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OVW Champions (As of 6/9/22)

OVW Champions (As of 6/9/22)
OVW Champions (As of 6/9/22)


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Thursday, June 2, 2022


This is the special report for OVW's All Systems Go, June 2, 2022!

-Mahabali Shera meets his next opponent in a contract signing for the OVW National Title!
-Omar Amir battles Ryan Howe for the OVW Heavyweight Title!
-OVW Women's Champion Leila Grey goes 1-on-1 with Haley J!
-The Outrunners face The PEC-Tacular Gunns for the vacated OVW Tag Team Titles!
-Plus, Level X battles Dysfunction in Chained Carnage, Jake Lawless defends the OVW Kentucky Title against Matt VineHy Zaya defends the Rush Division Title in a scramble match against Jared KripkeLuke Kurtis, & Maximo Suave, and much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Linda Kay & Eric Cornish are the ring announcers, Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Shannon the Dude are on commentary.

"The Viking" Roger Matheus vs. "A1 Since Day 1" ZDP.
ZDP pokes Roger in the chest and says he's not that big, only to get a big headbutt. Roger kicks him in the back of the leg and knocks him off his feet. He clubs him and hits a release German suplex. ZDP is up on his shoulders, but he wiggles loose and claws Roger's back, then kicks him. Roger gets right back up and ZDP backs up into him. Roger kicks him and delivers a double underhook powerbomb for the 3.
WINNER: MATHEUS by pinfall.

PRE-SHOW: Shalonce Royal vs. Tiffany Nieves.
Tiffany takes the fight to Royal out of the gate, but Royal pulls her head down across the top rope and takes control. She clubs her and hits a running clothesline in the corner. She clotheslines her off the ropes, then locks in a sleeper. Tiffany works up and avoids a cartwheel charge from Royal. She snapmares Royal out of the corner, then hits an overhead neckbreaker to a seated Royal. She drops an elbow for 2. Royal goes down with an injured foot. It's all an act, and Royal hits a running knee to Tiffany for the 3.
WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall.

"The Complete Package" Tony Bizo (w/Dr. Ricky Jones) vs. "Rudo" Raul LaMotta.
Raul claws Bizo's back and chops him. Bizo fires back, but Raul lights him up with some more chops. Bizo with an uppercut. He gets Raul on his shoulders and drops him with the Bizo Bomb for the 3.
WINNER: BIZO by pinfall.

"Certified" Luke Kurtis vs. Grayson Douglas Jr. vs. "Big Whiskey" Jared Kripke vs. Maximo Suave vs. "The Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya (c).
Everyone gangs up on Luke early. Hy then takes down the remaining competitors in the ring. Lots of fast-paced action. Jared hits Suave with a 619. Luke hits his opponents with some quick snap suplexes. Hy takes Jared & Grayson down with a dive off the top rope. Luke gets a super kick from Suave and backstabber from Jared. Hy double clotheslines Suave & Jared. Suave & Jared with a double vertical suplex on Hy. Suave covers for 2, but Jared throws him out. Jared covers, but Grayson throws him out. Grayson covers, but Luke throws him out. Luke covers Hy for 2. Hy knocks Jared & Suave off the apron into Grayson on the floor, by pushing Luke into them. Luke then gets hit with the inverted piledriver for the 3.

In the back, Omar Amir says Ryan Howe likes to lie, cheat, and steal, and unlike Eddie Guerrero. He couldn't win a match if it wasn't for the big booty ho in his corner. Tonight, he will reclaim the OVW Heavyweight Title, no matter what the cost.

OVW KENTUCKY TITLE MATCH: "Goodfella" Matt Vine vs. "Flawless" Jake Lawless (c).
Jake tries to hide in the ropes, but Vine finally grabs him and throws him face first into the mat. He hits him into all 4 corner turnbuckles, then nails a dropkick. He runs into a back elbow. Jake runs into the boots of Vine. Vine with a clothesline and backdrop. He goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Jake ducks. Vine grabs him and tries to bridge him. Jake spins around and kicks Vine below the belt where the ref doesn't see it. He bridges Vine for the 3!
After the match, Vine hits Jake with some Sweet Chin Music and dumps a bottle of Dan O's seasoning on him.

OVW WOMEN'S TITLE: "Hollyhood" Haley J (w/"The Complete Package" Tony Bizo & Dr. Ricky Jones) vs. "The Unstoppable Danger" Leila Grey 
Haley attacks Leila and hits her out of the ring. She suplexes her on the floor. Back inside, Leila rolls back out to try and catch her breath. Haley smacks her and hits her. Back inside again, Leila starts to chop back and stomps Haley down in the corner. Haley smacks Leila across the back. Haley throws her into the corner and hits her. Leila comes back with a high knee on Haley in the corner. Haley grabs the title and cracks Leila across the head as she goes to grab her. The ref calls for the bell.
After the bell, Haley grabs some shears. Before she can do anything, Maria James runs out and tells her no. She jerks the shears away. Haley shoves her down and leaves the ring.

