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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

OVW TV #831: "TV Title Triple Threat"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, July 22, 2015. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 10PM, and online on Monday at www.ovwrestling.com/tv. In this episode, Dean Hill has an announcement about the OVW Television Title, Dapper Dan brings the Family Circus to town, Rev. Stuart Miles is still looking for Jade Dawson to apologize, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Gilbert Corsey introduces the host for the special Friday Night Fights 2 show this Friday night, Cliff Compton. Cliff comes out and says it is going to be an amazing show and will feature the OVW Heavyweight Champion Eddie Diamond defending against Chris Silvio in a tables, ladders, & chairs match.

OVW Heavyweight Champion Eddie Diamond defeats OVW Southern Tag Team Champion "Primetime" Robbie Walker. 
A really good match between two of OVW's most popular stars. In the end, EFD catches Robbie in the Crossfire for the tapout.

"Ultraviolent" Chris Silvio defeats Rook. 
Silvio attacks Rook on the outside, powerbombs him, and finishes him off quick with a rocket punch in a squash.
After the match, Chris Silvio wants another opponent as he prepares for his match Friday night.
"Ultraviolent" Chris Silvio defeats Wes Connor. 
Silvio also makes quick work of Connor, finishing him off with a rocket punch.
After the match, Chris Silvio throws 2 chairs in the ring. He hits Connor in the ribcage with one of them, and sets him up to powerbomb him on the other. Eddie Diamond runs out with a ladder and brawls with Silvio to the outside.
They trade shots off the ladder, including Silvio trying to powerbomb EFD on it, but EFD reversed, and flipped Silvio onto it. They fight to the back as we saw a small taste of what these two men will do Friday.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 10PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/tv.

Gilbert Corsey & Timmy Danger are on commentary, and Gilbert is the ring announcer.

Dean Hill comes out and says he has something important to discuss as it relates to the OVW Television Title, and brings out Dylan Bostic. Dylan (who had emergency surgery), limps out with a crutch. Dean meets him on the outside and Dylan says a freak injury while doing cardio, caused him to have emergency surgery.
He tore his shin all the way down to the point you could see bone. He thanks Danny Davis & Rip Rogers for their advice in the past, and knows the honorable thing to do is release the TV Title since he can't defend it. Dean tells him to heal up, and when he's ready, he will have another opportunity. Dean then gets back in the ring and says Adam Wylde was scheduled to get a TV Title shot tonight and still will. The TV Title will be up for grabs in a match against Eric Locker. Randy Royal's music hits and he comes out and gets in Dean's face. He says as the former champion, he is entitled to a rematch, and better get what he deserves. Dean acts like he is going to deck him, but says he will do things his way.
He has an idea...Randy can have a title shot tonight...but if he loses, he's fired! Dean makes the TV Title match a triple threat!

Dapper Dan Van Zandt (w/the Family Circus) defeats "The Ladies' Man" Leon Shelly. 
Dan controls early with his power. Every time Leon sees to get a little momentum, he is distracted by the Family Circus at ringside. Dapper Dan hits a Death Valley Driver followed by the spinning sit-out powerbomb for the 3.

"The Pope" Elijah Burke comes to the ring, and says that when Dean Hill took over and wanted to start out with a bang, he called up Pope, and Pope was more than happy to come in and be a guest broadcaster. He got up from his position however, and would like to apologize to Dean, the fans, and Marcus Anthony. He tells Marcus, though, that he got opportunities in the past through OVW, and he is extending that same opportunity to him. He has a plane ticket with his name on it at the airport, and wants Marcus to bring his bags with him to a place of Pope's choosing at a place of time that Pope chooses. The Pope has spoken.

Jessie Belle defeats Rebel. 
Jessie Belle is able to gain another victory after rolling Rebel up in a small package to get the 3.

Rev. Stuart Miles comes to the ring, and asks for Jade Dawson to come out. He has been looking for him all week. Jade comes out and takes the mic. He asks Stu why he should believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Stu says he understands he has done wrong. He has lied, cheated, used, but he has changed. Jade says he should knock his stupid teeth down his throat. Stu wants to apologize, but says he probably deserves it, so he is offering a free shot to Jade. Jade really wants to do it, but decides against it.
Adam Revolver's music hits, and tells Jade he should have done it. He asks Stu how he is able to keep Jade under his thumb. Revolver suddenly kicks Jade below the belt, and Stu yells at him to leave the ring. Revolver says they are both weak as he leaves the ring. Stu tries to check on Jade, but Jade yells at him to stay away.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE TRIPLE THREAT: "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal (w/Jessie Belle) vs. Eric Locker (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. "The Standout" Adam Wylde.
Royal starts out watching Wylde & Locker beat on each other, until Locker goes for a pin attempt. The action spills outside as Wylde gets caught in between blows from Royal & Locker. As the ref gets distracted, Big Jon & Trevor Steele run out and attack Wylde. Mitch Huff & Robbie Walker come out and go after Jon & Trevor. Locker goes to the outside and gets involved, where Huff & Walker end up shoving each other. Meanwhile, in the ring, Royal awaits Wylde to turn around and nails him with a pedigree for the 3!
After the match, Randy Royal says he told everybody, and no one wanted to believe him. He's champion again, and who's gonna stop him? Ryan Howe runs out and attacks Royal to end the show.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Big Jon (w/Josh Ashcraft) defeats Rev. Stuart Miles.
Stu tries to chop the big man down throughout, and does get in his "Be Healed" slaps to Jon's head, but Jon continues to overpower Stu. He finally puts him away after a jackhammer for the 3.

Friday Night Fights 2 is this Friday night! Come to the Davis Arena to see Chris Silvio vs. Eddie Diamond for the OVW Heavyweight Title in a TLC match, hosted by Cliff Compton, with more great matches in store!

As always, thanks for reading!


  1. I'm sorry Dylan was injured, but I really didn't need the graphic description. Hope he's better soon.

  2. Seems OVW MAY FINALLY be getting back into the womens wrestling scene with three weeks on back to back womens action.
    Still a bit too soon to tell though since they've only had 3 womens back and no revival of their championship yet. I'm willing to give it time though, hopefully they come through on the OVW fans and the womens apart of the company.

  3. I really wish Dean would lay off Randy Royal already. Refusing to give him a rematch is bad enough, but putting him in a triple threat match and threatening to fire him if he loses is uncalled for. Try spending some of that energy trying to rebuild the women's division. I mean, how many times can Rebel and Jessie Belle fight each other?