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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cappotelli Benefit Results

This is the OVW Report for the September 23, 2017 Matt Cappotelli Benefit Show!


-A special show where all proceeds benefit Matt Cappotelli and his second battle with brain cancer!

-The returns of Rockstar Spud, Jamin Olivencia, Paul Burchill, Al Snow, Rocco Bellagio, Jim Cornette, Shiloh Jonze, OVW Founder Danny Davis, & more!

Your announcers for tonight are Gilbert Corsey & KCand KC is ring announcer.

Gilbert Corsey comes out to talk about how special tonight is. He talks about how brain cancer cut Matt Cappotelli's in-ring career short, but he transitioned from wrestler to coach, and continues to help the new talent. He is now in his second fight with cancer and every dollar from every ticket will go to help Matt's battle. He brings out Rocco Bellagio. Rocco says he is good friends with Matt, and thanks everyone for being here. He says he knows Matt will beat this again, and it will be Matt-2, Cancer-0.
Robbie Walker comes out and interrupts and says this show is a sham. He says we should just wait 5 years and have another one. Robbie says he had Matt's friend, John Morrison (or Mundo or Impact, or whatever name he's going by this week) beat and Matt came out and interfered because he knew he was better than Matt could ever be. He then says something about the fans being stupid just like Matt's old broad. Rocco gets furious and says how about he kicks his butt tonight. Robbie said he didn't come to compete, but he accepts and will show Matt that he never needed him.

8-MAN TAG MATCH: Michael Hayes, "Shotgun" Tony Gunn, & "The Elite": Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver (w/Jason Saint) vs. "The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth, Big Jon, OVW Heavyweight Champion "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix, & "The Double R Superstar" Randy Royal.
Royal takes it to Gunn early. He hits a chop and goes for crown royal, but Gunn gets out and tags Adam. Royal hip tosses him and tags Smooth. Smooth kicks him in the side, but Adam locks him in a side headlock. Ted gets in and they double team Smooth, but Smooth comes back with a double clothesline. Jon tags in and chops Ted, then flapjacks him with Smooth. Ted tags Hayes, and Smooth tags Matrix in. Matrix takes him down and kicks him in the back. He arm drags Adam and knocks Ted off the apron. He throws Adam out onto Ted. Then kicks them both and hits Gunn. Hayes recovers and knocks Tyler off the apron. He tags Ted in, who locks in a reverse headlock. Tyler tags Jon, but Jason has the ref distracted. Tyler tags Jon, and he does a meeting of the minds with the Elite. He decks Hayes in the mouth, then splashes Gunn in the corner. Things break loose and everyone is fighting on the outside. Matrix goes flying onto all of them. Jon is still in the ring and Tyler rolls Ted back in. Jon hits Ted with the chokeslam for the 3.

ORDER of ELIMINATION: Christian Hernandez, Jace Thorn, SK Eveslage, Sam Thompson, Dre Blitz, The Blue Chipper, Willie Cranium, Aloicious Hamilton, Dalton Moss, Chace Destiny, Apollo, Colton Cage, Dustin Jackson, Billy Oceans, Ca$h Flo, Rockstar Spud, & Randall Floyd.
After the match, Gilbert Corsey interviews Houdini and says he now has a shot at the OVW TV Title thanks to his concrete feet that Matt Cappotelli noticed when he started training a few years ago. Houdini says this is a big moment, but the only thing he wants to say is that the super kick he just hit to knock Floyd out of the ring is all for Matt.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE LADDER MATCHDavid Lee Lorenze III (w/OVW Women's Champion Jaylee) (c) vs. "The River City Dragon" Logan James vs. "The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles vs. "The Winter Swoldier" Adam Slade vs. Kevin Giza vs. "Livewire" KTD vs. "The Ripper" Paul Burchill vs. Paredyse.
A lot of crazy action with the ladders and some high flying dives from Paredyse, LJ, Giza, Slade, & KTD. After all the dives to the outside, Stu is going up the ladder. Burchill gets in and tries to powerbomb him off, but Stu heals him and knees him into the ladder. He climbs up and grabs the belt and we have a new champion!

