OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

OVW TV #886: "A Payne-ful Ending"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, August 10, 2016. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 10PM, and online on Monday at In this episode, Tony Gunn defends the TV Title, the Mexicutioner returns to action, Tyler Matrix looks for answers from Torey Payne & Robbie Walker, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions "The Van Zandt Family Circus": Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Mad Man Pondo (w/Scarlet & Little Damion) defeat "Top Flight": Brother Reed & Mickey Muscles. Top Flight hits some high-flying, high risk maneuvers and has the advantage, but Pondo distracts the ref, allowing Dapper Dan to crack Mickey with the kendo stick. Dan hits a spinebuster on Reed, and Dan & Pondo hit their doomsday finisher on Mickey for the 3.

"The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles defeats "Double R Superstar" Randy Royal after a few "Be Healed" slaps off the ropes, and then making Royal tap to the cross arm submission.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA ion-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 10PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at

Gilbert Corsey, Ron Hed, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary, and Ron is the ring announcer.

Stephon Smith comes out and says after the Saturday Night Special, he is one step closer to getting what he wants...the OVW Television Title. He issues an open challenge to anyone in the locker room. The Mexicutioner returns and Stephon says no. He asks Mex if he is even cleared. Mex nods yes, but Stephon tries to walk out, bumping Mex's shoulder in the process. Mex grabs him, and Stephon shoves him in the face...
The Mexicutioner defeats Stephon Smith. Mex hits Stephon, spears him, and hits a big swinging slam for the 3.

Gilbert Corsey brings out Robbie Walker & Torey Payne. Walker says the only reason Torey was with Tyler Matrix was because he was in the OVW Heavyweight Title picture and that brings in money. Money that went directly to her, and in turn, went to him. Robbie says Matrix calls himself a lion, but he is nothing more than a domesticated house kitten.
Matrix comes out and wants to know why. Torey says he didn't protect her. Matrix points to Walker and says it is all that douche's fault. Matrix goes to super kick Walker and almost gets Torey. He is able to hold up, but Torey slaps him in the face. Matrix loses his temper and yells at her to get out, telling Walker he can have the skank. If she cheated on him, she will cheat on Walker also. He tells Walker that tonight they go at it in the main event in a street fight, and he hopes they still have the wheelchair that Torey used, because Walker is going to need it.

Hy Zaya (w/Josh Ashcraft & Big Zo) defeats Colton Cage in a pretty dominant match with the Ninja Vanish.
After the match, Josh Ashcraft says that this was another execution at the hands of the Legacy of Brutality. Hy Zaya picks a bone with Shannon the Dude at the announce table, saying he has been calling them thugs and goons. Hy Zaya says they are not animals, they are the Legacy of Brutality, and it is all about respect. Big Zo says his brother made a vital point, it is about respect, and he doesn't respect Trevor Steele. He knew he couldn't pick him up and powerbomb him. In fact, he has never been pinned or submitted. He just got overzealous. He is the beast of "Zo-VW".
This brings out Big Jon, who says he was listening in the back, and wants to know if he really heard him say he was the savage of OVW. He says Zo has barely been in OVW long enough for a cup of coffee. Big Jon challenges him and says he has went through a number of matches, and will face Zo in one right now. Josh accepts...
Big Jon defeats Big Zo (w/Josh Ashcraft & Hy Zaya) by DQ. This was a good match that saw Hy Zaya interfere and get thrown out from ringside. Jon catches Zo with a big boot and a spinebuster, but Josh breaks up the 3-count that causes the DQ.
Jon grabs Josh to chokeslam him, but Zo hits him from behind. Jon & Zo brawl around ringside and to the back.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "Shotgun" Tony Gunn (c) defeats Billy O. Gunn is in charge mostly, until Billy hits a high knee and famouser. Gunn kicks out at 2. Billy flies off the top rope, but Gunn catches him with a boot to the gut. He hits a reverse DDT, but pulls Billy up at 2. He decides to lock in the YTO instead and get the tapout. After the match, Gunn asks if this is really the best OVW has to offer as he throws Billy out of the ring. He says he is the best TV Champion, and the best wrestler here.
Bud Dwight runs out into the ring, and Gunn runs out. Dwight says if his memory serves him correctly, he pinned Gunn at War Games. He talked to Dean Hill earlier today, and for the final time next week, it will be Bud vs. Gunn for the OVW Television Title.

STREET FIGHT: "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix defeats "The King of Hairstyle" Primetime Robbie Walker (w/Torey Payne). Torey interferes several times. Later in the match, it backfires, as Matrix dropkicks Robbie, and Robbie knocks Torey off the apron. Walker catches Matrix with crossroads on a baking tray, but Matrix kicks out at 2. Robbie goes for it again, but Matrix reverses it and hits crossroads on Robbie. He sets up the ladder and starts to climb. Robbie runs up and they exchange blows. Matrix knocks Robbie back to the mat, and then hits a senton bomb off the top of the ladder for the 3. After the match, Torey crawls in and grabs Matrix's foot while begging for him to take her back. He just kicks her off and gives a crotch chop as he leaves the ring victorious.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Trevor Steele, The Assassin, & Houdini defeat Buck Gunderson, Adam Slade, & Kevin after Steele makes Buck tap to the chicken wing.

As always, thanks for reading!