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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

OVW TV #977: Is Floyd for Real?

This is the OVW Report for Wednesday, May 9, 2018. This episode can be seen on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area on Saturday at 11AM and 9PM, and online at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html. In this episode, Logan James defends the TV Title against Sam Thompson, new Southern Tag Team Champions the Bro Godz are in action, plus more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches:

Billy O defeats Chace Destiny (w/Amon & "The Void": Houdini, & Nigel). Billy with the quick control out of the gate, but Nigel causes a distraction and Amon pulls Billy out of the ring and clubs him. Chace takes control, hitting him in the corner and delivering some elbow drops. He locks in a sleeper, but Billy works his way up. Chace jumps on his back and locks it back in, but Billy hits him into the corner to break it. He knees Chace and throws him off the ropes. He hits the big boot and sets up for the high knee. He hits Nigel & Houdini off the apron, then connects with the knee. He hits Oceans Eleven for the 3.

Hayley Shadows & "The Varsity Babes": Cali & Meg defeat OVW Women's Champion Jaylee & "Margaritas & Moonshine": Jessie Belle & Maria James. Jaylee, Jessie, & Maria attack their opponents as they get on the apron. Cali & Meg fall to the floor, and they triple team Hayley. They keep her on their side of the ring and work her over. Jessie & Maria cause a distraction, and Hayley rolls Jaylee up in a small package, but there is no ref to count. Cali gets a hot tag and goes to town. She takes Jaylee down, then maria super kicks her. Meg comes in and hits Maria with a Samoan drop. Jessie hits Meg with a reverse Russian leg sweep. Hayley spears Jessie. Jaylee hits the Makeup Check on Hayley. Cali then takes Jaylee down and locks in the reverse armbreaker to make her tap.

Amon (w/"The Void": Chace Destiny, Houdini, & Nigel) defeats Rump Thump. Amon attacks Rump as he tries to get in and has the early control. He tries to pin him, but Rump won't stay down. He stretches Rump out from behind and Rump works his way up, but Amon pulls him back down to the mat. He has him in a sleeper, and Rump works up again. He comes back with a missile dropkick off the ropes, and hits a butt bump in the corner. He hits the Void off the ring apron, including a massive Thump to Nigel that takes him through the ropes as well. He goes back in after Amon, but Amon kicks him, then plants him with the pedigree for the 3.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always recommend watching the episode first on TV or online before reading the rest of the report. Again, you can check it out on WBNA-21 in the Louisville area Saturdays at 11AM and 9PM (check local listings) and on OVW's official website Mondays at www.ovwrestling.com/ovw-media.html.

Mike Lacett, Shannon the Dude, & Gilbert Corsey are on commentary, and Gilbert is the ring announcer.

"Wrestling's Rockstar" Ryan Howe defeats William Lutz. Howe kicks Lutz and throws him into the corner, Lutz comes out of the corner into a slam. Howe hits the strumming fist drop and back body drops him. He hits the sliding uppercut, then Lutz comes back with a dropkick that knocks Howe out of the ring. Lutz screams at him and Howe pulls him out and hits him. He kicks him in the head then rolls him in and hits a mic check for the 3.
After the match, Mike Lacett interviews Howe. Howe says it's great to be back. He left on top of the mountain, and is back to be at the top of the mountain. He is fingertips away from getting a shot at the OVW Heavyweight Title once again.
Justin Smooth comes out and says he likes Howe, but doesn't know where he's been. There's a pecking order and last he checked, he won the 2018 Thoroughbred Battle Royal and if anyone should be #1 contender, it's him.
Michael Hayes comes out and says they are both dreaming, because he's the greatest of all time and neither one of them can catch up to him. He's so far ahead of them, they can't see his dust. He then says he knows Randall Floyd is listening and says he's next in line, and he will not walk out of the Saturday Night Special as champion.
Floyd comes out and says he's confident he will beat Hayes and become champion at the Special. Hayes asks him what makes him so sure. Floyd says he is the fastest rising superstar in OVW history. Hayes asks him what he has to offer. Floyd says he is so confident, he can beat him twice. Tonight, and at the Special. Hayes asks what is he going to put on the table? Floyd says he is so confident, he will put his #1 contendership on the line tonight. Hayes is happy he got him all worked up. Hayes says he will beat him tonight and he can kiss his title shot goodbye.

