OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Sunday, May 15, 2016

OVW May 2016 SNS Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, May 14, 2016.

-Big Jon vs. Rocco Bellagio in a "No Holds Barred" match for the OVW Heavyweight Title
-The OVW TV Title Tournament to crown a new champion
-The Tag Buddies defend the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against the Bad Boys Club
-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Gilbert Corsey & Ron Hed, with Torey Payne as ring announcer.

OVW TV TITLE TOURNAMENT 1ST ROUND MATCH: "Primetime" Robbie Walker vs. "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
The 2 men lock up. Off the ropes, Dwight takes Robbie down with a shoulder block. Off the ropes again, Robbie comes back with a roundhouse kick. He chops Dwight and throws him hard into the corner. Dwight chops back and picks Robbie up, but Robbie rakes the eyes. Dwight reverses a throw into the corner and hits the Party Time Splash, followed by the high knee. Dwight goes for a back body drop, but Robbie flips over and yanks Dwight down by his hair. Robbie goes to kick Dwight, but Dwight grabs his foot. Robbie hits an enziguri. He then hits a jumping legdrop for 2. Dwight catches Robbie and tries to hit the Hangover, but Robbie rolls off and runs off the ropes, but Dwight catches him with the in-knee-briation for the 3.
WINNER: DWIGHT by pinfall.

OVW TV TITLE TOURNAMENT 1ST ROUND MATCH: Tony Gunn vs. "The Chosen One" Mitch Huff.
A lot of chain wrestling and reversals early. Both men go for their finishers, but reverse out. Gunn hits a nice belly to back suplex for 2. Huff connects with the Athlete's Foot, but Gunn falls under the bottom rope. Josh Ashcraft sneaks out to ringside. Huff grabs Gunn and tries to suplex him in. Gunn lands on top of Huff, and Josh holds Huff's foot down for the 3.
WINNER: GUNN by pinfall.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: Scarlet (w/Damion) vs. Jessie Belle (c).
Jessie with most of the offense early. There were several pin attempts and reversals. Jessie locks in a double arm submission, but Damion jumps up on the apron and distracts Jessie. Scarlet tries to roll her up for 2. Jessie throws Scarlet in the corner and kicks her. She misses a bronco buster. Scarlet with some hits, but Jessie comes back and goes for her finisher. Scarlet reverses and contorts her body into a rollup of Jessie for the 3!

OVW TV TITLE TOURNAMENT 1ST ROUND MATCH: Trevor Steele vs. "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix.
Matrix isn't sure how to start out against the big man. Steele launches him from the ring. Matrix gets back in and locks in a side headlock. Steele pushes him off the ropes and Matrix tries to hit him with a shoulder block. It doesn't faze Steele. Matrix goes off the ropes again, but runs into a big boot. Steele with a wristlock and flips Matrix down. He sets up for the chicken wing, but Matrix reverses out and jumps on his back to lock in a sleeper. Steele flips him off and locks in a headlock. Matrix elbows out, goes off the ropes, ducks a big boot, and dropkicks him. He hits a forearm, then jumps off the second rope and hits a kick to the head of Steele to knock the giant down. He goes for the pin, but gets 2. Matrix hits a spinning kick off the ropes and goes up for the senton bomb. Steele moves, so Matrix jumps off and rolls across the mat. He charges back at Steele who catches him with a huge side slam to get the 3.
WINNER: STEELE by pinfall.

Gilbert Corsey gets in the ring and apologizes, saying Rudy Switchblade won the coveted 8th spot in the tournament for the TV Title, but due to a family emergency, could not make it tonight. Stephon Smith comes out and says this was an elaborate scheme. Rudy knew he had to face him in the first round and made this up so he didn't have to face him. Gilbert informs him that he gets a bye, and will face Bud Dwight in round 2. Stephon says he defeated Dwight a few weeks ago and will do the same tonight.

"The Van Zandt Family Circus": Dapper Dan Van Zandt, Damion, & the Ringmaster (w/Scarlet) vs. Houdini, The Assassin, & Billy O.
Houdini takes a lot of punishment until getting the tag to Assassin. Assassin clotheslines everyone and powerslams Damion. Dan & Ringmaster attack him and celebrate, allowing Assassin to tag out to Billy. Scarlet causes a distraction which allows Dan to hit the Death Valley Driver, followed by Ringmaster's flying elbow for the 3.

Steele powers Gunn down early. Gunn tries to chop Steele down by attacking the knee. Steele comes back and works over Gun's leg, and then locks in a headlock. Gunn gets out with a chinbuster. Gunn goes to throw Steele in the corner. Steele reverses and Gunn plows into referee Joe Wheeler. Steele hits a pumphandle slam, but out comes The Van Zandt Family Circus. Steele fights them off until Dapper Dan sprays a rag with an unknown substance and sticks it in Steele's face, making him pass out.
They pull Gunn on top of him and wake up Joe Wheeler to count to 3.
WINNER: GUNN by pinfall.

