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OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)

OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)
OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)


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Thursday, August 25, 2022

OVW TV 1202: That STD Hurts Low!

This is the OVW Report for Thursday, August 25, 2022.

-Jessie Godderz will be in action!
-A gauntlet match will determine the new #1 contender for the Kentucky Heavyweight Title featuring Jack Vaughn, Jebediah Blackhawk, Snake Williams Jr., Gnarls Garvin, Big Zo, & Steve Michaels! Plus, the NEW Kentucky Heavyweight Champion Matt Vine will lock up with Tony Evans!
-In Women's action, OVW Women's Champion Freya the Slaya goes 1-on-1 with Tiffany Nieves, and Kaitland Alexis faces Michelle Green!
-Level X meets up with the Outrunners once again in a tornado tag match!
-Plus, Ryan Von Rockit faces Kal Herro, Rush Division Champion Hy Zaya is in action, and much more!

For ways you can watch OVW TV, take a peek at the banner above. If you can't find OVW TV in your area, you ain't looking hard enough!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Linda Kay is the ring announcer.

"The Monster Hunter" Bo Sawyer vs. "Rudo" Raul LaMotta
Bo locks up with Raul into the corner, then headbutts his shoulder and hits it again. He wraps Raul's bad shoulder up in the ropes, but Raul comes back with some chops. Bo attacks the shoulder again and locks it in a submission hold. Raul works his way up and comes back with some hits and chops. He kicks him and hits a spinning right to the side of the jaw. Bo hits the shoulder again, but Raul ducks another shot and drops Bo to the mat. He wraps him up and hits a stomp across his spine to pick up the 3.
WINNER: RAUL by pinfall.

"The Fighting Siren"
Shalonce Royal vs. "Savage, Not Average" Judi Hendrix
Roayl attacks from behind, then hits a kick to the face off the ropes. She covers for 2. Royal hits Judi in the corner and then chops her. Another chop. She misses a third chop and Judi chops her back. Judi catches her with a back elbow and a boot, but Royal charges her in the corner and monkey flips her. She hits a running faceplant, then snapmares her. She locks in a sleeper hold. Judi fights out and knees her in the face. Judi gets her up on her shoulders, but Royal elbows out and shoves her to the corner. Judi goes up top, but Royal catches her with a forearm. She gets her on her shoulders and hits a rolling Death Valley Driver for the 3.
WINNER: ROYAL by pinfall.

ZDP (w/
"The Fallen": "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino, "The Demon Magnate" Amon, & "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts) vs. Duglan Deville.
ZDP attacks from behind as Deville is distracted by the Fallen on the outside. Deville tries to fight back and hit a backdrop, but ZDP hits him in the face. ZDP pulls him down by his hair, but Deville tries to come back again. ZDP stops the offense and puts him away for the 1-2-3.
WINNER: ZDP by pinfall.

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Josh Ashcraft are on commentary, Linda Kay is the ring announcer.

Tony Evans vs. OVW Kentucky Heavyweight Champion 
"Goodfella" Matt Vine
They lock up and Evans pushes Vine. Vine pulls Evans face first down to the mat. Evans with a side headlock. Off the ropes, Vine plows him down. Evans throws Vine to the corner and misses a splash. Vine hits Evans repeatedly into the top turnbuckle. Evans fires back, but Vine does some jabs of his own. Evans hits him in the throat and dropkicks him. Evans fires away on him in the corner. Vine fires back out and throws Evans into the corner, then to the opposite corner and delivers a huge back body drop. He runs into a boot and Evans backhands him. Evans goes up top, but Vine catches him and slams him off. Vine with a huge side throw slam to pick up the 3.
WINNER: VINE by pinfall.

Shalonce Royal is telling everyone to tune in this Saturday to the Big One. Michelle Green walks up and says she is back from Switzerland and wants someone to watch her back. Royal asks why she should. Green says she thinks Royal is the best and also mentions that she has connections with Tina Turner. Royal wants proof. Green's assistant texts Royal. Royal is confused on how her assistant has her number, but sees the proof that Green knows Tina. Royal asks if she can introduce her and maybe get a song with her. Green says she can ask when they hang out. Royal agrees.

"The International Swiss Sensation" Michelle Green vs. "The Hula Hooper" Kaitland Alexis.
Green attacks while Alexis is hula hooping. She hits her in the corner and clubs her in the back. She pulls her down by her hair and hits her in the corner. She splashes her and rakes her face across the top rope. Green with a running cross body in the corner. She covers for 2. She splashes her in the corner again and delivers 2 backdrops for a 2 count. She locks in a submission. Alexis gets up and out and clotheslines her. She splashes Green in the corner and bulldogs her out. Shalonce Royal runs out and gets on the apron to distract her. Green hits a Russian leg sweep, but before making the cover, Dream Girl Ellie has run out to ringside and pulled Royal off the apron and is arguing with her. Green is now distracted and Alexis rolls her up for the 1-2-3!
WINNER: ALEXIS by pinfall.