FATAL 4 WAY NON-TITLE WOMEN'S MATCH: Torey Payne vs. Cali vs. Rebel vs. Jaylee.
Rebel & Cali hit Torey & Jaylee in opposite corners and then throw them into each other. They flapjack both of them, then face off with each other. Cali hits a hurricanrana, but Rebel pulls down the rope, and Cali flies out of the ring. Jaylee & Torey get back in and double clothesline Rebel and Jaylee splashes her in the corner. They fight over the pin and Cali is back in. Rebel misses a moonsault on Jaylee and gets speared by Torey. Cali takes Torey down with a facebuster to the mat. Jaylee hits Cali with a sidewalk slam. Rebel hits the Rebel Call on Jaylee for the 3!
WINNER: REBEL by pinfall.

Gilbert Corsey brings out Matt Cappotelli. Matt is thankful for the well wishes and prayers and says as a team, we will beat this. He will not disappear after this is over, and can promise that when trials come our way, he will be fighting in our corner too.
Danny Davis says at this point, we have raised over $5200 and counting for Matt.

Shiloh Jonze vs. "The 11th Warrior" Jamin Olivencia.
Shiloh catches Jamin with a kick early and goes for a quick pin. Shiloh has the control and works over Jamin for a bit. Jamin starts to fight back, but Shiloh catches him with a clothesline. He rakes his back, then sets him on the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Jamin blocks it and knocks Shiloh to the mat. He hits the 180 splash off the top rope for 2. He goes for the Standing O, but Shiloh gets out and hits a kick followed by an overhead release suplex. Shiloh chokes him in the ropes and goes up top. Jamin catches him up top and flips him down to the mat. They exchange chops, and then fists. Jamin fires away on Shiloh into the corner, then hits the jumping clothesline. He hits a second and a super kick, then another jumping clothesline. He connects with the Standing O for the 3!
WINNER: JAMIN by pinfall.

"The King of Hairstyle" Robbie Walker vs. "The Show Stealer" Rocco Bellagio.
Robbie uses his speed to antagonize Rocco and get in some quick shots. He has Rocco chase him, then kicks him as he gets back in. Robbie with a big dropkick. Rocco catches Robbie for a Plunge, Robbie fights out, and Rocco comes back and hits a big dropkick of his own. Robbie rolls out, and grabs a metal object from under the ring. The ref pulls it away and Rocco grabs him by his hair. Robbie pulls his head down and then takes out his leg. He works over his leg and hits it off the ringpost. He puts him in a single leg Boston Crab. Rocco works his way up, but Robbie pulls him down with a cutter. Robbie kicks the leg of Rocco and goes off the ropes, but is caught with a flapjack. Rocco grabs him by the leg, but Robbie hits an enziguri. Robbie charges him in the corner, but Rocco moves and locks in a single leg Boston Crab sitting on the top rope. He goes for a Plunge, but Robbie grabs the ropes. Robbie chokes Rocco on the ropes and grabs a chair from under the ring. The ref takes it, and Robbie grabs Rocco from the outside. He pulls him down and split legs him across the ringpost. He charges him in the corner, but Rocco flips him over. Robbie lands on the apron and hits a kick to the head. He goes up top and hits a flying Comb Over for 2. He goes for a super kick and Rocco ducks, then hits a Comb Over of his own for 2! Rocco sits Robbie on the top rope and clubs him in the back. Rocco goes up and goes for a super powerbomb, but Robbie reverses it into a hurricanrana in mid-air! He gets a 2. Robbie grabs a piece of plywood, but the ref says no. Robbie super kicks the ref. He sets the plywood up in the corner. Rocco reverses and Plunges Robbie on the wood for the 3!
WINNER: ROCCO by pinfall. 

Gilbert Corsey says the final count for Matt Cappotelli is just over $6000!

As always, thanks for reading!

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