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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

OVW TV #944: "Revolver Misfires"

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, September 20, 2017. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 9PM, and online at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html. In this episode, Apollo crosses the line, Jaylee defends the OVW Women's Title against Jessie Belle, Tyler Matrix faces Dapper Dan in the main event, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

"The Void": Jade Dawson & Chace Destiny (w/Little Damion) defeats Houdini & Willie Cranium. Chace takes it to Houdini early, running him into Jade's boot in the corner. Jade tags in and kicks him in the chest, then splashes him for 2. Houdini hits Chace and elbows Jade. Jade misses a legdrop and Houdini tags Cranium. Cranium hits a body press for 2, then tags Houdini. Houdini gets tripped up by Damion and Jade tries to roll him up. Houdini rolls through and knees him in the face, but Jade comes back and takes him down. Chace tags in and clubs him in the chest. Chace misses an elbow drop. Both men tag, and Cranoium takes Jade down with back elbows and a side slam. He goes up for a moonsault, but Damion pulls Houdini off the apron while the ref is distracted by Chace in the corner, and Jade knocks Cranium off the top rope. Chace gets in and hits a double knee to the face of Cranium, and that is followed by a big snap DDT from Jade for the 3.

Ca$h Flo (w/Dapper Dan & "The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft) defeats Dre Blitz. Blitz takes it to Ca$h early. He back body drops him and hits the Blitz kick. Josh & Dan distract Blitz, allowing Ca$h to hit a super kick and then Blitz gets a huge chop. Ca$h stays in control, and Josh & Dan get some shots in from the outside. Ca$h with another loud chop, and a big slam. He misses an elbow drop, and Blitz rolls him up in a small package for 1. He rolls him up again for 2. Josh trips Blitz off the ropes, and Ca$h connects with the Wall Street Crash for the 3.
After the match, Josh beats up on Blitz to prove he's not weak after the defeat by Jessie Belle last week.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html.

Dr. Ted McNaler & KC are on commentary, and KC is also the ring announcer.

OVW Television Champion David Lee Lorenze III & "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd (w/OVW Women's Champion Jaylee) defeat "The River City Dragon" Logan James & "Livewire" KTD. Miscommunication between Randall & David cause LJ & KTD to have the upperhand early. LJ is firing away on both and is ready to fly to the outside on both of them when Jaylee gets in. He runs and dives over her onto Randall on the floor. David rolls in and kicks LJ as he gets in. David & Randall double team him, but then start arguing again. LJ tags in KTD and they both fire away on Randall & David. LJ flies at Randall, but Randall flips him over his head to the outside. Randall grabs KTD from behind and hits the Deal Breaker, and David takes the pin for the win.

Ted McNaler & KC talk about the show tonight. Zo will face Michael Hayes. Then they talk about the Matt Cappotelli fundraiser this Saturday night. Returning that night is Jim CornetteRocco BellagioJamin Olivencia, Shiloh Jonze, Danny Davis, Al Snow, Rockstar Spud, and more! The main event for tonight will be Tyler Matrix vs. Dapper Dan. Adam Revolver comes out with Shannon the Dude. STD says that Dean Hill did the true champion a favor by putting him in a last man standing match. Adam says he also thanks Dean Hill for allowing him to pick the stipulation for Tyler's match tonight, and he says that Tyler will get to pick it next week for his match. As for what that stipulation is, he will have to wait and see.

"The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson defeats "The Vet" Apollo "Showtime" Garvin. Sam with some quick offense early, but Apollo comes back and takes control, arguing with the ref throughout. He chokes Sam, and refuses to break the 5 count, so the ref calls for the bell and the DQ.
After the match, Apollo pushes the ref. Stephon Smith runs out from the back and says not again. Apollo goes to hit him, but takes out David Crowe instead. Stephon hits him and goes for the Rump Thump, but Apollo slides out of the ring. Stephon challenges him to an old-school ref vs. wrestler match at the next Saturday Night Special.

3-on-2 HANDICAP MATCH: Aloicious Hamilton & "Holy Water""The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles & Billy Oceans defeat "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson. Aloicious talks the Bros into a handicap match with them thinking it would be 2-on-1, but then introduces them to his partners. They throw Dustin in the ring while holding Colton on the outside. Alo hits Dustin with the slingblade and a scissor kick, then Holy Water throws Colton in. Alo hits him with the slingblade, and goes for a scissor kick, but Colton moves and low blows him. The Bros retreat to the back.

