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OVW Champions (As of 10/29/22)

OVW Champions (As of 10/29/22)
OVW Champions (As of 10/29/22)


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Thursday, November 10, 2022

OVW TV 1213: Gunn Takes a Shot

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, November 10, 2022.

-Ca$h Flo & Mahabali Shera sign the contract for a match at Thanksgiving Thunder!
-In Rush Division action, Luke Kurtis is back for another "Certified Open Challenge", and Star Rider faces Wayne Moxxi!
-In Women's action, Alice Crowley looks to continue her winning streak, and Haley J is in action against Olivia Devine!
-Plus, Jack Vaughn says he has proof of Doug Basham's deception, Shalonce Royal is back for an encore performance, Jessie Godderz reacts to his "accident" from last week, Big Zo & Big Beef are back in tag team action, and much more!

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Without further ado:

Here we go...

This report begins a new journey of OVWmania. If you missed the news, I'm soon welcoming a second child into the world and will be missing the live action week to week. However, I plan on reporting and promoting OVW as much as I can from behind the scenes. The only thing I will not have from week to week is the pre-show matches and live pictures. I will be presenting "quick hits" of what happens along with some commentary each week.

Josh Ashcraft, Bryan Kennison, & Dancin' Stevie J are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

"The Devine One"
 Olivia Devine vs. "Hollyhood" Haley J.
Haley goes at Olivia, but Olivia has the obvious size and strength advantage. Haley still grits her way through, hitting a modified finisher off the second rope to take Olivia down and get the 3.
WINNER: HALEY J by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Haley has been on quite the streak since "turning things around". Could Shalonce Royal and the Women's Title be on her radar next?

Luke Kurtis is out and compares himself to John Cena. He says there is no #1 contender, so it's time for round 2 of the Certified Open Challenge. Kal Herro wants to answer it, but Luke says not him. He picks Jay Dinero instead.
"CERTIFIED OPEN CHALLENGE": Rush Division Champion "Certified" Luke Kurtis vs. Jay Dinero.
Luke uses a kick below the belt behind the referee's back to take Jay down, followed by a fameasser and the COA. Jay taps.
WINNER: KURTIS by submission.
After the match, Kal gets in the ring as Luke finally breaks the hold on Jay. Luke goes for a headbutt, but Kal moves and takes Luke down, locking him in his own COA!
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Is there something we don't know about Luke & Kal's history? Is it simply Luke being afraid of Kal as competition? After locking him in his own finisher, will Luke be willing to put the Rush Division Title on the line against Kal?

"The Dreamweaver" Wayne Moxxi vs. "The Star of the Show" Star Rider.
Star shows off an edge to his offense, controlling the majority of this matchup. Moxxi gets a second wind, but ultimately, Star puts him away. He finishes him off with his new finisher, the Falling Star Stomp, for the 3.
WINNER: STAR by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Star is back to prove he didn't miss a step during his time away from OVW. How long before he's back in the running for the Rush Division Title...or maybe other gold?

In the back, referee Jake Cloyd presents Al Snow with his "petition" to get Freya the Slaya fired. He says that Maria James & J-Mo both signed it, but they walk in to the office and act dumbfounded. Al says he doesn't know what Jake is doing, or what his issue is with Freya, but if this continues, then they might have to re-examine his position in OVW. Jake says she's a bad person and needs to be fired as he walks away.

We have the contract signing between Mahabali Shera and Ca$h Flo. Ca$h immediately signs the contract and says he knew the bullseye on his back would be the size of Mount Rushmore as soon as he defeated James Storm for his championships. Shera goes to sign, but notices that it's only for the Heavyweight Title. Bryan Kennison explains that although he had a rematch, that was against James Storm, and now there's a new champion. In order to fight for the National Title, he must first fight for the Heavyweight Title. They are all then interrupted by the Outrunners. Truth Magnum says that the Outrunners are the Nightmare Cup champions, and respectfully, he beat Turbo Floyd that night. The only thing that can stop an Outrunner is another Outrunner it turns out, as Turbo accidentally shattered his nose in 4 places. If it wasn't for that, he would have defeated Ca$h that night and would already be the champion. He has a claim to the title and has an idea. How about Ca$h & Shera face them next week. If Ca$h & Shera win, the match stays as is. If the Outrunners win, then the contract gets ripped up, and Truth gets the title shot. Ca$h & Shera accept, but Truth says good luck trusting each other against the most well-oiled tag team in history next week!
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Can Shera & Ca$h coexist against the 2022 Nightmare Cup Winners?

"Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence & Omar Amir vs. OVW Tag Team Champions "The Fallen": "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino & "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts.
They immediately brawl. Shawna Reed runs out and tries to sneak up behind Luscious, but Tiffany Nieves runs out and starts brawling with her...the referee makes this into a 6-person intergender mixed tag match.
"Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence, Omar Amir, & "La Princesa" Tiffany Nieves vs. "The Daughter of 1,000 Maniacs" Shawna Reed & OVW Tag Team Champions "The Fallen""The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino & "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts.
The Fallen tries to use the numbers game and chaos to their advantage, which includes ZDP getting involved. He hits Omar in the back of the head with a tag title, but it's not enough to put Omar away as Luscious breaks the pin attempt. Ronnie & Luscious both get dumped from the ring, but Omar takes D'mone down, then catches ZDP off the ropes and hits Island Time on top of D'mone to pick up the 3.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: A bit of retribution for Luscious & Omar against the Fallen, but does this also line them up for a future tag title opportunity?

Josh Ashcraft, Bryan Kennison, & Dancin' Stevie J are on commentary, Eric Cornish is the ring announcer.

Adam Revolver, Shannon the Dude, and a lawyer are out. Adam says that Jessie Godderz did not soil himself last week. He was in the ring and would have known. There is doctored footage going around, but he did not pee on himself. STD yells at the lawyer and says it's his fault, because Tony Gunn was not supposed to be within 500 feet of Jessie. He fires the lawyer. Tony comes out and grabs Adam by the throat. He says how about he sends a message to Jessie by knocking him out? STD has an idea. Tony fights in a 2-on-1 handicap match tonight. If he wins, he can pick any stipulation at Thanksgiving Thunder against Jessie. If he loses, he has to come out and publicly apologize to Jessie. Tony accepts.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: What does Shannon have up his sleeve? After all, this is Shannon the Dude we are talking about!

In the back, Adam Revolver is on the phone with Jessie Godderz. Jessie says they need to be out there tonight to ensure Tony Gunn loses.

"Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin & Big Zo vs. "The King of Mardi Gras" Louis Boudreaux & Tyler Lee Deputy.
Total...annihilation. Zo & Beef literally squash their opponents and pick up the W.
WINNERS: BEEF & ZO by pinfall.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: BIG Beef & BIG Zo are making BIG moves in the tag team division!

Doug Basham comes out and says he didn't collude with Jack Vaughn, though Ryan Von Rockit thinks otherwise. Ryan comes out and says Jack has proof and wants to hear it. Jack comes out and says he has evidence. Jack shows pictures that appear that Doug was with him doing several activities like working out, eating at pizza places together, and even scaling mountains. Ryan wants both of them in a triple threat match with the Kentucky Title on the line. Ryan shoves Doug, then Jack hits Ryan from behind. Doug gets to his feet and goes after Jack.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Wait a minute...were those pictures real? Is Doug actually good friends with Jack?!

"Big Al" Alice Crowley vs. Nurse Mika.
A good showing by Mika, but Alice shows her aggressiveness. She takes Mika for a ride with 4 backdrops before Arie Alexander makes her return and takes Alice down with a German Suplex.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: Arie is looking to end the mean streak and winning streak of Big Al.

Shalonce Royal comes out for an encore performance. She gets interrupted by Leila Grey. Leila tells her that she might think she is the queen of OVW, but one win doesn't make her the queen. Leila says she is a 2-time Women's Champion and made a lot of sacrifices to represent OVW for the company and the fans. She has a rematch clause and is using it at Thanksgiving Thunder to win back the Women's Title. Shalonce says Leila is not the champion any longer, and doesn't know why she's so offended. Leila is done with talking and wants to fight her right now. A ref comes out, but Shalonce blasts Leila in the side of the head with the title. She says no one interrupts Shalonce.

"Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. "The Royal Family""The Complete Package" Tony Bizo & "Hustla" Deget Bundlez.
Gunn fires away on both men and is in control despite the numbers game. Shannon the Dude comes out and pulls the ref out after Gunn hits Bizo with his own Bizo Bottom. Adam Revolver sneaks out and hits Gunn from behind with STD's Radio Title. Deget covers for 2. Gunn kicks out! Gunn ducks the Ghetto Blaster from Deget and nails the Killshot for the 3.
WINNER: GUNN by pinfall.
After the match, Gunn is attacked by Adam, STD, & Bizo.
BRIAN'S THOUGHTS: What stipulation will Gunn choose when he gets his hands on Jessie Godderz at Thanksgiving Thunder?


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