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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

OVW TV #773: "You Know What Time It Is..."

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, June 11, 2014. This episode can be seen online starting tomorrow at www.ovwrestling.com/tv. In this episode, Adam Revolver gets another shot at Melvin Maximus' OVW TV Title, the Psychadelic return of Chris Silvio, Randy Terrez answers an open challenge by the Mexicutioner, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

"The Pastor of Disaster" Reverend Stuart Miles (w/"Altar Boy" Jade Dawson & Jake Glasure) vs. "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe.
Miles tells Howe not to play the "devil's music", but Howe rocks out on the guitar anyway. Dawson runs over and unplugs the amp, and Howe chases after him. He gets a hold of him in the ring, but Miles sneaks in and hits Howe from behind. Howe comes back with his sliding uppercut, hits a back elbow, and a dropkick. He does the "rock n roll" in the corner, 10 punches followed by a monkey flip. He hits a twisting suplex, but Dawson gets on the apron. Howe goes after him. Miles comes up from behind, but Howe moves and rolls him up for 2. Glasure gets on the apron, and Miles tries to sneak up behind Howe again, but Howe catches him again and locks him in the Whammy Bar for the tapout.
WINNER: HOWE by submission.

Dapper Dan vs. Michael Hayes.
Dan locks Hayes in a side headlock. Hayes throws him off the ropes, but Dan comes back with a shoulder block. Dan hits Hayes with 2 more shoulder blocks, but misses a forearm drop. Hayes with some shoulder blocks of his own. He splashes Dan in the corner and hits a backdrop. Dan rolls out of the ring. Hayes reaches out, but Dan pulls him down across the ropes. Dan hits a side slam for 2. Hayes fires back and hits another backdrop. He goes up to the middle rope and hits an elbow drop. Hayes measures him up and Dan gets up and turns into the facebuster to the knees of Hayes for the 3.
WINNER: HAYES by pinfall.

MIXED TAG: Jessie Belle & Deonta Davis vs. Royal Red & OVW Women's Champion "The Queen of Rings" Lei'D Tapa.
Deonta hits Red from behind, but Red turns around and slings Deonta down in the corner. He splashes Deonta in the corner and throws him hard into the opposite corner. Red goes off the ropes, but Jessie Belle kicks him in the back. Red turns around and stares down Jessie Belle, allowing Deonta to come up from behind and claw Red's eyes. Tapa tries to get in, but the ref keeps her out, as Jessie & Deonta double-team Red, including a hit below the belt from Jessie Belle. Tapa gets off the apron and chases after Jessie. Back inside, Deonta tries to throw Red off the ropes, but Red pulls him back into a massive clothesline. Red then hits a huge spinebuster for the 3.
WINNERS: RED & TAPA by pinfall.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on OVW's official website late Thursday afternoon/evening at www.ovwrestling.com/tv and on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 9AM and 10PM (check local listings).

Gilbert Corsey & Michael Titus are on commentary with Shannon the Dude as the ring announcer.

Danger International comes to the ring and Timmy Danger has something very, very important to say. He says that it is time for Danger International to restart and now that their weakest link, Dylan Bostic, has been deleted, it will start with the Mexicutioner, who is issuing an open challenge to anyone on the roster...
The Mexicutioner (w/Timmy Danger, Adam Revolver, & Marcus Anthony) vs. Randy Terrez.
Terrez with a quick start. Mexicutioner takes Terrez down and hits a couple backbreakers. Terrez comes back with a hurricanrana. He goes up top, but Mexicutioner moves, and Terrez crashes and burns. Danger distracts the ref and Marcus chokes Terrez on the outside. Mexicutioner picks Terrez up, but Terrez rolls around him and rolls him up for a quick 3!
WINNER: TERREZ by pinfall.

Elvis Pridemoore vs. "The Psychadelic Superstar" Chris Silvio (w/Mary Jane).
The lights go out after Elvis' entrance and Mary Jane comes out with a glow in the dark hula hoop. The lights come back on for the return of Silvio. Elvis gets a little offense in, but Silvio wins it with the Rocket Punch.
WINNER: SILVIO by pinfall.

Jamin Olivencia comes out and says that he walked into Saturday Night Special with the OVW Television Champion Melvin Maximus, and walked out victorious. He says that he will face Marcus Anthony once again for the title in E-Town on the 28th and says "we" (meaning him and the fans) will take a piece of Marcus with us after the match.
Timmy Danger & Marcus Anthony come out and Danger starts talking, but Jamin says to shut up and asks Marcus if he ever talks for himself. Marcus grabs the mic away from Danger and says that he will regain the title like he has before. Jamin says the last time they fought, it was in a cage, and he had no help from Danger, or Bostic, or Revolver, and says the same thing will happen this time. Danger keeps trying to pull the mic back from Marcus and finally does. He says that they should make this a little more interesting. He says the winner will walk out as champion, but the loser will not get another shot for 3 months! Marcus slaps Danger in the back and asks him what he's thinking and yells at him all the way to the back.

