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OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)

OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)
OVW Champions (As of 12/16/21)


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Thursday, December 9, 2021

OVW TV 1165: Countdown to Christmas Chaos!

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, December 9, 2021.

-The OVW Tag Team Champions & 2021 Nightmare Cup Winners, the Fanny Pack Party, team up with Reverend Ronnie Roberts to fight Ryan Howe & Dysfunction!
-Reverend Ronnie Roberts also brings us all the Good Word!
-Al Snow will make an announcement regarding the stipulations for next week's Christmas Chaos!
-The OVW Women's Champion looks to prolong the "era of Sierra" as she meets up with Shalonce Royal!
-Plus, Dark Kloudz are in action, Tony Gunn & Hy Zaya team up once again, and much more!

For ways you can watch OVW TV in the Kentucky area, take a peek at the banner above. Plus, you can see OVW Thursday nights on FITE TV, Fridays at Midnight on YTA, and on several other national networks! If you can't find OVW TV, you ain't looking hard enough!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

"The Daughter of 1,000 Maniacs"
 Shawna Reed vs. "Double A" Arie Alexander.
Arie says she's dedicating this match to the coolest guy in the locker room, Ryan Howe. Reed attacks her and fires away on her on the mat. Arie comes back with some clotheslines and an uppercut in the corner. She misses the nosedive, and Reed kicks her in the head. She kicks her in the face, then hits a slam. Reed charges her in the corner with a clothesline, but misses a second. Arie comes back with a gutwrench suplex, German suplex, then a Samoan drop for the 3.
WINNER: ARIE by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

NON-TITLE MATCH: AJ Cazana vs. Kentucky Champion "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence (w/"Hollyhood" Haley J).
AJ tries to attack, but Luscious catches him in the butt to the face in the corner. Luscious plows him down, then slams him. Off the ropes, Luscious butt bumps him to the apron, then Luscious butt bumps him off. He leaps out with a double axehandle. Back inside, AJ comes back with a release German suplex and stomps him. Luscious back with an attempt to get AJ up, but can't. AJ splashes him in the corner. Luscious avoids a charge, and comes back with a butt bump, followed by the Rump Thumper. Luscious runs into a back elbow and AJ tries to go up, but Luscious grabs him off the top and plants him with the One Night Stand for the 3.
WINNER: LUSCIOUS by pinfall.

Reverend Ronnie Roberts is out for another edition of the Good Word. Next week is Christmas Chaos and he has a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title. He plans to stop the rock!
Tonight's guest is the OVW Women's Champion
Sierra. He wants to know how she has managed to navigate the Women's division and be undefeated since last July. She says it's the "era of Sierra" and she dominated since arriving on the scene and has beaten pretty much every woman on the roster. Ryan Howe plays out to ringside with Arie Alexander. He asks her to carry on and asks about facing Dani Mo. She says what part of undefeated don't you understand? Howe keeps playing the guitar. Ronnie snaps and says he used to be an angry man and get into fights before finding the man upstairs. Howe is about to drive him back to his old ways. He wants to snatch the beach blond hair off his head, stick his foot right up his backside, and snap everyone of his fingers and toes! He says no one wants to see Howe, hear him, smell him, and he will put the fear of God in him during their 6-man tag later tonight!

"Big Whiskey"
Jared Kripke vs. "The Star of the Show" Star Rider.
Star attacks Jared and stomps him in the corner. He throws him hard into the corners. He hits him and Jared fires back. He dropkicks him and chops him, but Star gets mad and hits a knee to the face. He delivers a brainbuster, pounds away on him on the mat, then goes up top and connects with Orion's Belt for the 3.
WINNER: STAR by pinfall.

 Jake Lawless
 vs. "Goodfella" Matt Vine.
Quick mat exchanges and Vine gets the better of Jake. Off the ropes, Vine with a big back body drop. Vine slams him and hits him in the corner. Jake pokes him in the eye and then locks up his arm in the ropes. He locks his arm up in a submission hold, but Vine works up. Off the ropes, Vine catches him with a cross body. Jake back with a neckbreaker drop for 2. Off the ropes, Vine pulls the top rope down and Jake gets hung up. Vine with a nice dropkick and Jake pokes him in the eye again. He tries a roll-up with the tights, but Vine is able to reverse it and get the 3! 
WINNER: VINE by pinfall.

We see Ryan Howe in the back with Dysfunction trying to recruit him. Howe says they can be part of his rock 'n' roll experience.