Dapper Dan & Big Zo defeat "The Vet" Apollo & "Shotgun" Tony Gunn. Dan & Apollo start out. Dan takes Apollo down. He then splashes him in the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. He tags Zo. Dan slams Apollo, and Zo hits the Are You Serious legdrop for 2. Apollo rakes his eyes and clubs his back. Gunn tags in and runs at Zo. Zo clubs him down and tags in Dan. Dan throws him off the ropes and hits a big side slam. He goes for the Death Valley Driver, but Gunn slides off and shoves Dan into the corner. Apollo tags in and hits Dan in the corner. There's turmoil between Apollo & Gunn. Gunn tags back in as Dan recovers and hits a release German suplex on Apollo. Dan doesn't know Gunn is legal, and Gunn hits him from behind with a knee to the back of the head off the top rope. Dan gets a tag to Zo and Apollo won't tag in. Zo takes him down, then Apollo charges in. Zo hits him with the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows. He tries to pin, but Gunn breaks it up. Dan & Gunn fight, with Gunn knocking Dan to the outside. He then throws Apollo out of the ring and charges at Zo. Zo catches him and hits him with a fallaway slam. Apollo charges back in, and Zo slams him and hits the Zo bomb for the 3.
After the match, Gunn goes after Zo. Zo ducks and Dan goes to hit Gunn, but Gunn then ducks and Dan clocks Zo by accident.

OVW TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: "The Boy Wonder" Sam Thompson defeats "The River City Dragon" Logan James (c). A quick-paced match. Sam gets a lot of close falls after hitting some high-flying moves and super kicks. LJ keeps kicking out at 2. It looks like Sam has LJ's number and is in control, when LJ grabs him and heaves him over the top rope to cause a disqualification.

OVW SOUTHERN TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: "The Bro Godz": Colton Cage & Dustin Jackson (c) defeat BGB & Ashton Cove. Dustin & Colton work over BGB's arm with quick tags and then hit a double bro-plex. BGB tags into Cove, but runs into a beautiful dropkick from Dustin. They hit the "BRO" in the corner, then go for Bro 69, but BGB kicks Colton in the back. The ref has to keep Dustin out while BGB & Cove double team Colton. They go for a double suplex, but Colton reverses and suplexes them both. He tags Dustin and Dustin clotheslines both of them in opposite corners several times. He then slams BGB on Cove. Colton gets back in and they hit the Snapshot for the 3.
After the match, DL3 comes out and says he is proud of the Bros. He says this was one of his greatest productions, as he made them into stars. Now they are going to defend the titles as three under the Freebird rule. The Bros tell him they are done, and they are no longer part of his bro-duction team. They go to leave and DL3 hits them both with the large screwdriver from last week.
Cardinal runs out and yells at DL3 and asks him what he is doing.

"The Real Deal" Randall Floyd defeats Michael Hayes. A good start from Randall. He uses a lot of his amateur wrestling background to ground Hayes and take control. Hayes has to take a breather on the outside. Hayes gets Floyd worked up again and takes him down and pounds him. He calls Floyd a fluke. He hits a big suplex for 2. He headbutts him in the chest and slams him. Floyd comes back with a quick pin attempt for 2. Hayes chokes him in the ropes. He goes for the mandible claw. Floyd elbows out and hits the cutter out of nowhere for the 3!

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

6-MAN TAG: "The Trinidad Titan" Justin Smooth & "The Top Guys": Kevin Giza & "The Winter Swoldier" Adam Slade defeat Shiloh Jonze & "The Elite": Adam Revolver & "Manbeast" Ted McNaler. Ted comes out telling "yo momma" jokes to Slade & Giza, but then sees Smooth and decides not to say anything about his mom. Smooth & the Top Guys take control early. Giza 619's Ted and the Top Guys double hip toss and kick Adam. Giza tries to pin for 2, but Ted & Shiloh break it up. While the ref is distracted, they throw Giza over the top rope and out of the ring. The Elite & Shiloh work Giza over as they now have control. Giza rolls Ted up in a small package, but Adam distracts Smooth and the ref. Shiloh reverses the small package and Ted gets a 2. Adam tags in and kicks Giza and locks in the sleeper. Giza breaks out and tags Smooth. Smooth is a one-man wrecking machine. He double clotheslines Shiloh & Ted, then takes Adam down. Smooth tags Slade and Giza flies off Slade's back to the outside on all 3 opponents. Slade then flies out on them after they get back up. Slade rolls in Adam. Slade & Giza hit their double team finisher for the 3.

As always, thanks for reading!