Omar Amir
 comes out and wants to talk about the biggest night of his career. In January 2020, he won the Nightmare Rumble and came up short when he faced Jessie Godderz later that night for the National Title. That was 2 years ago. Everytime he has had a setback, he has came back a little bit better each time. He tells James Storm that he is coming for the Big One that he hasn't added to his list of accomplishments yet. Storm shows up on the screens and asks when his generation is going to learn. He says Omar can ask Mahabali Shera or Tony Gunn that it's not wise to step toe to toe with him. He might be the Heavyweight Champion and he might be good, but he's not James Storm good. He challenges him to title vs. title this Saturday at the Big One and Omar accepts!

In the back, Kaitland Alexis is talking about being OVW's hula hooper when Freya the Slaya walks up and talks about having to defend the Women's Title against Leila Grey again. She can't believe Aaron Grider was seen in public with her and that she actually touched him. Aaron is behind her and can't believe what he's hearing. He was going to take her to his cousin's wedding. She says they would have thought that he paid her to be there with him. Freya asks if his glasses work and if he's ever seen himself in a mirror compared to her. He's left crying as she walks away.

"Dreamweaver" Wayne Moxxi
 vs. OVW Rush Division Champion "The Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya
Hy takes Moxxi to the mat and pounds away with the quick fists. He pounds away in the corner and monkey flips him across the ring. Hy gets thrown to the corner and Moxxi hits a corner clothesline. He goes up top, but Hy slams him off. Moxxi lands on his knee and Hy immediately locks in the sharpshooter for the tapout.
WINNER: HY ZAYA by submission.
After the match, Hy helps Moxxi up and shakes his hand. Moxxi knees him and goes to throw him out of the ring, but Hy reverses. Hy then flips out of the ring onto him. As Hy gets back to his feet,
Luke Kurtis runs out and attacks him from behind. He rolls him in the ring and locks in the COA. He keeps running the officials off and grabs the Rush Title. He clocks Hy in the head with it before leaving the ring.

"The Outrunners": Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd vs. 
"Level X": "The Sultan of the Sky" Blanco Loco & "Unforgettable" Axton Ray.
The Outrunners try to well, run, but Level X catches them at the ramp and brings them back in. They hit them in opposite corners, then deliver double monkey flips. The Outrunners roll out of the ring again. Back in, Loco dropkicks Floyd and knees him in the corner. Ray hits Truth in the other corner, then Level X hits Truth with a double kneebuster. The Outrunners are on the floor again and Level X brings them in. Ray goes for a meeting of the minds, but the Outrunners push him off into Loco who was trying to get back in on the apron. Loco crashes on the ramp. They attack Ray, but he tries firing back. Floyd takes him out at the knee. They deliver a double wishbone. Floyd misses a big legdrop and Ray kicks away at Truth in the corner. He goes to run after Floyd, but Truth trips him. Loco is climbing back up, but Truth runs him face first into the top turnbuckle and Loco falls back to the floor. Truth & Floyd go back after Ray's knee. Ray tries to fight back again and rolls Truth up in an inside cradle, but Floyd knocks into the ref and says he had something in his eye. Loco gets knocked off the apron again by Floyd. Truth & Floyd continue to try and keep Ray grounded. Truth drives his knee down into the bad knee of Ray. Floyd calls for the Figure Four. Ray kicks him off, then Truth. He tries to roll both of them up in small packages for 2 counts. Loco makes his way back in with a sunset flip over Truth, but Floyd again distracts the ref saying his knee is hurt. Truth dumps Loco over the top rope. Floyd grabs a pen from the announce table and tries to go after Ray, but Ray drops him for 2 as Truth breaks the pin. Ray fights back as much as he can, but Floyd attacks the knee again. Floyd tries to lock in the Figure Four, but Loco is back in and shoves Truth into Floyd. He nails Floyd with a kick to the head, then dropkicks him as he tornado DDT's Truth. Loco checks on Ray, but Ray yells at him to go get them. Loco goes up top and moonsaults out onto them. Truth is rolled back in and Ray now goes after his knee in return. Ray locks in a Figure Four, but Floyd hits him. Loco is back in and firing away on Floyd. The Outrunners leave the ring and head to the back, getting counted out.
WINNERS: LEVEL X by countout.

Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Josh Ashcraft are on commentary, Linda Kay is the ring announcer.

