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OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)

OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)
OVW Champions (As of 9/8/22)


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Saturday, August 27, 2022


This is the special report for OVW's The Big One, August 27, 2022!

-Al Snow & Doug Basham step back in the ring to face Adam Revolver & Joe Mack, and if they win, Al gets 5 minutes in the ring with Shannon the Dude!
-It's Title vs. Title as OVW Heavyweight Champion Omar Amir meets up with the OVW National Heavyweight Champion James Storm!
-Crixus, Luscious Lawrence, & Bankroll do battle in a Hell's Gate match against the Fallen!
-Jessie Godderz & Tony Gunn go to war in a grudge match!
-Luke Kurtis tries to win back the Rush Division Title against Hy Zaya!
-Plus, Leila Grey looks to regain the Women's Title against Freya the Slaya, Matt Vine defends the Kentucky Heavyweight Title against Jack Vaughn, a triple threat match between Tony Bizo, Kal Herro, & Ryan Von Rockitand much more!

Without further ado:

Here we go...

Eric Cornish & Linda Kay are the ring announcers, Bryan Kennison, Dancin' Stevie J, & Josh Ashcraft are on commentary.

"Southern Discomfort": Jebediah Blackhawk & Snake Williams Jr. & 
"Dark Kloudz": "Elusive" Eric Darkstorm & "Hustla" Deget Bundlez vs. "Rudo" Raul LaMotta, Manny Domingo, "Big Whiskey" Jared Kripke, & Anthony F.N. Catena.
Discomfort & DKZ attack their opponents, but the tables turn and Raul's team comes back and takes over control. Manny gets worked over in the wrong corner, but comes back with a running cross body on Eric for 2. Manny gets quadruple teamed as the ref tries to keep Raul's team in their corner. Manny tries to fight out of the corner, but gets planted with a double spinebuster from Discomfort for 3 to be eliminated. Raul comes in and quickly pins Snake for the 3 to eliminate him. Raul gets taken down with a double back elbow from Jeb & Deget. Jeb distracts the ref allowing DKZ to hit Raul with their finisher for the 3. Catena is in and hits Eric with a hard right and a dropkick. Deget tags in, but gets some hard rights to the side of the face as well. Jeb tags in and Catena tries to roll him up for 2. Catena hits DKZ off the apron, but gets caught with a clothesline from Jeb. Jeb takes his eyes off of him and Catena goes up and dives off for the 3. Deget comes in and clotheslines Catena inside out. Eric tags in and holds Catena for Deget to hit an elbow drop. DKZ hit the finish on Catena and get the 3. Jared gets in and ducks a double clothesline from DKZ. He hits them in opposite corners, but Eric lights him up with some chops. They go for the finish, but Jared rolls Deget up for 3. Eric runs in, but gets rolled up in a small package for 3!

PRE-SHOW: "Guit-Arie" Alexander & "Savage, Not Average" Judi Hendrix vs. "La Princesa" Tiffany Nieves & "The Hula Hooper" Kaitland Alexis.
Tiffany takes Arie down with a side headlock They both tag out. Alexis & Tiffany double team her, then Alexis hits an arm drag and splashes Judi in the corner. Arie tags back in, but Alexis knocks her away and she tags Judi. Judi & Alexis double clothesline each other. Tiffany gets a hot tag and hits Judi with clotheslines and a kick to the head. She nails eat de-feet and picks up the 1-2-3.

"Goodfella" Matt Vine (c).
Jack pulls Vine down by his hair. Vine back with a monkey flip and dropkick. Jack takes a breather outside and he gets clotheslined right back out as he tries to get back in. Vine hits him in the corner, but Jack fires back. Vine with a sunset flip and other roll-up attempts for 2 counts. Jack catches Vine off the ropes, but Vine slides out. Off the ropes, Jack catches him with a big boot. Jack locks in the sleeper. Vine tries to fight out, but Jack pulls him back down to the mat. Jack throws him into the corner, but runs into a boot. Jack with a throat thrust, but misses a charge in the corner. Jack hits him in the head and Vine rolls out to the floor. He gets back in before the 10 count. Vine comes back and gets Jack in a backslide for the pin and gets the 3.

"The Fighting Siren"
 Shalonce Royal & "Guit-Arie" Alexander vs. Dream Girl Ellie. 
Before the match, Ellie found Tiffany Nieves knocked out backstage. She comes out and goes back and forth off the ropes with Royal. She gets distracted by Arie and Royal hits her from behind. Royal hits a running dropkick for 2. She hits a running faceplant and tags Arie. Arie hits a snapmare and locks in a sleeper. She tries to escape, but Arie pulls her down and tags Royal. Royal takes her down and locks in a sleeper. Ellie escapes with a jawjacker. Royal & Ellie each goes to their corners to make a tag. Haley J runs out and jumps on the apron. She tags in and goes to town on Arie, hitting her with a super kick. Arie tags Royal back in. Haley drop toeholds her into the ropes and hits a double knee across the back. She hits another double knee across the back of her head, driving Royal's face into the mat. She hits her with a hooking clothesline and picks up the 3.
WINNERS: ELLIE & HALEY J by pinfall.