OVW TV TITLE TOURNAMENT 2ND ROUND MATCH: Stephon Smith vs. "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
Stephon with a lot of early offense, being the fresher of the two. He hits the flying rump to Dwight, but only gets 2. Dwight catches him for the Hangover, but Stephon rakes his eyes. He goes for a rump thump, but Dwight moves. He catches Stephon with the in-knee-briation for the 3.
WINNER: DWIGHT by pinfall.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLES: "The Bad Boys Club": Shane Andrews & Randy Royal (w/Jessie Belle) vs. "The Tag Buddies"Adam Revolver & Rev. Stuart Miles (c).
Adam & Shane lock up, and Adam hits an inverted atomic drop. Adam & Stu make quick tags working over his arm. Shane tags out, and Royal runs in into a hip toss by Stu. Stu shoulders Royal into the corner and the Tag Buddies work over his arm. Royal reverses a throw off the ropes and Shane kicks Stu in the back. The Bad Boys throw Stu in the corner. With Stu seated in the corner, Shane connects with two running boots to the face. Royal hits a huge clothesline. Shane tags back in and hits a kick to the face. Royal back in with some chops, and throws Stu off the ropes. Stu ducks some swings and hits a dropkick. Royal grabs Stu's foot, but Stu hits an enziguri. Both men tag out. Adam comes in and starts cleaning house. He hits a fisherman's suplex on Shane, but Royal breaks the pin. Stu is back in. Jessie Belle distracts the ref while Adam is hitting Royal, and Stu is healing Shane. Royal drops Adam face first across the top turnbuckle, then low blows Stu and pushes him over the top rope to the outside. He grabs Adam, hits a samoan drop, and Shane connects with the frog splash for the 3.

OVW TV TITLE TOURNAMENT FINAL: Tony Gunn vs. "The Party Starter" Bud Dwight.
My vote for best match of the night belongs here. There was a lot of quick back and forth action with pin attempts, reversals, and more early. They go for the Hangover and Sharpshooter, but neither man can pull it off. Gunn goes for the three amigos on Dwight, but Dwight reverses the 3rd suplex into one of his own. Dwight hits the Party Time Splash and high knee. Gunn drops him and tries for the Sharpshooter again, but Dwight reaches the ropes. Dwight hits a flying clothesline for 2. He misses the in-knee-briation, and Gunn hits him with 3 german suplexes. Gunn pins for 2. They exchange blows and Gunn hits a belly to back suplex. Gunn shoulders Dwight in the corner, but Dwight leaps over him and rolls him up for 2. Dwight gets on the ropes, but Gunn hits him and goes for a suplex. Dwight blocks it, and pushes Gunn off. Gunn runs back up and connects with the suplex for 2. Gunn goes for a reverse DDT, but Dwight hits the Hangover for 2! Dwight goes for a slam, but Gunn reverses into the reverse DDT for 2 when Dwight puts his foot on the ropes. They exchange chops, and Gunn jumps up in the corner. Dwight catches him with the in-knee-briation for the 3.
After the match, Dwight tries to shake Gunn's hand, but Gunn walks off.

NO HOLDS BARRED for the OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio vs. Big Jon (c).
Rocco & Jon both go for their finishers early, but fail to connect. They fight to the outside where Jon throws Rocco into the ringpost. He slams Rocco head first into the steel steps and then onto the title belt on the announce desk. Jon grabs a crutch from under the ring and goes to hit Rocco, but Rocco moves, and Jon hits the ringpost with it. Rocco hits Jon and throws him into the barricade. He then slams Jon's head off the title belt at the announce table. He throws Jon in the ring and grabs some baking trays, a ladder, and a lead pipe from underneath the ring. He goes in and cracks Jon in the head with a tray for 2. Jon knees Rocco, then hits Rocco with a tray for 2. Jon grabs a chair from outside the ring and hits Rocco in the gut with it twice. He forearms Rocco in the chin and hits a side slam for 2. Jon grabs the chair again, but Rocco hits a dropkick! Rocco hits a bionic elbow off the second rope for 2. Rocco grabs the title and hits Jon in the head for 2. Rocco goes to hit Jon again, but Jon nails him with a spear. He then hits Rocco with the title for 2. Jon goes to grab Rocco, but Rocco connects with the Plunge for 2. Rocco goes to the top rope with the title, but Jon catches him when he leaps off and hits a chokeslam for 2! Jon grabs the ladder, every chair he can pull out from under the ring, and the baking trays and piles them up in the corner. Rocco catches Jon with 2 big boots. He hits Jon in the gut with the chair, and connects with the Plunge again, again for 2! Rocco is frustrated and gives the Plunge to referee AJ Lucio. Rocco turns around and Jon hits another chokeslam, but there is no ref. Finally, Joe Wheeler runs out to count 2. Jon is frustrated also, and starts to pile the ladder, chairs and title belt on the mat in one corner. Meanwhile, Rocco has grabbed the lead pipe. Jon grabs Rocco for another chokeslam, but Rocco kicks him below the belt, hits Jon in the gut with the lead pipe, and delivers another Plunge. This time it's for the 3!

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on!

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