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Saturday, May 12, 2018

OVW May 2018 SNS Results

This is the OVW Report for the May 12, 2018 Saturday Night Special!


-Michael Hayes defends the OVW Heavyweight Title against Randall Floyd!

-The Bro Godz defend the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles against DL3 & Cardinal!

-Logan James defends the TV Title against Sam Thompson!

-Dapper Dan defends the Anarchy Title in a Fatal 4 Way Street Fight against Tony Gunn, Big Zo, & Apollo!

-Plus more!

Your announcers for tonight are Dr. Ted McNaler & Gilbert Corsey, and Gilbert is ring announcer.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: DL3 & Cardinal vs. "The Bro Godz": Dustin Jackson & Colton Cage (c).
Dustin & Cardinal exchange side headlocks. Off the ropes, Cardinal runs over Dustin. Off the ropes again, Dustin catches Cardinal with an arm drag and armbar. Cardinal reverses, then tags DL3. DL3 takes over the armbar, but Dustin reverses and tags in Colton. Colton with a takedown for 2, then DL3 tags Cardinal in. Off the ropes, DL3 tries to grab Colton's foot. He gets distracted and turns into a clothesline. Cardinal yells at DL3, then Colton rolls him in a small package for 2. Cardinal with a huge chop and locks in a headlock. Colton with a back body drop and both men tag out. Dustin fires away on DL3 and hits a dropkick to him, then one on Cardinal. Dustin hits a chinbuster that knocks DL3 into the corner. Cardinal tags in and takes Dustin down. He locks in a submission, and the ref is still getting DL3 back to his corner. Colton breaks the submission, and Cardinal puts him on his shoulders. Colton slides off and pushes him out of the ring. As Cardinal flies out, DL3 tags in and says to watch how it's done. He turns into a Snapshot from the Bros for the 3.

Dimes vs. "Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe.
Dimes flicks his gum at Howe, then Howe kicks him and throws him into the corner. He runs into a boot, but Howe catches him with an inverted atomic drop off the second rope. Howe with a sliding uppercut and strumming fist drop. Dimes with a dropkick, but Howe drops him into the ropes. Dimes goes to slide out as Howe argues with Justin Smooth at ringside, but Howe moves. Howe hits him and kicks him in the face. Back inside, he hits him with the Guitar Solo for the 3.
WINNER: HOWE by pinfall.
After the match, Howe says he's back and is back to be at the top. He tells Smooth he doesn't care if he's the first one he has to go through, he'll do it to regain his place at the top of the mountain.

Billy O, William Lutz, BGB, & Ashton Cove vs. Amon & "The Void": Chace Destiny, Nigel, & Houdini.
Nigel & Lutz start out. Lutz catches Nigel with a dropkick and tags in Cove. They deliver a double hip toss, then BGB tags in. BGB locks in an armbar. Off the ropes, BGB hits a Lou Thesz press and fires away. Amon breaks it up, then Amon & the Void quadruple team BGB while the ref keeps Cove, Lutz, & Billy in their corner. Houdini tags in and bites him and elbows him in the corner. Chace tags in and clubs him, then brings in Amon. Amon chops him hard in the corner. Nigel tags back in and stomps BGB. Off the ropes, Nigel with a Lou Thesz press and bites him in the face. Chace tags in and goes for an abdominal stretch into a slam, but BGB flips over and tags Billy. Billy runs through the Void, but Amon hits him from behind. All 8 men end up fighting, with Billy & Amon ending up the last 2 in the ring. Billy hits the high knee on Amon, but Chace tags in. Billy goes for his finisher on Amon, but Amon slides off and throws Chace at Billy. Billy grabs Chace and hits him with Oceans Eleven for the 3.

"Livewire" KTD vs. "The Trinidadian Titan" Justin Smooth.
Smooth comes out and says all Ryan Howe does well is play that guitar. He is going to prove anything Howe can do, he can do better. He says KTD isn't enough, bring him out another opponent and let's make this a handicap match.
"Livewire" KTD & Dre Blitz vs. "The Trinidadian Titan" Justin Smooth.
Smooth with a big press slam on KTD. Howe comes out to watch. Blitz tags in and Smooth with a big back body drop off the ropes. KTD jumps on his back from behind. Smooth flips him off his back and hits the bicycle kick to Blitz for the 3.
WINNER: SMOOTH by pinfall.

"The Top Guys": Kevin Giza & Adam Slade vs. Shiloh Jonze & ?
Shiloh grabs a mic. You might remember him from such betrayals as McDonald's not serving him the McRib, saving his money for DisneyLand and finding out Bugs Bunny wasn't there, but most of all trying to take Slade & Giza under his wing for them to turn their backs on him. He's found a new best friend...his partner for tonight...
"The Top Guys": Kevin Giza & Adam Slade vs. Shiloh Jonze & Jay Bradley.
The Top Guys with some quick offense early against Shiloh, but Jay tags in and takes it to Slade. Giza tags in and they try to double team him. They hit double dropkicks, then Jay catches Giza as the ref gets Slade in his corner. He plants him with a flip over suplex. Shiloh with a huge chop, then Jay comes back in and clubs him. Jay goes for a bomb out of the corner, but Giza rolls away. Shiloh tags in, but Giza fights him off and tags Slade. Slade hits him with uppercuts and a super kick. The Top Guys go for their finish. Shiloh rakes Slade's eyes while Jay pushes Giza off the top rope to the floor. Jay gets in and hits a huge slam to Slade, then Shiloh crawls over to make the pin.
WINNERS: JAY & SHILOH by pinfall.