Tyler Lee Deputy, Nikeem the Dream, Donovan "Bam Bam" Cecil, & Louie Boudreaux vs. "The Scottish War Machine" Crixus, "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence, & "Bankroll": "Big Money" Dimes & Ca$h Flo.
All offense to Team Bankroll. Louie gets chopped by Ca$h, splashed by Dimes, gets a One Night Stand from Luscious, then Ca$h finishes him off with a Payload for the 3.
After the match, 
the Fallen attacks with chains, chairs, and a barbed wire wrapped chair. They leave Bankroll, Luscious, & Crixus laying.

OVW Women's Champion "The Queen of the North" Freya the Slaya
vs. "La Princesa" Tiffany Nieves.
Tiffany goes after Freya after ducking a boot. Freya shoves her down, but Tiffany goes right back at her. Freya catches her with a clothesline and chokes her in the ropes. She kicks her across the back. Tiffany hits at her, but Freya clubs her across the back. Freya slams her hard and stomps her. Freya wraps her up in the ropes and clubs her across the chest. Freya then chokes her and has to break before the 5 count. Freya chops her and drops a leg across the back of her head. Freya keeps yelling at Leila Grey in the camera. Freya with another big slam. She goes up top and hits a legdrop. She covers, but isn't done and stops the count at 2. She goes up again, but Leila runs out. Freya gets down and walks away to the back as Leila checks on Tiffany.
WINNER: TIFFANY by countout.

Ryan Von Rockit (w/Guit-Arie Alexander) vs. 
"The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro.
Ryan throws his pick at Kal and they lock up. Ryan takes Kal down and stomps him in the midsection. Kal blocks another and fires back. Ryan takes him down again with a shoulderbreaker. As the ref checks on Kal, Ryan celebrates with Guit-Arie. Tony Bizo runs out with Ricky Jones and trips Ryan up. Kal gets back up and nails Ryan with a knee lift to the face and picks up the 3.
WINNER: KAL by pinfall.

On video, Tony Gunn says he's been battered and bruised, but he's still breathing. His motto is "Don't Tread on Me", which means don't bother me, I won't bother you. Jessie Godderz went too far, and he will see that arrogant SOB this Saturday at the Big One.

Callen Vance vs. 
"Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
Jessie goes after Vance and batters him. He plants him with a powerbomb, then a flapjack. He locks in the Adonis Crab and picks up the win via tapout.
WINNER: GODDERZ by submission.
After the match, Jessie grabs a mic and says no one knows who Tony Gunn is, but everyone knows who he is. He is the face who runs this place. No one likes him, his family doesn't, his dogs don't. He tried to take his contracts and everything away from him, but tells Gunn that he is a selfish, friendless prick. He will do what his daddy in Arkansas should have done to him on Saturday and kick his butt.

Matt Vine joins commentary for the next match...
"The Veteran" Jack Vaughn vs. Snake Williams Jr. vs. Big Zo vs. Jebediah Blackhawk vs. "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin vs. Steve Michaels.
Snake offers a handshake from veteran to veteran, but Vaughn gives him a lariat and gets the 3.
Vaughn goes after Zo as he gets on the apron. Zo shoulders in and fires away on Vaughn. He splashes him in the corner and hits the cartwheel butt bump and back elbows. Vaughn catches him with the hard lariat and picks up the 3.
Jeb is out next and hits Vaughn and knees him, but he is caught off the ropes with a lariat and Vaughn gets another 3.
Beef is out next and goes on the attack, but Vaughn throw him off of him and hits him in the corner. He throws Beef hard into the corner and clubs him. Beef fires back and goes to leap out of the corner with a cross body, but Vaughn just moves. He hits Beef with a sidewalk slam for 2. Vaughn with a hard chop and an airplane spin. Beef slides out and back elbows him, then boots him. He hits a shoulder tackle off the ropes and avoids a charge from Vaughn. He hits a bulldog and goes up and hits a cross body for 2. Off the ropes, another lariat catches Beef for the 3.
Steve is out and he grabs Vaughn by the throat. He slams him and hits a big splash for 2. Steve throws him to the corner and hits a running splash. He throws him to the other corner and splashes him again. Off the ropes, Vaughn ducks a clothesline and hits the lariat to Steve for the 3.
WINNER: VAUGHN by pinfall.
After the match, Vaughn tells Vine that he's coming for him Saturday as Vine holds up the Kentucky Title.

Al Snow
comes to the ring. He says this Saturday is the Big One and he wants to explain the rules for the Hell's Gate match between Luscious Lawrence, Crixus,
Bankroll, and the Fallen. Each team will have a captain to start, then each team will alternate having their team members come out until all 8 men are out. There will be weapons hanging from poles around the ring that can be used. He also talks about his match with Doug Basham against Joe Mack & Adam Revolver. They come out with Shannon the Dude and attack Al. Al holds his own until STD low blows him. Doug runs out and is holding his own until Adam sneaks up behind him and locks in the sleeper hold. Al & Doug are left laying by Adam, Mack, & STD.


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