Michael Hayes defeats Big ZoA back and forth match. Hayes is in control after a slam to Zo. He goes to the second rope, but gets tripped up going for a flying elbow drop. Zo hits Hayes into the corner and connects with the Zo train. He slams him and sets him up for the Zo bomb, but Tony Gunn runs out and distracts him.
Big Jon & Justin Smooth come to ringside and trap Gunn on the outside. Inside the ring, Hayes has taken his leg off and hits Zo in the head from behind to get the 3.
After the match, Gunn runs into the ring real quick and escapes out with Hayes. Big Smooth says they should take it back to the streets and then they challenge Hayes & Gunn to a tag team street fight at the Special.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: Jaylee (w/OVW TV Champion David Lee Lorenze III & Randall Floyd) (c) defeats "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle (w/Shane Andrews). Jessie is in control early. She takes Jaylee down and hits the Kiss My Grits in the corner. Jaylee takes advantage after interference from David & Randall. Shane goes after Randall on the outside as Jessie makes a comeback. The ref is distracted by Shane & Randall. Jessie is going for the Belle Buster, but David gets in the ring and blows Jaylee's makeup into Jessie's eyes. Jaylee rolls her up for the 3.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "The Young Lion" Tyler Matrix (c) defeats Dapper Dan (w/Ca$h Flo & "The East End Villain" Josh Ashcraft). Shannon the Dude comes out and says the special stipulation is a special referee: Adam Revolver! Tyler is in control, hitting a headscissor takedown and dropkick. Adam trips him doing rolling thunder, and tries a fast count for Dan. Dan chokes him and clubs him in the back. STD gets on the apron and chats with Adam as Tyler starts to comeback. Ca$h trips Tyler up and beats him up. Dan goes for the pin and Adam tries another quick count as he turns around, but Tyler's out at 2. Tyler comes back with a DDT, and Adam's arm "cramps" before the 3. Tyler superkicks Josh, and pulls down the rope as Ca$h charges at him. He kicks Dan and rolls him up, but Adam's arm is still hurt. Tyler takes Dan down and goes for the swanton, but Adam slams him off. He tries to lock in a sleeper, but Tyler slings him off. He goes back up for a swanton, but decides to dive out onto Ca$h, Josh, & Adam. Tyler connects with a superkick to Dan and Stephon Smith runs out to count the 3.
After the match, Adam attacks Tyler from behind and locks in the sleeper hold. He holds up the title and says Tyler won't be standing at the Special.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Cali defeats Torey PayneQuick pin attempts early. Torey has control, kicking Cali, then choking her in the corner with her boot. She rakes her face across the top rope. Cali fires back, and Torey rolls out and says Cali's not on her level. She walks out and gets counted out.

Aloicious Hamilton & "Holy Water""The Pastor of Disaster" Rev. Stuart Miles & Billy Oceans defeat Christian Hernandez & "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson. Christian locks Billy in a side headlock and takes him down. Billy works up and fires him off the ropes, but Christian plows him down. Off the ropes again, Billy connects with a hip toss. Stu tags in and locks in a side headlock. He tags in Alo. Alo with a side headlock and Billy tags in and hits a double axehandle across the back. Stu tags in and throws him off the ropes. He hits the Holy Trinity of Chops and tags Billy back in. Stu splashes him in the corner and Billy hits a high knee. Colton distracts the ref and Dustin interferes, taking Alo down. The Bros double team him, with Colton hitting a splash in the corner and Dustin hitting a perfect dropkick. Christian tags in and slams Alo hard. Dustin tags in and tags Colton. Dustin and Colton double team him and hit a ballin' legdrop and splash. Christian kicks Alo in the corner and snapmares him out. He misses a splash, and Alo fires up. He hits a kick to the back of the head. He goes for a scissor kick, but the Bros double clothesline him. Holy Water comes in and things break loose. Holy Water hits the double flapjack to Christian and Alo follows up with the scissor kick for the 3.
After the match, the Bros low blow Christian and hit him with Bro-pocalypse Now. Holy Water & Alo run back in to chase them away.

Don't forget the Matt Cappotelli fundraiser is this Saturday night! Returning that night is Jim CornetteRocco BellagioJamin Olivencia, Shiloh Jonze, Danny Davis, Al Snow, Rockstar Spud, and more!

As always, thanks for reading!