"The Complete Package"
 Tony Bizo
 vs. Ryan Von Rockit (w/Guit-Arie Alexander) vs. "The Fanny Pack Kid" Kal Herro
Kal with a double arm drag to Ryan & Bizo. He clotheslines Bizo and throws him out of the ring. Ryan & Bizo run into each other on the outside and Kal kicks them through the ropes. He hits Bizo face first off the side of the apron and rolls him in. He clotheslines Bizo in the corner and covers for 2 as Ryan gets in to break the pin. Ryan & Bizo double team Kal and hit him with a double suplex. Ryan rolls Bizo up for 2. As they fight, Kal goes up top and hits them both with bionic elbows. Bizo grabs Kal as he tries to suplex Ryan in from the apron and DDT's him. Ryan then hits Bizo with a running knee for 2 as Bizo gets his foot on the ropes. Ryan brings Bizo in the hard way from the apron and misses the rock 'n' roll fistdrop. Bizo hits double Bizo Bottoms on Kal & Ryan. He tries to pin each of them for 2 counts. He pounds away on Ryan. Ryan with a reverse cross body out of the corner onto Bizo & Kal for 2. Kal fires up on Bizo. He then slams Ryan on top of Bizo. Kal goes up again and Dark Kloudz come out. Deget distracts the ref as Eric shoves Kal down. Arie is on the apron to distract the ref, but it backfires as DKZ get in and blast Ryan across the head with a pair of sneakers. Bizo then puts Ryan away with a Bizo Bomb for the 3.
WINNER: BIZO by pinfall.
After the match, Bizo & DKZ attack Ryan until Kal gets in with a chair to run them off. DKZ are now part of Bizo's "Royal Family"!

"The Outrunners": Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd vs. "Level X": "Unforgettable" Axton Ray & "The Sultan of the Sky" Blanco Loco.
The Outrunners don't want to put the collars on, but the ref threatens to DQ them if they don't. They finally do and try to run, but get pulled back by Level X. Level X yanks them through and around the ropes. Truth gets yanked into a chain, clotheslining him. Level X has Truth in a stretch submission, but Turbo yanks Loco off. Truth yanks Ray up into a rollup for 2. Turbo stomps and chokes Loco in the corner. Ray tries to roll Truth up, but Truth hits him with the chain. The Outrunners each suplex their opponents for 2 counts. Level X tries quick small packages, but each get a 2. Turbo & Truth both hit their opponents with the chain across their backs. They go up top, but Level X pulls them down saddle sore across the top rope. Level X goes up and hurricanrana's their opponents off the top rope. They fire away and hit the Outrunners with the chains across their backs. Loco clotheslines Turbo out, then dives out on him. Ray hits Truth with a high knee and goes up top for a moonsault. Truth takes his dog collar off behind the ref's back to pulls Ray off. He locks in a submission on Ray's bad knee as Turbo yanks Loco over the top rope, hanging him. Ray can't reach the ropes and has to submit.
WINNERS: OUTRUNNERS by submission.

"Certified" Luke Kurtis vs. "The Hood Ninja" Hy Zaya (c).
Luke locks up with Hy into the corner and smacks him. Hy smacks him back, then spears him through the ropes to the floor. He hits Luke on the outside and rolls him back in. Hy locks in a sharpshooter, but Luke makes it to the ropes. Luke hits Hy in the back of the knee and clubs him down to the mat. He locks in the COA, but Hy gets to the ropes as well. Luke throws Hy to the corner, but Hy comes back out with a clothesline. Back body drop from Hy. Hy sets up and runs in with a knee. He hits the leg lariat, but then Luke pulls him into the corner turnbuckle and drives his knee into Hy's back. He tosses Hy to the outside and Hy crashes into the camera man. Hy gets back to the apron and hits Luke into the corner turnbuckle face first 10 times. Luke hits the ropes as Hy climbs up to knock him down. Luke slams him off and covers for 2. They exchange blows and Hy drives Luke to the mat. He goes up top, but slips and lands on his neck. Luke pushes the ref away and locks in the COA as the ref calls for the bell.

 Tony Gunn vs. 
"Mr. PEC-Tacular" Jessie Godderz.
Jessie's music hits twice and he doesn't come out. Tony goes to the back to look for him and Jessie sneaks up behind him and hits him with a chair. He hits him through the backstage area. Then Jessie finally hits him back out to the ringside area. Jessie with a fireman's carry on the floor. He moves the steel steps and hits Tony with them. Inside, the bell finally rings and Jessie hits Tony some more in the corner. Off the ropes, Tony with a Lou Thesz press and fires away with lefts. Jessie rolls over and hits Tony and throws him out of the ring to the floor. He claws his face at ringside before going back into the ring. They exchange shots and Jessie pulls Tony into the turnbuckle. Tony fires away, but runs into a back elbow. Jessie goes up top, but Tony hits him and goes for a superplex. Jessie blocks it and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for 2! Tony back with a Killshot, but both men are down. Tony clotheslines Jessie repeatedly in the corner, then stomps a mudhole in him. Jessie pulls a chain out of his boot as the ref pulls Tony away. He wraps it around his fist and decks Tony for the 3.
WINNER: GODDERZ by pinfall.

