OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Saturday, August 6, 2016

OVW August 2016 SNS: War Games Results

This is the OVW Saturday Night Special Report for Saturday, August 6, 2016.


-Rocco Bellagio faces Rudy Switchblade for the OVW Heavyweight Title
-Big Jon, Tyler Matrix, the Tag Buddies, & Bud Dwight take on Tony Gunn, Justin Smooth, the Van Zandt Family Circus, & Robbie Walker in War Games
-Big Zo vs. Trevor Steele in a Powerbomb Match
-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Ron Hed & Gilbert Corsey, and Ron is also ring announcer.

10-MAN ELIMINATION WAR GAMES STEEL CAGE MATCH: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn, Dapper Dan Van Zandt, "Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft), Mad Man Pondo (w/Little Damion & Scarlet), & "The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker vs. "Party Starter" Bud Dwight, "Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles, Adam Revolver, "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix, & Big Jon.
It was announced before the match that Justin Smooth had suffered an injury and everyone would find out his replacement during the match. The match starts with Gunn & Dwight as the first two entrants. After 5 minutes, the next member of Gunn's team would come out, and then each team would alternate having a member come out every 2 minutes thereafter. Dwight goes right after Gunn and fires away. Off the ropes, Gunn catches Dwight with a belly-to-back suplex. He hits him down and goes for a pin for 2. He locks in a sleeper, and Dwight fights out. He hip tosses Gunn, and slams him. Gunn pulls him down into the second turnbuckle. He knees him in the face. Dwight throws him into the corner, charges, but eats a boot. Gunn clotheslines him. He throws Dwight off the ropes and Dwight comes back with a clothesline. He hits Gunn with an atomic drop and a high knee. He hits a cutter for 2. Dwight climbs to the top rope, and Gunn catches up to him. Dwight knocks him off, climbs halfway up the cage and hits a flying clothesline for 2.
Dapper Dan is the next entrant and attacks Dwight. Dwight clotheslines him and slams him. He goes to Party Splash Dan in the corner, but Gunn is back up and tackles him. They kick Dwight and deliver a double clothesline for 2.
Rev. Stu is in next. He starts throwing haymakers and double underhook suplexes Dan. He charges with a "be healed" to Gunn. Dwight is back up and they deliver a double back body drop to Gunn for 2. All 4 are fighting in the corners.
Josh Ashcraft comes out and says you can't have one of the most brutal matches of all time without the Legacy of Brutality involved, that's why Hy Zaya is replacing Justin Smooth. Gunn's squad now has the 3-on-2 advantage. Gunn tries a pin on Dwight for 2.
The next entrant is Revolver, but Hy Zaya & Dan hold the cage door to keep him out. Meanwhile, Gunn has his back turned, and Dwight recovers and rolls him up for 3! Gunn is eliminated. An angry Gunn continues his assault on Dwight, ramming him repeatedly into the cage before he leaves. Hy Zaya pins him and gets the 3. Dwight is eliminated.
The next entrant is Mad Man Pondo, who is followed out by Scarlet & Little Damion. Scarlet hands Dan the kendo stick through the cage, and he uses it to beat down Stu & Revolver.
The next entrant is Matrix, who has trouble trying to enter. The Circus hits him off 2 sides, the third side, Hy Zaya goes to hit him, but Matrix jumps off and Hy Zaya hurts his hand. Matrix scales all the way up the cage. Hy Zaya climbs up to meet him, and Matrix knocks him down. He then dives off the top of the cage onto everyone below.
The next out is Walker, and he rolls Torey Payne out in a wheelchair. Matrix gets back up angry, and dives through the ropes out of the cage onto Walker. He throws Walker into the cage around the ring. Walker runs in the cage and tries to climb up and out. Matrix follows him up and backdrops him off the cage.
The final entrant is Big Jon. Jon comes in clotheslining everyone, and he chokeslams Walker. Matrix goes up and hits the senton bomb for the 3. Walker is eliminated. Walker grabs Torey on the outside. Matrix goes over to save her, but Torey slams the cage door into Matrix's face! Hy Zaya then hits a senton on Matrix for 3. Matrix is eliminated. Dan & Pondo hit a double team finisher on Revolver for 3. Revolver is eliminated. They try the same on Stu, but Jon spears Dan. Stu then DDT's Pondo for 3. Pondo is eliminated. Hy Zaya clocks Jon with a chain. He pins Jon as Stu pins Dan. Dan is eliminated. Jon is eliminated. This leaves Stu & Hy Zaya as the final 2. Hy Zaya hits Stu into the cage and works him over. Stu starts coming back reciting the Lord's Prayer. He heals Hy Zaya and throws him into the cage. He then locks in a cross submission and Hy Zaya taps.
WINNER: REV. STU by submission.

