
is in the ring to address the entire locker room about Christmas Chaos. He said typically Christmas Chaos in held inside a steel cage, but this year every match will have its own stipulation. All championships will also be on the line. Jake Omen gets in the ring and says he did beat Jessie Godderz. He thinks he deserves another opportunity at the National Title. Jessie comes to the ring and says he is the face that runs the place and does not know what Jake is talking about or why him and Al are out here trying to make matches. Al says that is part of his job. He tells Jake that if he can beat Jessie tonight, he will get a shot at Christmas Chaos. That includes a DQ win. Jessie says Omen's face doesn't represent OVW and the National Title, his does. Jake said he would hate to mess that up and slaps him in the face. Al says they cannot touch each other or they will both be fined and suspended.

#1 CONTENDER'S ELIMINATION SCRAMBLE for the OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "The Complete Package" Tony Bizo (w/Dr. Ricky Jones) vs. Ca$h Flo (w/"The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) vs. 
Reverend Ronnie Roberts vs. "Shotgun" Tony Gunn.
Ryan Howe is on commentary. Gunn & Ronnie fight with Ca$h to start as Bizo looks totally lost. Ronnie hits Ca$h into the ringpost and then hits the Might Hand of God on Bizo inside after he finally takes off his jacket to get the 3 and eliminate him. Gunn hits Ronnie & Ca$h in each corner with a running knee. Ca$h chops Ronnie. Howe starts playing his guitar. Gunn hits Ronnie with the Take Out the Trash. Gunn gets knocked outside and he takes his time around ringside while Ronnie stomps Ca$h in the ring. Ronnie tries to slam Ca$h to no avail. He goes for the Mighty Hand of God, but Ca$h ducks and faceplants him. He tries the same to Gunn, but Gunn hits Ca$h with a reverse DDT for 2. Gunn goes up, but Josh distracts him and he gets knocked off. Ca$h takes Ronnie down and hits the Payload for 2 as Gunn breaks the count. Gunn hits Ca$h with a knee to the face off the top. He sets up for the Killshot, but Dimes comes out and throws powder in his eyes. Ca$h hits Gunn with the running cross body for the 3. Gunn goes after Dimes with Hy Zaya waiting on stage. Dimes runs into a kendo stick and gets a shot with it across his back. Back inside, Ca$h chokeslams Ronnie. Ronnie fires back and runs at him with a cross body, but Ca$h catches him and slams him, then dives in from the apron! He covers him, but Ronnie gets his foot on the ropes. Ronnie comes back and connects with the Mighty Hand of God for the 3!

Judi Hendrix vs. Women's Champion Sierra
They lock up. Sierra takes Judi down and dives on her. Judi boots her and works her over briefly, before Sierra catches her with a backdrop. She hits her in the corner and dives in with an elbow. Judi with some hits, but Sierra with a back elbow and she lifts her up to nail her with the tailbuster for the 3. 
WINNER: SIERRA by pinfall.
Dani Mo
comes out and says she worked her way up and down the women's roster, even sending her last opponent back to Alaska. Whatever the stipulation is, she will beat Sierra at Christmas Chaos and take back the Women's Title. Sierra says not to forget it was her that beat Dani for the title. She doesn't care what the stipulation is, she will walk out still champion, because this is the era of Sierra. Dani says if she's so confident, how about they do it right now? It doesn't happen now, but it is set for Christmas Chaos in 2 weeks.

"The End of the World"
 Jake Omen vs. National Champion "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
Quick back and forth as they exchange shots. Jessie chops him hard. Jake comes back with some elbows across the shoulders. Jessie chops him and locks in an abdominal stretch while smacking Jake across the side. Jake with a nice suplex and clothesline. Another suplex, but Jessie tries to lock in the Adonis Crab. Jake kicks him off and chops him. He tries to drop Jake and lock it in again. Jake kicks him off, but Jessie back with a clothesline. Jake kicks him in the face and Jessie falls outside. Jessie chokes him, then Omen hits him in the face on the barricade. He rams him into the apron and they roll back in. Omen locks in a sleeper. Jessie elbows him, then connects with an enziguri. Jessie hits a nice dropkick and poses. Jake comes back with a falcon arrow. The ref gets knocked out as Jake connects with the Shining Wizard. Another ref is out to count to 2 as Jessie kicks out. Jessie hits a German suplex for 2. The other ref gets run over and Shannon the Dude gets up and gives a chair to Jessie. He acts like he was hit and falls to the mat. Jake then does the same. STD then gives Jessie the title. He tries the same, but Jessie is last seen with the belt and the ref calls for the DQ. 

This ended the TV taping.


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