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OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)

OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)
OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)


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Thursday, September 15, 2022

OVW TV 1205: Looking to Gunn Down Godderz!

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, September 15, 2022.

-Jessie Godderz & Tony Gunn each sit down with Bryan Kennison to tell their side of the story regarding their rivalry!
-Omar Amir steps in the ring with Amon!
-A Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match featuring Dark KloudzLuscious Lawrence & CrixusKal Herro & Ryan Von Rockit, and the OVW Tag Team Champions The Fallen!
-In Women's action, Shalonce Royal goes 1-on-1 with Shawna Reed!
-Jack Vaughn defends the Kentucky Heavyweight Title against Big Zo!
-Plus, Anthony Catena battles Truth Magnum in a rematch from last week, Manny Domingo faces Jared Kripke in Rush Division action, and much more!

For ways you can watch OVW TV, take a peek at the banner above. If you can't find OVW TV in your area, you ain't looking hard enough!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

"The Valedictorian of the Harvard of Professional Wrestling"
 KarDaniel Tobias Dunn
 vs. "Rudo" Raul LaMotta.
Raul takes the fight to Dunn early. Dunn wants a timeout. Raul attacks the shoulder and works it over. Dunn wants a timeout again and fights Raul over the book he brought to the ring. The ref takes it away, allowing Dunn to roll Raul up from behind with a handful of tights for the 3.
WINNER: DUNN by pinfall.

Nikeem the Dream vs. Moxxi
ZDP attacks Nikeem, then fires away at Moxxi. ZDP gets knocked out of the ring and Moxxi & Nikeem battle inside with some roll-up attempts. ZDP attempts to get back in the ring, but keeps getting knocked back out as Nikeem & Moxxi fight inside. Moxxi hits Nikeem with an elbow drop off the ropes for 2. ZDP gets in and Moxxi tosses him back out. ZDP gets double dropkicked by both opponents as he gets in again. Moxxi gets thrown to the corner and hits a corner clothesline on ZDP. Nikeem takes Moxxi down and hits a reverse 180 flip, but ZDP tosses him out of the ring and steals the pin.
WINNER: ZDP by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Josh Ashcraft are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

Truth Magnum (w/Turbo Floyd) vs. Anthony F.N. 
Truth is still visibly upset about his loss last week, but Catena takes control early with a side headlock and takedown. He hits Truth with an atomic drop, followed by a clothesline. He dropkicks Truth, but gets tripped by Turbo off the ropes. Truth grabs Catena and wraps his leg around the ringpost and then focuses on attacking the leg. Catena starts to fire back with some hard chops, but his leg is giving him problems. Truth tries to throw him out of the ring, but Catena holds on to the ropes and flips back in. He nails a super kick, but his knee goes out again. Truth drops him and tries to hit his leg off the ringpost again, but Catena pulls him face first into it. Catena hits Turbo off the apron, but Truth gets back in and rolls Catena up from behind with a handful of tights to get the 3.
WINNER: TRUTH by pinfall.

"The Fighting Siren"
 Shalonce Royal
vs. "The Daughter of 1,000 Maniacs" Shawna Reed.
Royal pushes Reed, but Reed grabs her by the throat and hits a swinging side slam. Royal takes a break on the floor. As she tries to get in, Reed grabs her, but Royal pulls her head down across the top rope. She pulls her out and forearms her in the face. Reed blocks being hit into the ringpost and pulls Royal into it shoulder first. Reed goes up top, but Royal hits her. Reed kicks her away and hits a cross body for 2. They smack each other in the middle of the ring, but Royal catches her off the ropes with the rolling Death Valley Driver for the 3.
WINNER: SHALONCE by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison talks to Tony Gunn about his rivalry with Jessie Godderz. Gunn says everyone knows what happened. He got hit in the head with a beer bottle, a chain, and lost his chance at winning the National Title. Gunn says there's nothing to say. He's pissed off after what happened. Gunn just wants to know where Jessie is. Bryan says he is supposed to be by later, but he doesn't know when he will be here. Gunn says he will sit here and wait for him to come. This ends when he beats the crap out of Jessie!