Stephon Smith comes out and says he was sick and tired and is getting sicker and tireder of the disrespect he is given. He is the heart and soul of pro wrestling and wants a challenge. He tells Dean Hill to send out someone, as he demands a match right now!
Stephon Smith vs. Paredyse.
Paredyse with a lot of butt-smacking on Stephon early. He hits an atomic drop and kicks Stephon out of the ring. Paredyse chases him around and back in the ring. Stephon tries to splash him, but misses. He tries an elbow drop and a legdrop, but Paredyse rolls away. Paredyse fires back and hits the keister to the kisser in the corner. He dropkicks Stephon and hits the seated senton for 2. Stephon chokes Paredyse with his wrist tape and drops him with a neckbreaker for the 3.
WINNER: STEPHON by pinfall.

"GRAB BAG TAG": Buck Gunderson & Little Damion (w/Scarlet) vs. Houdini & the Assassin.
A lot of wristlocks and side headlocks. Houdini gets a hot tag to Assassin, who clotheslines Buck & Damion both. He throws Damion into a spear from Houdini as he slams Buck for the 3.

POWERBOMB MATCH: Big Zo (w/Josh Ashcraft) vs. Trevor Steele.
Zo headbutts Steele and hits him in the corner. Steele comes back and hits Zo in another corner. Zo fires back and rams him down. He charges at Steele, but Steele pulls down the top rope, and Zo flies to the floor. He takes his time getting back in and hits Steele to the corner, splashes him, and hits a big legdrop. Steele reverses a throw off the ropes and catches Zo in a side slam. He then slams Zo. He goes for the powerbomb, but Zo flips him over. Zo hits Steele and locks in a side headlock, but Steele elbows out. He clotheslines him and hits a big boot. Josh gets on the apron distracting the ref, and it allows Zo to low blow Steele. He locks in a camel clutch and drops all his weight down across Steele's back. He does this twice, and on the third time, Steele moves. Zo charges him in the corner, but Steele moves. He clotheslines Zo and goes for a powerbomb, but as he tries to lift him up, Zo falls on top of him. Steele comes back with shoulder blocks, knocking Zo off his feet. Josh gets on the apron to give Zo advice. Steele charges with a big boot, Zo moves, and Josh gets booted off the apron. Zo clubs Steele from behind and hits a Zo Bomb in the corner. He goes all the way to the top rope, but Steele gets back up and powerbombs him off the top rope for the win.

Jamie Lynne comes out and says it has been a dream to become Women's Champion, as people like Mickie James have held this title. However, she can't defend the title, and she calls out Maria James. She tells Maria she's giving it up. Maria asks her if she is really just giving it up. She says that Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, & Ivory have all wore this belt. She says Jamie must be in over her head and she's right. Maria says she has scratched and clawed to get where she is and she deserves it.
OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: "Amazing" Maria James vs. Jamie Lynne (c).
As Maria bends over to pick the title up off the mat, Jamie plants her with a DDT for the 3 and runs to the back with the title.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Rudy Switchblade vs. "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio (c).
Rudy fires away at the sound of the bell and dropkicks Rocco into the corner. He goes up top and jumps off, splashing Rocco across the back for 2. Rocco shoves Rudy, and Rudy spiders in the ropes. Rocco charges, and Rudy pulls the ropes down for Rocco to fly to the floor. Rudy dropkicks him through the ropes into the barricade. He gets on the apron and hurricanranas Rocco on the floor. He rolls Rocco in and jumps off the ropes with a cross body and then delivers an elbow. Off the ropes, Rocco catches Rudy with a spinebuster to slow down his momentum. He stomps Rudy in the corner and then slings him across the ring. He chokes him in the corner with his boot and goes up top. Rudy catches hi with a dropkick and then hurricanranas him off the top rope for 2. Rudy kicks Rocco and flips over onto the apron. Rocco charges back with a big boot that knocks Rudy to the floor. Rudy rolls back in at 9, and Rocco goes back to stomping him. He hangs him in the tree of woe and kicks him in the gut. He goes to the opposite corner and charges at Rudy, but Rudy pulls himself up and grabs Rocco's head, hitting a cutter out of the corner. Rudy comes back with some chops, and knees Rocco in the gut. He jumps into a Plunge attempt, but reverses it into a bulldog for 2. He tries a suplex, but Rocco knees him and sits him on the top turnbuckle. He goes up to try and Plunge him off the top, but Rudy elbows him off. He jumps off and sunset flips Rocco, turning it into the Boston Crab. Rocco somehow manages to power out and kicks Rudy into the ropes. Rudy comes back with a swinging DDT. He suplexes Rocco and goes up top. He connects with the frog splash, but Rocco kicks out at 2! Rudy dropkicks Rocco into the corner, and jumps into a Plunge attempt again. Rudy slides out and jumps off the ropes into Rocco's arms. Rocco plants Rudy with a tombstone piledriver for 2. Rocco taunts Rudy with push-ups. He grabs him up, and Rudy slaps him in the face. This only angers Rocco, who hits him with the Plunge for the 3.
After the match, as Rocco celebrates, Devin Driscoll returns at ringside. Once Rocco notices, Driscoll enters the ring. Driscoll motions that the title would look good back with him. Rocco goes to cheap shot him with the title, but Driscoll ducks and hits him with the Driscoll Cutter. As he leaves the ring, Josh Ashcraft comes out to welcome him back, but Driscoll knocks him out. He then grabs the title and leaves out the side door!

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on!

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