"The Unstoppable Danger" Leila Grey vs. "The Queen of the North" Freya the Slaya (c).
Freya attacks Leila during the ring introduction from behind. She hits a big vertical suplex, then it's "Off With Her Head". Freya goes up top, but misses a legdrop. Leila fires back, kicks at the legs, then hits a high knee in the corner. She charges Freya and Freya flips her over to the apron. Leila kicks her in the head, then leaps on her. Back inside, Leila leaps on her back and locks in a sleeper hold. Freya is fading, but then finds a second wind. She rams Leila into the corner 3 times, but also into the ref. She covers Leila, but there's no ref. Aaron Grider comes out to check on the other official. Freya tries to sweet talk him and get him to kiss her. He refuses and Leila recovers to hit her with the facebuster off her knee for the 3!

"The Fallen": "The Demon Magnate" Amon, ZDP, & OVW Tag Team Champions "The Nephilim" D'mone Solavino & "The Dark Reverend" Ronnie Roberts vs. "Mr. Juicy" Luscious Lawrence, "The Scottish War Machine" Crixus, & "Bankroll": Ca$h Flo & "Big Money" Dimes.
Reverend & Dimes are the first 2 out. Reverend tries to hit him with a big bone, but Dimes fires away on him and stomps on his foot. D'mone is out next. Dimes gets hit in the head with the bone and gets double teamed until Ca$h comes out. Ca$h opens up the chop shop. ZDP is out next. Ca$h catches him off the ropes and hits a fall away slam. Luscious is next. He double axehandles ZDP and powerslams Reverend. Luscious hits D'mone in the corner and Amon is out last for his team. The Fallen go for the weapons early as Crixus makes his way out. Crixus goes right after Amon and tackles him down, and the Fallen all fall. Amon gets surrounded by Team Bankroll with weapons, but the Fallen gets back up and attack their opponents from behind. D'mone gets flipped out onto 6 set up chairs by Bankroll. An all out brawl continues, but everytime Amon gets hit, it affects the Fallen. He gets a kendo stick and chain repeatedly hit into him, then Luscious scoops him up for the One Night Stand on the chain and barbed wire chair. Crixus leaps off the top with a fistdrop with a loaded glove on his hand and gets the 3.

TITLE vs. TITLE MATCH: OVW Heavyweight Champion Omar Amir vs. OVW National Champion "Cowboy" James Storm
They step up face to face and Storm starts to fire away. Omar fires back and knocks Storm over the top. Storm hangs on and pulls himself back in, but Omar fires away again. They fight around ringside and inside Storm takes Omar down and chokes him in the ropes. He clothesline shim, but Omar starts to come back. He drives Storm down for 2. Storm comes back with a reverse tornado DDT out of the corner for 2. Storm with a backslide for 2. He drives Omar's head into the mat with a DDT for another 2. Storm gets Omar up on the top rope, but Omar fights him away. Storm takes him off the top rope and covers for 2. Storm goes for a super kick, but Omar catches his boot and delivers a Rock Bottom for 2. Omar goes up, but Storm grabs the ref. He hits Omar, but Omar shoves him back down to the mat. Omar misses a flying shoulder tackle, then Storm connects with the Last Call for the 3.
: STORM by pinfall.

"The Immaculate"
 Joe Mack & Adam Revolver (w/Shannon the Dude) vs. Doug Basham & Al Snow.
Al starts with Adam and they lock up into the corner. Adam crawls out of the ring and takes a reset with Mack. Al goes after STD, but Adam hits him as he comes back in. Off the ropes, al plows him down. Mack comes in and Al gets knocked down, but Al takes the big man down as well. Doug tags in and shoves Adam down and hits him with a hip toss. Al runs after STD again. Mack tags in and Doug lights him up with chops. STD trips Doug off the ropes and it allows Mack & Adam to double team Doug and take control of the match. Doug tries to get a tag to Al, but Al gets pulled off the apron by Mack. Doug finally gets the hot tag to Al. Al fires away and hits Adam with the Snow Plow. STD gets in and hits him with a chair. Al tells the ref not to DQ them. Off the ropes, Al ducks a double clothesline from Mack & Adam. Doug blind tags and gets in and nails Adam with a leg lariat for the 3.
WINNERS: SNOW & BASHAM by pinfall.
After the match, Al gets 5 minutes with STD. The roster surrounds the ring so STD can't escape. STD low blows Al, then does some push-ups. Al gets back to his feet and drops STD, but STD kicks him off. Al falls with a headbutt between STD's legs. Al gets back up and gets "Head". He knocks STD out with it.


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