"The Outrunners": Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd vs. "The PEC-Tacular Gunns": "Shotgun" Tony Gunn & "Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
They exchange blows early, then Jessie plows Turbo down off the ropes. Jessie & Tony both hit Lou Thesz presses to their opponents and Tony takes out the trash with Turbo. Tony gets double teamed temporarily, but makes the hot tag to Jessie. He spears Turbo for 2 as Truth breaks the pin. Jessie goes for the Adonis Crab on Turbo, but Truth kicks him in the back of the head. Turbo covers for 2. Jessie recovers and drops Turbo for the Adonis Crab. Truth misses a super kick. Jessie gets shoved out of the ring and Tony gets knocked off the top rope as the Gunns go for the finish. Turbo covers for 2, but Jessie knocks Turbo's feet off the ropes. The Gunns do hit their finish, but Truth breaks the count. More back and forth, and then
Dark Kloudz Bankroll both end up fighting at ringside after the Kloudz get involved. Meanwhile in the ring, Turbo tries to pin Jessie, but the ref sees his feet on the ropes. Jessie rolls Turbo up, but Turbo rolls through and grabs a handful of tights for the 3!
: OUTRUNNERS by pinfall.

OVW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Omar Amir vs. OVW Heavyweight Champion "Rockstar" Ryan Howe (w/"Guit-Arie" Arie Alexander).
An all-out brawl early. They fight in and out of the ring. Arie causes a distraction that allows Howe to take control and knock Omar to the floor. Howe kicks him in the head from the apron and poses with Arie. Howe has Omar in a submission, but Omar works up and hits a Samoan drop. Arie grabs Omar again and Howe knees him in the back, then drops him. He drops the rock 'n' roll fistdrop for 2. Howe kicks him in the midsection. He locks in another submission. He pulls Omar down to the mat. Omar kicks Howe into the corner, but runs into a boot. Howe leaps out of the corner, but is caught with an overhead release suplex. Omar splashes him in the corner. He goes up top, but misses a flying clothesline. Howe hits him with a running boot for 2. Omar rolls him up in a small package for 2. Howe fires away on Omar in the corner. Howe charges him, but Omar moves and hits Howe. Howe boots him away and goes up top. Omar catches him with a chop and climbs up with him. Arie is distracting the ref, and Howe claws Omar's eyes. Howe leaps off with the Chart Topper for 2. Arie is back on the apron as Howe grabs the title. Omar ducks it. He grabs the title away and the ref takes it away. Howe kicks Omar and goes for the neckbreaker drop, but Omar reverses it into Island Time for the 3!

 Eric Darkstorm
is out first, followed by "Hustla" Deget Bundlez at #2. Deget tries to sneak and eliminate Eric. Carson Drake is #3. Eric & Deget team up on him and eliminate him. #4 is Tyler Lee Deputy. The Kloudz throw him out also. "Big Money" Dimes is #5. Dustin Jackson is out at #6. Dustin eliminates both Kloudz. #7 is Ca$h Flo. He gets some hits in on the Kloudz before they get to the back. #8 is "Superior" Tony Evans. #9 is Garrisaon Creed. #10 is Reverend Ronnie Roberts. #11 is Joe Mack. #12 is Drew Hernandez. Ronnie eliminates Dimes. Mack eliminates Evans. Mack eliminates Creed. Mack & Dustin eliminate Ca$h. The final four are Ronnie, Mack, Drew, & Dustin. Mack big boots Ronnie off the apron. Drew dumps Dustin & Mack and thinks he won, but they both held on. Drew kicks Dustin below the belt and tosses him out. It's down to Mack & Drew. Mack big boots him and throws him out for the win

OVW NATIONAL TITLE CONTRACT SIGNING featuring the OVW National Champion "The Indian Lion" Mahabali Shera:
Shera is out and is ready for his opponent to come out.
James Storm's music hits, but no one comes out. It hits a second time, but still no one. Shera says he's not surprised. Storm appears on screen and says he is on vacation with his family, celebrating his birthday. He says he was the first one that took Shera under his wing. Storm says 25 years ago when he was with the USWA training, he always wanted to go to OVW, because that's where stars are made, stars are born. He says he can't wait to come down and have the match, maybe have a beer after and talk about the rematch. Shera says he appreciates everything he did, but this is his jungle, and he will still be OVW National Heavyweight Champion. He says this will be a lot of fun and he's excited to face him soon.

RONIN UNDERGROUND FIGHT CLUB: "The Demon Magnate" Amon vs. Crixus.
We see video from the unknown location where this fight club is being held. Crixus dominates at first, but then Amon comes back foaming at the mouth. He low blows Crixus and slams him. He delivers a suplex as he just laughs. Crixus comes back with the Glasgow Kiss. Amon comes back up behind him laughing and gets a back elbow. D'mone Solavino attacks Crixus, but Luscious Lawrence is there to even the odds. Amon goes for the STH, but Crixus reverses and goes for a piledriver. All of a sudden, everyone clears out?

"Dysfunction": Brandon Espinosa &
 "Iron Bear" Tom Coffey vs. 
"Level X""The Sultan of the Sky" Blanco Loco & "Unforgettable" Axton Ray (w/Dream Girl Ellie).
Level X meets Dysfunction as they come in through the side door. They battle in the ring and Tom is thrown into the chains. The top chain breaks and Tom crashes to the floor. Espy grabs a chain and hits both Axton, then Loco with it. He throws Axton into the corner and busts Loco up. Tom is finally back to his feet and hits Loco into the steps outside. Inside, Espy is wrapping Axton up in the chains. Tom & Espy hit him and whip him with another chain. Loco crawls back in, bleeding through his mask. Tom goes for a spike piledriver on Loco on the chains, but Ellie gets in with the barbed wire bat and hammers Tom across the back, then low blows Espy with it. Axton knees Tom in the face with a chain, then chokes him. Loco does the same with Espy. Loco and Axton both stomp their opponents in the back while choking them with the chains and Ellie hits their hands as Espy & Tom reach for each other with the bat. Loco & Axton make dual covers and pick up the 3!
WINNERS: LEVEL X by pinfall.


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