OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, August 1, 2015

OVW August 2015 SNS Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, August 1, 2015.

-Eddie Diamond vs. Chris Silvio in an "I Quit" match for the OVW Heavyweight Title
-Adam Wylde is special referee as Robbie Walker faces Mitch Huff
-Randy Royal defends the OVW Television Title against Ryan Howe
-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Gilbert Corsey & Josh Ashcraft.

There was a 10-bell memorial for the passing of wrestling legend "Hot Rod" Roddy Piper.

Dapper Dan Van Zandt (w/Ringmaster & Scarlet) vs. "The Standout" Adam Wylde. 
Dan attacks Wylde and controls early with his power. Wylde starts to rally, but Ringmaster uses his whip to trip him. Dan hits an overhead suplex, and hits a backdrop on the apron. Dan goes for a powerbomb, but Wylde flips him over. He dropkicks Dan and goes up top. Dan hits him, but Wylde knocks him backwards, and delivers a crazy dive off the top rope and gets the 3.
WINNER: WYLDE by pinfall.

Mohamad Ali Vaez comes out and says he needs someone to come out. Someone that was very important to his career and getting to where he is.
Rev. Stuart Miles comes out and says he has been wanting to talk to Ali, and forgives him for the way things ended. Ali says he wasn't talking about him, but this man...and out comes Ali's former manager of the Insurgency, Bin Hamin. They tell Stu that he will partner with them against whatever 3 infidels they want to send out, and they will teach Stu what it means to crush infidels...
Mohamad Ali Vaez, Bin Hamin, & Rev. Stuart Miles vs. "Ladies' Man" Leon Shelly, SK Eveslage, & the Assassin.
Ali & Hamin work over SK for a large part of the match. They tell Stu to get in the ring and use the flag against their opponents, but Stu refuses. SK finally gets a hot tag to Leon. Leon is cleaning house and dives outside on Stu. In the ring, Leon goes off the ropes, but Hamin smacks Leon across the back with the flagpole. Stu is rolled back in to get the pin for his team.
WINNERS: ALI, HAMIN, & MILES by pinfall.
After the match, Ali & Hamin want to continue punishing Leon, but Stu yells at them to leave. Ali does, but steps across Leon's chest on his way out.

Big Jon vs. Elvis Pridemoore & Oso Rayos.
Before the match, Jon ignores Josh getting up at the announce table to welcome him out. This was basically a squash for Jon, who puts them both away with a double chokeslam.
WINNER: JON by pinfall.
After the match, Jon gets mad at Josh for having to face 2 "chumps", and not having a return title shot, and not having his partners here. He tells Josh that he better get his act together.

Adam Revolver vs. Jade Dawson.
Jade dives out on Adam, but as he's getting back in, Adam catches him up top and hits a superplex. Jade comes back with a dropkick and hurricanrana. Jade jumps off the ropes, but Adam shoves him down. Adam locks in a headlock, but Jade connects with a kick to the head. He misses a super kick, and Adam hits a russian leg sweep for 2. Adam puts him in the sleeper, but Jade breaks out with a chinbuster. Jade kicks and dropkicks, but gets caught in a sleeper again. Jade reverses the sleeper into a pin for the 3.
WINNER: JADE by pinfall.
After the match, Adam attacks Jade and hits him with a chair.
Rev. Stuart Miles runs out, hits Adam, and plants him with a DDT. Jade gets up and sees Stu holding the chair and asks what he's doing. Stu puts the chair down and tries to tell Jade what had happened. Adam sneaks back in, grabs the chair, and cracks Stu across the back. He tells Jade to hit Stu too, but Jade runs Adam off, before leaving himself.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe vs. Randy Royal (c).
Ryan goes right after Randy and hits him around ringside. He throws Randy into the barrier and almost takes the whole barricade down. He exposes the concrete floor, but Randy pushes him off into the ringpost. He then suplexes Howe on the exposed floor. Royal controls a bit before Howe pulls Randy's arm down across the top rope. Howe hits a missile dropkick, but Randy catches him with a hit to the midsection. Howe comes back with uppercuts and a Lou Thesz press. He hits an inverted atomic drop and the sliding uppercut. Royal goes shoulder first into the ringpost. Howe continues to work over Randy's arm. He hits Randy's arm off the barricade, and slams him on the floor. Back inside, he locks in the Whammy Bar. Randy gets to the ropes, but Ryan refuses to break the hold. The ref has no choice but to call for the bell.
After the match, Howe spears Randy 3 times and locks the Whammy Bar in again. He throws referee AJ out of the ring and locks the Whammy Bar in again.
Finally, Dean Hill has to come out and tell Ryan to please stop or he'll have to fire him. He tells Howe that he doesn't like Randy, but he can't do this. Howe finally breaks the hold.

SPECIAL REFEREE (ADAM WYLDE) MATCH: "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff vs. "Primetime" Robbie Walker.
Huff controls early with a lot of near falls, then Walker rallies and controls for a bit with a lot of near falls. Walker & Huff fight on the top rope, and Huff knocks Walker off. Huff hits a flying body press, but Walker rolls through for 2. Walker leaps at Huff, but Huff catches him and powerbombs him into the corner turnbuckle. As Wylde checks on him, Walker uses Wylde to pull himself up. Meanwhile, Huff is setting up for the super kick and almost kicks Wylde. Walker takes advantage and rolls Huff up for the 3.
WINNER: WALKER by pinfall.
After the match, all 3 hug and shake hands, but Huff then hits a super kick to Robbie and leaves the ring as Wylde comes back to check on his partner.

"I QUIT" MATCH for the OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "EFD" Eddie Diamond vs. "Ultraviolent" Chris Silvio (c).
EFD goes right after Silvio and hangs him over the top rope with his shirt. He hits Silvio around ringside. Silvio comes back with some chair shots to the gut. EFD comes back with a suplex on the floor and hits him with a ladder. EFD locks in the Crossfire, but Silvio bites him to get out. Silvio drops EFD and stomps him below the belt. He hits EFD with the mic and tells him to quit. Silvio hits a suplex and grabs a sheet of wood from under the ring. EFD dropkicks it into Silvio's face. EFD hits him with a chair, then sets up the piece of wood across 2 chairs at ringside. Silvio low blows EFD and puts EFD through it. Silvio then lashes EFD with a belt. Silvio hits 2 gutbusters and locks in a sharpshooter. EFD rolls through and hits Silvio in the head, but Silvio is able to relock EFD in a half Boston crab. Silvio breaks as EFD still won't quit. EFD is by the ladder, and Silvio charges at him. EFD moves, and Silvio lands split-legged across the ladder. EFD then smacks Silvio a few times with a belt. Silvio comes back with a knee and a DDT.
They exchange blows, and Silvio is flipped onto another sheet of wood that was propped up in the corner on a rocket punch attempt. EFD goes up top, but misses a flying elbow and hurts his shoulder. Silvio goes for another rocket punch, but EFD reverses it into a reverse DDT. EFD tries to lock Silvio in the Crossfire, but can't fully lock it with his shoulder injury. Silvio hits EFD in the shoulder with the ladder, then smashes his arm inside the ladder. Silvio puts EFD's arm in a chair and locks in EFD's Crossfire on EFD. EFD won't quit, but passes out from the pain, and the ref calls for the bell.

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