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Saturday, December 7, 2013

OVW Saturday Night Special December 2013 Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, December 7, 2013. It was titled "A Very Merry Special".

Tonight in the main event, Jamin Olivencia faced Johnny Spade for the vacated OVW Heavyweight Title, where a win meant he got 5 minutes with Timmy Danger. Plus, the Women's Title was on the line as Lei'D Tapa defended against the Bodyguy. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez defended the Southern Tag Team Titles against the Mobile Homers, Paredyse & Flash Flanagan teamed up against the Marauders, plus much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

The night starts off with a special intro video of the Bodyguy & 4M at Christmas Eve waiting for Santa, but the Bodyguy wakes up to find coal and "Assassanta Claus" (The Assassin), who gives him a clothesline.

Dylan Bostic (w/Ray Lyn & Evan Markopoulos) vs. "The Welsh Colossus" Rob Terry.
Evan & Dylan come out taking pictures of Ray Lyn. When Rob comes out, Evan tries to get him to pose with Ray Lyn to take a picture. This causes a distraction for Dylan to kick Rob from behind. Rob isn't fazed and throws Dylan around the ring. He knocks him to the outside and hits his head off the announce table. He hits him around ringside, but gets distracted by Evan & Ray Lyn. Dylan hits a flying knee off the ring apron. He jumps on Rob's back, but Rob flings him off. Dylan hits him and jumps back on his back for a sleeper hold, but Rob flings him off again. Evan & Ray Lyn get on the apron causing a distraction. Rob hits Evan off, but as the ref tells Ray Lyn to get down, Dylan low blows Rob and gets the 3.
WINNER: BOSTIC by pinfall.

Roberto De Luna (w/J. Best) vs. Elvis Pridemoore.
Roberto takes Elvis down early. Elvis fires back, but is tripped by Best on the outside. Roberto hits a swinging side slam on Elvis for the 3.
WINNER: ROBERTO by pinfall.
After the match, the Assassin's music hits and Roberto jumps out of the ring. Best gets clotheslined.

TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for #1 CONTENDERSHIP for the OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "Mr. Pec-Tacular" Jessie Godderz vs. Eddie F. Diamond vs. Ryan Howe.
A very good match with many near falls. In the end, Jessie Pec-Tacular presses EFD on Howe. EFD falls out of the ring and Jessie hits the stunner on Howe for the 3.
WINNER and #1 CONTENDER for the OVW TV TITLE: GODDERZ by pinfall.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: The Bodyguy (w/4M) vs. Lei'D Tapa (c).
Tapa dominates early over the Bodyguy who is wearing airbrushed tights with the Women's Title on the front and Tapa's face on the backside. She uses the Tongan Death Grip and hits a big boot. 4M gets in while the Bodyguy grabs at the ref's leg to distract him. Tapa ducks a clothesline and PICKS UP 4M and hits her TKO finisher on him! As she gets up, the Bodyguy sneaks up behind her and rolls her up for the 3!

TAG TEAM GRUDGE MATCH: "The Marauders": Clint Poe & Raul LaMotta (w/Shiloh Jonze & Nick Dumeyer) vs. Flash Flanagan & Paredyse.
Paredyse & Flash are taking it to Poe & Raul until Shiloh interferes. Poe & Raul are able to take control and work over Paredyse. He finally gets the hot tag to Flash. Flash clotheslines Raul & Poe, and Paredyse comes back in to hit a bronco buster on Raul. Paredyse delivers the "Kiss of Death" to Poe who turns into a flying body press off the top rope from Flash who gets the 1-2-3.
After the match, the Masked Marauder runs out, and is followed into the ring by Shiloh & Dumeyer. The 3 of them along with Poe & Raul who return to their senses, attack Paredyse & Flash. This rivalry is far from over.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: "The Mobile Homers" Adam Revolver & Ted "Manbeast" McNaler (w/Brittany Devore) vs. Michael Hayes & Mohamad Ali Vaez (c). 
A quick start for Hayes & Ali. The Mobile Homers end up taking over control and working over Hayes for a majority of the match. Hayes gets the hot tag to Ali. Ali takes the Homers down and hits a double kneedrop on both of their faces. He sends Ted off the ropes, and goes for a backflip, but Ted hits his knee and has an awkward landing. He immediately grabs his knee and the ref backs Ali & Hayes up as he checks on Ted with Brittany & Adam. Ali comes over to help Ted up and out of the ring with the ref. Behind them, Adam grabs Hayes and tosses him to the outside. Ted then rolls Ali up in a small package for the 3! They faked the injury as Ted jumps around with the tag titles.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: Johnny Spade (w/Timmy Danger) vs. Jamin Olivencia.
A collection of superstars including Jessie Godderz, Stephon J. Baxter, Eddie Diamond, Ryan Howe, the Assassin, and others gather outside the curtain as Jamin makes a grand entrance. After the formal introductions, we witness what should go down as a match of the year candidate for OVW. Jamin & Spade did what they do best, and put on an awesome match for the fans. It goes back and forth with several near falls. Both men empty their arsenals trying to put the other away. Toward the end, Spade & Jamin actually shake hands as a sign of respect. Spade catches Jamin with a superkick as Jamin leaps off the ropes. He sets up for a second superkick and connects. Instead of going for the pin, Danger yells for a 3rd superkick. Jamin blocks it and hits the Standing O for the 3.
Jamin holds up the title around the ring and then turns his attention to Timmy Danger. Dean Hill grabs a mic and says Danny Davis just delivered a Christmas present. If Danger doesn't get in the ring, he's fired!
He finally gets in the ring and backs up into Jamin. He slaps Jamin in the face. Jamin goes after him, but apparently the newest "client" of Timmy Danger comes out to make the save...Marcus Anthony!
Marcus clobbers Jamin from behind and takes him down with the full nelson submission.

A fantastic SNS and a great way to end 2013 although the fans really wanted to see Jamin get his hands on Danger. It looks like we will soon see a title match between Jamin & Marcus Anthony, and we know that Jessie Godderz has a TV title shot. Will he face Paredyse this Wednesday? As always, thanks for reading!


  1. What an awesome show! I like the new Tag Champs and am excited to see where they go with a lot of angles. Thanks for the post!

  2. I cannot believe they actually allowed the Body Guy to compete for the Women's title. What's next, Jessie Belle vs Jamin for the Heavyweight title?

  3. but seriously, this was such a note-worthy show and concluded a lot of interesting angles while starting a couple of others! pretty damn awesome!