Shiloh Jonze (w/"Marksman" Nick Dumeyer & "Big Country" Clint Poe) vs. Rump Thump.
Thump with some quick arm drags. Thump charges Shiloh, but Shiloh pulls down the rope and Thump flies outside. Shiloh with a punch off the apron. Shiloh chokes and hits Thump inside, but Thump fires back and flapjacks Shiloh. Dumeyer gets on the apron to help Shiloh as Thump goes for his signature move. He thumps Dumeyer as Shiloh moves. Shiloh jumps on the ropes and catches Thump with a roundhouse kick, but Thump kicks out at 2. Shiloh tells Poe to give him a chair. Poe looks at him and drops the chair on the floor. Shiloh turns around into the Rump for the 3.
WINNER: THUMP by pinfall.

The Bodyguy (w/Big Jon) vs. Paredyse.
Bodyguy says most of us probably saw the TLC match at the Saturday Night Special. He says Big Jon cost them the match (which gets a strange look from Jon), but says Jon still has potential and will show him how it's done tonight. Paredyse locks up into the corner and rubs Bodyguy's chest. In the opposite corner, Paredyse catches Bodyguy in the keister to the kisser. He then connects with a kick to the head. Bodyguy charges Paredyse, but Paredyse pulls down the rope, and Bodyguy flies out. He is caught by Big Jon, and Bodyguy yells at him asking him what he is doing. Paredyse flips Bodyguy back in. He goes up top, but Bodyguy pushes referee Chris Sharpe into the corner and then slams Paredyse off the top. He throws Paredyse into the ropes, then knees him in the back and out of the ring. He locks in a chinlock, but Paredyse fights out and hits his twisting neckbreaker. Bodyguy kicks out at 2. Big Jon distracts Paredyse and Bodyguy kicks Paredyse in the stomach and hits a pedigree, but Paredyse kicks out at 2. Big Jon gets on the apron at Bodyguy's command and holds Paredyse. Bodyguy charges, but Paredyse breaks loose, and Bodyguy knocks Big Jon to the floor. Paredyse knocks Bodyguy down and then hits the seated senton from the top rope for the 3.
WINNER: PAREDYSE by pinfall.

Josh Ashcraft comes out and says that he's back and thanks all the fans for their concern. He said he has many lawsuits out right now, but Danny Davis and Chris Sharpe have been served new papers and in the meantime, he has also been named a co-senior official with Chris Sharpe. He says that he will now take care of officiating the OVW TV Title match.
OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Adam Revolver (w/Timmy Danger, the Mexicutioner, & Marcus Anthony) vs. "Mister Marvelous" Melvin Maximus (c).
Mexicutioner grabs Melvin's foot, and Adam attacks Melvin from behind. Melvin chops back and slings Adam across the ring. He slams Adam, and Adam rolls out of the ring. Timmy gets on the apron to distract Josh and Marcus comes in and locks in the Crimson Omen on Melvin. Melvin breaks out of it and slams Marcus! Chris Sharpe comes out and says they are co-senior officials, and to help Josh out, he sends Marcus & Mexicutioner to the back! Adam attacks Melvin from behind, taking out his knee. He works it over and locks in a figure four. Melvin fights out and locks in the bearhug. Adam taps, but Josh just happens to get something in his eye and can't see. Timmy throws a chain to Adam. Adam goes to hit Melvin, but Melvin blocks it. Melvin grabs the chain, but Josh turns around and as he is taking the chain away, Timmy slides a chair to Adam. Adam hits Melvin in the knee with the chair. Before he even finishes putting Melvin in a sharpshooter, Josh calls for the bell.
Sharpe comes back out and says he can't change the result, but he saw what happened, the fans saw it, and Danny Davis saw it. At Saturday night's live event in Austin, Indiana, there will be a rematch!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "The Sky Walkers" Aaron Sky & "Primetime" Robbie Walker vs. "The Wild Boyz" Eddie F. Diamond & "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
A very good back and forth match. The Sky Walkers continue to prove why ther are tag team champions, while the Wild Boyz continue to show they are a threat in the tag team division. In the end, the Sky Walkers connect with the double superkick to EFD for the 3.

This episode of OVW TV will be up online tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading!


  1. Co-senior officials? You've got to be kidding. I wish Josh Ashcraft would take his "papers" and put them on the toilet spindle where they belong.

  2. I know Clint Poe had to rejoin Shiloh Jones and his group of misfits, but is there anything that says he has to stay? Clint Poe is way too good for that bunch of jerks.

  3. I assume the contract for their match said he had to remain a part of the group, but there was nothing that stated he had to follow Shiloh's directions as evidenced by his actions in Shiloh's match against Rump Thump.

  4. Did Maximus win the rematch on the Saturday live event??