ANARCHY TITLE FATAL 4 WAY STREET FIGHT: Apollo vs. Big Zo vs. "Shotgun" Tony Gunn vs. Dapper Dan (c).
Gunn goes outside, and Apollo & Dan work together with a double side headlock on Zo. Dan throws Zo into the ropes, knocking Apollo down, then rolls him up for 2. Apollo brings in weapons as Zo & Dan fight. Apollo hits Dan with a cookie sheet to the back. Zo shoulder blocks Apollo and gets a 2 count. Apollo hits him in the head with the cookie sheet, but Zo isn't fazed. Apollo hits him below the belt and throws him out. He then runs into a side slam from Dan. Dan finds a bag of popcorn and DDT's him on it for 2 as Zo breaks the count. Zo & Dan exchange blwos and Zo slams Dan. He hits the Are You Serious legdrop for 2. Zo grabs a chair and hits Dan across the back, then Apollo who was crawling back in. Zo tries to pin Dan for 2. He lays the chair on Dan and goes up top. Apollo gets up and hits Zo with the chair. Dan gets up and with Apollo hits a double superplex on Zo. Gunn gets in and tries to pin all 3 for 2 counts. Zo hits Dan below the belt. He then grabs Apollo and slams him for 2. Gunn comes off the ropes with a knee to the back of the head on Zo. He gets a 2 as Dan breaks the count. Zo goes after them with a garbage can and hits Dan. He turns and Gunn dropkicks the can into Zo's face. Gunn locks Apollo in the sharpshooter, but Dan comes in with a guitar and blasts it over Gunn's head, then gets the 3.

OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION "The River City Dragon" Logan James & Adam Revolver vs. "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson & Eddie Knight.
Sam & LJ fight to the outside as Eddie takes the fight to Adam inside. Eddie goes up top, but as the ref tries to get Sam in his corner, LJ trips Eddie up on the top rope. Adam & LJ work Eddie over. Eddie comes back with a sunset flip inside, but Adam has the ref distracted on the apron. Adam tags in, knees Eddie and throws him to the corner. He does his best to fight out, but LJ catches his feet from the apron and holds him for Adam to club across the gut. Adam locks in the sleeper. Eddie drops him with a chinbuster and both tag. Sam comes in firing on LJ and super kicks Adam. Off the ropes, Sam flies out on Adam. Sam with a flying body press on LJ, but Adam breaks the count. Eddie fights to the outside with Adam and the ref is distracted. Sam has the pin, but no one to count. Adam runs in into a swinging neckbreaker. Off the ropes, Adam trips Sam up and LJ hits the running knee to the face for the 3.
WINNERS: LJ & REVOLVER by pinfall.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE MATCH: Cali vs. Jaylee (c).
Jaylee chops Cali. Cali comes back and takes her down and works over the arm. Jaylee hits her in the corner. She fakes a knee injury and pulls Cali into the turnbuckle. She hits Cali into the turnbuckle and locks in a side headlock. Cali back with a sunset flip for 2. Jaylee takes her down and steps on her hair and pulls up on her. She kicks Cali in the back and chokes her. She pulls Cali down by her hair and chokes her again. She then claws Cali's mouth. Cali tries to roll her up as she argues with the ref for 1. Off the ropes, Cali ducks a clothesline and comes back with one of her own. Jaylee pulls her down by her hair. Cali takes Jaylee down and locks in the reverse armbreaker and Jaylee taps!

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: "The Real Deal" Randall Floyd vs. Michael Hayes (c).
Randall & Hayes lock up. Randall takes Hayes down a few times. Hayes hits Floyd as the ref tries to break them apart out of the corner. He chokes him in the ropes, then claws his face. He locks in a submission. He elbows Floyd across the chest and suplexes him. Floyd starts to fire back with some rights and chops. Hayes kicks him and chops him hard. He chops him again and a third time. Randall chops back, but Hayes pulls him down. Randall tries to grab him from behind, but Hayes elbows him off and throws him out of the ring. Hayes rakes his back. Floyd fires back and hits his head off the apron. He rolls him in and Hayes rolls out to the apron on the opposite side. Randall tries to grab him and Hayes pulls his head down across the top rope. He headbutts him in the chest and delivers a backdrop slam. Hayes claws his mouth, but Randall fights him off and uppercuts him. Randall with a release German suplex, then another. He goes for a third, and Hayes leg flies off. He goes for the cutter, but Hayes shoves him into the ref. Both men are down. Hayes grabs his leg and Ryan Howe runs out to try and grab it away. Hayes knocks him off the apron.
Justin Smooth runs out to help, but accidentally bicycle kicks Floyd. Howe & Smooth fight to the outside. Randall hits the cutter, but the ref is still down. Hayes clubs Floyd with the leg as the ref comes to and makes the 3.

If you have never been to a Saturday Night Special and/or are not able to, make sure you pick up a copy Wednesday nights at the Davis Arena during the TV tapings, or order them online at the shop on ovwrestling.com!

As always, thanks for reading!