OVW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Howe & 
"Dysfunction": Brandon Espinosa & "The Iron Bear Tom Coffey 
vs. Reverend Ronnie Roberts & OVW Tag Team Champions "The Fanny Pack Party": Dustin Jackson & "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro.
Ronnie grabs Espy and begins stomping him. Ronnie is firing at anything and everything he can get his hands on. Quick tags early and often on both sides with Howe avoiding Ronnie at all costs. Ronnie's team is rolling until Howe causes a distraction that allows Espy to recover after being taken down by a Dustin dropkick. Dustin is perched on the top for the Derby City Dive, but Tom shoves him off during the distraction. Howe tags in now and takes it to Dustin. Howe & Dysfunction work him over and Dustin tries to fight out. He gets a tag to Kal, but the ref doesn't see it. Dustin gets dragged back to the opposing corner. They continue to wear down Dustin in the corner until he slides off Tom's shoulders and tags Kal. Kal fires away on Tom & Espy. He hits Tom with a bionic elbow and super kick, but doesn't see Howe blind tag. Howe gets in and clotheslines him off the ropes. He throws Kal out of the ring, but doesn't know Ronnie tagged in. He turns around into the Mighty Hand of God and Ronnie gets the 3!

Bryan Kennison & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

"The King of Spade"
Joey Avalon & "Superior" Tony Evans 
vs. "Dark Kloudz""Elusive" Eric Darkstorm & "Hustler" Deget Bundlez.
Dark Kloudz controls a majority of the match, finishing Evans off with their finisher after hammering them around ringside. After the match, the Fanny Pack Party sneaks down to ringside and steals back their Nightmare Cup trophy.

NON-TITLE MATCH: Shalonce Royal vs. Women's Champion Sierra
They lock up and Sierra drops her to the mat. Royal with a spinning forearm shot, then hammers away on Sierra in the corner. Sierra back with some shots of her own, then a backstabber. Royal rolls out of the ring. Back inside, Sierra drives her to the corner. She hits the running double knees, then loads her up on her back for the Compactor to get the 3. 
WINNER: SIERRA by pinfall.

"The Nephilim"
 D'mone Solavino & Prince Ahmed
 vs. "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya & "Shotgun" Tony Gunn.
D'mone with an arm drag to Hy, then Hy returns the favor. He tags Gunn and drop toeholds D'mone. Gunn dropkicks him in the head. Ahmed tags in and tries to hit Gunn, but hits D'mone. Gunn works over the arm and tags in Hy. Ahmed with a throat thrust. Off the ropes, Gunn blind tags. Hy kicks Ahmed and Gunn leaps off with the knee. D'mone tags back in and runs into an inverted atomic drop. Gunn shoulders him in the corner, then runs in with a knee. Ahmed hits Gunn from the apron and chokes him. Gunn is briefly double-teamed in the corner, before fighting out and tagging Hy. Hy fires away on Ahmed and slams him. D'mone comes in swinging, but Hy ducks and hits the leg lariat. Gunn takes out the trash and Hy connects with a legdrop off the top rope for the 3 on Ahmed. 
WINNERS: HY & GUNN by pinfall.

We see Dr. Ricky Jones looking for Tony Bizo. He is sitting outside drinking, looking totally dejected. Jones says he was the best part of the whole da*n shizzo, and he has got to get it together.

"The Complete Package"
 Tony Bizo (w/Dr. Ricky Jones) vs. 
"The Mercenary" Garrisaon Creed.
Creed wants to fight, but Bizo keeps sitting down. Creed tries yelling at him and smacking him. Bizo comes back with a clothesline, but then starts crying. He turns into a DDT from Creed for the 3.
WINNER: CREED by pinfall.

"The Legacy of Brutality"
: Big Zo & Steve Michaels (w/"The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) vs. Ca$h Flo & "Big Money" Dimes.
Dimes takes the fight to Zo, then Steve. Ca$h tags in and gets shoved by Steve. Ca$h shoves back and slams him. Dimes tags back in and hits the Old School off the top rope. Zo tags back in and beats down Dimes. Steve splashes him in the corner. Dimes is able to get free and tag Ca$h. Ca$h opens up the chop shop on them. He hits Steve with a Samoan drop, then splashes Zo in the ropes. He hits the Payload on Zo, then slams Dimes on top of him for the 3! 
WINNERS: DIMES & CA$H by pinfall.

Al Snow
 is in the ring to announce the stipulations for Christmas Chaos. He says the first match will be a Texas Tornado 4-Corners Tag Match featuring 
The Box Office Blonds, Tony Gunn & Hy Zaya, and Ca$h Flo & Dimes. Luscious Lawrence will defend the Kentucky Title against a mystery opponent, who has never been in OVW. Sierra will face Dani Mo with the Women's title on a pole. Gustavo and Star Rider will face off for the Rush Title in a Last Man Standing match. Dark Kloudz will face the Fanny Pack Party for the Tag Team Titles in a TLC match. Ryan Howe will defend the Heavyweight Title against Reverend Ronnie Roberts in a knockout match. Lastly, Jessie Godderz will defend the National Title in a NO DQ, No Countout, Falls Count Anywhere Match. Jessie knocks Jake Omen out with the title, then "Chaos" comes early as all the superstars at ringside start brawling!

This ended the TV taping.


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