"The Midwest Monster Hunter"
 Bo Sawyer & Tyler Lee Deputy vs. 
"Bankroll": "Big Money" Dimes & Ca$h Flo.
Ca$h plows over Tyler and chops him. He tags in Dimes and Dimes snapmares him. Bo tags in and gets Dimes up on his shoulders, but Dimes slides off and chops him. He tags Ca$h and Ca$h lights him up with some chops. Tyler is tagged back in and gets ran over with a running cross body by Ca$h for the 3.
After the match, Ca$h grabs a mic and says they lost a #1 contender's match 2 weeks ago. They are back at the bottom, but they are putting the tag team division on notice. It doesn't matter if they are on the bottom or the tip top, bet on Bankroll, because if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense!

OVW KENTUCKY HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Big Zo vs. "The Veteran" Jack Vaughn (c)
Zo goes right at Jack and says he's the OVW veteran around here. Jack with a side headlock, but off the ropes, Zo plows him down. Jack claws his eyes behind the ref's back, but Zo comes back with a hard throw to the corner. He goes for the cartwheel butt bump, but Jack gets his knee up. Zo catches Jack off the ropes with a wheel kick and the Are You Serious legdrop. Jack hits a boot and side spinebuster, but can't put Zo away. Zo hits the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows and sets up for the Zo Bomb. Jack moves, but Zo lands on his feet. Jack grabs Zo and launches him over the top rope to get himself disqualified.

"Dark Kloudz"
: "Elusive" Eric Darkstorm & "Hustla" Deget Bundlez vs. 
Ryan Von Rockit (w/Guit-Arie Alexander) & "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro vs. 
"The Scottish War Machine" Crixus & "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence vs. OVW Tag Team Champions "The Fallen": "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino & "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts (w/ZDP).
Crixus & Luscious are out first and get attacked on the ramp by the Fallen. Dark Kloudz come out and are actually helping the Fallen double team Crixus & Luscious. Finally, Rockit & Kal make their way out and there is absolute chaos in the ring as all 8 men are fighting. The bell finally rings as the ring clears out and it's just Luscious & D'mone left inside. Luscious hits D'mone with 10 punches in the corner. He slams D'mone and hits the Luscious legdrop. D'mone sits back up. He gets to his feet and wants a test of strength. He knees Luscious instead and off the ropes, Luscious hits a powerslam. Reverend gets in and spits in Luscious' face. The Fallen make a wish with Luscious' legs. D'mone pulls Luscious into the corner turnbuckle. Luscious hits the One Night Stand, but Reverend gets in with a claw. Crixus knocks Reverend out with a Claymore, but then Rockit hits Crixus with a running knee. Dark Kloudz gets in and takes Rockit down with their finisher. Kal comes in firing on Eric, but Tony Bizo sneaks out and nails Kal with the Bizo Bomb. He rolls Eric on top as the Fallen fights to the back with Crixus & Luscious, and Eric picks up the 3.

Bryan Kennison talks to Jessie Godderz. Jessie says Tony Gunn was a bad friend. He is the face who runs this place and why every network wants him on. He helps pay the bills around here and is the reason OVW is back on track. He says Gunn is a #2, he's #1 around here. Gunn shows up during the interview and starts brawling with Jessie.

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Josh Ashcraft are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

OVW Rush Division Champion Luke Kurtis is out to join commentary.
Manny Domingo 
vs. "Big Whiskey" Jared Kripke.
They shake hands, then lock up. Manny locks up the arm, but Jared reverses. Manny reverses back and hits a hard chop. Jared back with a chop. They trade chops again. Jared drop toeholds Manny into the corner and then hits a double knee across the back. He cannonballs Manny in the corner for 2. Jared stomps him in the corner, then hits a running forearm. Manny back with a snapmare and elbow across the shoulder. Off the ropes, Manny hits a sunset flip for 2. Jared comes back and clubs Manny across the chest. Manny comes back with a kick and quick dropping elbow for 2. Jared hits Manny in the corner and delivers a 619. He goes up top, but Manny knocks him down. Jared gets back to his feet and knocks Manny to the outside. He dives through the ropes onto Manny into the barricade. Jared & Luke have a confrontation at ringside. Jared hits him and gets in. Manny catches Jared with a slam off his back for 2. Luke gets in with the Rush Title and goes to hit Jared, but knocks out Manny. Luke stands tall with the title.

In the back, Freya the Slaya tries to butter up referee Jake Cloyd before her match, but he doesn't understand her advances at him.
"The Queen of the North" Freya the Slaya vs. "The Swiss Sensation" Michelle Green.
Freya with a slam. Green hits her in the corner and runs in with a cross body. Off the ropes, she tries a headscissor takedown, but Freya blocks it and nails a backbreaker. Freya hits her with the Off With Her Head legdrop in the ropes. Freya continues to try and get referee Jake to be on her side, but she takes her eyes off the prize. Green rolls her up from behind and gets the 3!
WINNER: GREEN by pinfall.
After the match, Freya grabs Jake and chokeslams him!

"The Complete Package" Tony Bizo vs. "The 80's Baybee" TW3.
TW3 with a quick start. He dropkicks Bizo and Bizo rolls out. TW3 goes to dive out, but Bizo catches him with a forearm in the ropes. Bizo plants him with a spinebuster. Bizo controls for a bit, but TW3 starts to come back. He nails a kick to Bizo's head, but Dark Kloudz run out. Deget Bundlez distracts the ref while Eric Darkstorm hits TW3 with a faceplant slam and puts Bizo on top of TW3. Ryan Von Rockit & Kal Herro come out. Rockit pulls Deget off the apron while Kal rolls TW3 back on top of Bizo. He chases Eric off as the ref turns to make the 3.
WINNER: TW3 by pinfall.

Before the main event, Jessie Godderz comes out to join commentary and is with Adam Revolver.
The Demon Magnate" Amon 
vs. Omar Amir.
Amon wants a test of strength after spitting in one hand and rubbing his butt with the other. They lock up and Omar sends him face first into the corner turnbuckle sevral times, but Amon keeps hitting himself into it and laughs. Omar rolls him up for 2. Amon takes his time getting back in the ring. Omar remains in control until the Fallen come out to ringside. The distraction allows Amon to take the advantage. Amon bites him and works him over. Omar tries to fire back, but Amon throws him hard into the corner. Omar comes back and plants Amon on the mat and it makes the Fallen fall down at ringside. Amon sits up laughing, as does the Fallen. Crixus & Luscious Lawrence come out with kendo sticks and beat the Fallen to the back. Amon works over the left arm/shoulder of Omar. Amon stretches Omar's arms behind him in a submission. Omar works up to his feet and Amon hops on his back. Omar backs up into the corner to break the hold. Amon jumps back on him. Omar is fading, but finds another wind and rams Amon into the corner again. Amon again jumps on Omar's back. Omar is going down, but elbows out. Amon plants him with a DDT for 2. Amon drops a knee, but Omar moves. Omar blocks a hit from Amon and fires back. Amon knees him, but Omar fires back with a clothesline. Omar with a belly-to-belly suplex. Amon goes for the STH, but Omar back body drops him. He hits a running fist to the face and picks up the 3.
WINNER: OMAR by pinfall.
After the match, Tony Gunn walks out and goes after Jessie Godderz. He knocks Adam Revolver out and brawls with Jessie into the ring. Adam gets back in and Omar helps out by pulling Adam off. Adam hits Omar from behind and now all 4 men are brawling. Omar dumps Adam out as Jessie is repeatedly clotheslined by Gunn. Gunn goes for the Killshot, but Jessie jumps out of the ring just in time and heads for higher ground.


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