OVW Champions

OVW Champions

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OVW TV #689: "Halloween Spooktacular"

Hello, tonight's edition of the OVW Report is being taken over by the "Masked Blogger". I, the Masked Blogger was at tonight's Halloween edition of OVW TV, and was even brought into the ring during a costume contest, although I did not win.

Tonight at the Davis Arena, Cliff Compton may have interrupted the wrong man, there was a live edition of the Mixtape with Timmy Danger, Eddie Diamond, & Dylan Bostic, the Femme Fatales were at each other's throats, Alex Silva & Sam Shaw joined forces as Team GutCheck, plus more!

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

Pre-Show Dark Matches: 

The Wild Cards (Shiloh Jonze & Raul LaMotta) b. Stephon "Swag" Smith & The Bodyguy. The Wild Cards were both dressed as their mentor, Crimson. Each had a kneebrace and crutch as well as Crimson tights. Swag was dressed as Urkel from Family Matters and came out to the sitcom's theme song. Bodyguy wanted to show off his beautiful body, but the Wild Cards had different plans in mind. They attacked him and threw him out of the ring. They tried to gang up on Swag, but he came off the ropes and clotheslined both of them. Shiloh rolled out of the ring and grabbed a crutch which grabbed both Swag's and the referee's attention. This allowed Raul to grab the other crutch and pop Swag in the face with it and get the pin. MY TAKE: The Wild Cards appear to have learned some "tricks" from Crimson and it wasn't a "treat" for Swag to get hit with a crutch.

Epiphany vs. Jessie Belle. Epiphany was dressed as Red Riding Hood and she was up against "I Dream of Jessie Belle" who was dressed like a genie. A decent back and forth match that Epiphany controlled early with the size advantage, but Jessie came fighting back. The match ended after a double pin attempt and was declared a draw since both women's shoulders were down. MY TAKE: An odd ending, but it shows how competitive the Women's division is in OVW. The spotlight may be on Heidi, Taeler, & Josette at SNS, but these 2 will be very interested in the outcome.

Jason Wayne & the Platoon (Joe Coleman & Jack Black) b. Elvis Pridemoore, Ryan Howe, & Chris Silvio (w/Mo Green, Cinnamon Twist, & Bobbi Bardot). Coleman & Black are now matching Wayne with camouflage pants. Howe had some "KISS" facepaint tonight. Silvio, Elvis, & Howe had control to start as they worked over the arm of Coleman with quick tags in and out. Coleman finally broke free from Elvis and tagged in Wayne. Elvis took a beating for most of this match until tagging in Howe. Howe was in fire for a bit until Wayne knocked him off the top rope as he was going up for the Chart Topper. Wayne couldn't get the pin, however. Wayne tagged Coleman in as Howe broke free and tagged Elvis back in who had gained a second wind. Elvis took Coleman down with his flying punch, but the pin was broke up. Silvio ran in and fought with Black to the outside as Howe fought with Coleman. Wayne snuck over and grabbed his artillery chain and clocked Elvis which allowed Coleman to get the pin. MY TAKE: Wayne and the Platoon seem amped up for their upcoming encounter with the Mascara Mafia. Will they be able to escape with a win again?

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at

Team GutCheck (Alex Silva & Sam Shaw) vs. Jeremiah Plunkett & "VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio). Plunkett & Silva start out and Plunkett gets the better of Silva to begin and tags in to Rosa. Silva quickly comes back and takes Rosa down with a couple armdrags and brings in Shaw. Shaw with some offense and a tag back to Silva. Silva comes back in and tags Shaw as he delivers a Silva Surfer. Shaw goes up top and hits the cannonball leg drop and gets the pin as SIlva knocks Del Barrio off the apron onto Plunkett on the floor as he tries to interfere. WINNERS: TEAM GUTCHECK by pinfall. MY TAKE: The first GutCheck winner and the 3rd GutCheck winner worked extremely well together and have a mutual respect for one another. They each want to get their hands on the Wild Cards and appear ready to do so.

Rob Terry comes to the ring and says that he finally gets his opportunity to claim the OVW Heavyweight Title that is rightfully his for the second time and get his hands on Crimson in the process. He says it doesn't matter if Crimson tries to send people out to interfere, that it will not work. Cliff Compton interrupts and asks Rob Terry if he is Johnny Cash, because all he does is cry, cry, cry. He says he is the reigning, defending, and undefeated TV Champion and can do and say whatever he wants. Terry says he won a match in E-Town last week that awarded him a shot at the TV Title anytime, anywhere. He said he wasn't planning on using it tonight, with the upcoming Heavyweight Title match, but now he's changed his mind and will see Cliff later tonight.

Heidi Lovelace's music hits and she comes out with Taeler Hendrix and Josette Bynum. All 3 ladies are arguing, mainly Josette & Taeler. Heidi was in a playboy bunny outfit, Josette had an Amazon outfit, and Taeler was Poison Ivy from Batman. Heidi grabs a mic and says they each have a chance for a 1-on-1 match against her at SNS. They both have to defeat their opponent in less than 3 minutes, though...

Taeler Hendrix vs. December. December was dressed as a cop. Taeler's back was turned as she was arguing with Josette and December tried to roll her up from behind, but she only got a 2. Taeler hit a couple moves and went back to arguing with Josette. December got back up and ran after Taeler, but Taeler moved and December almost hit Josette. She turned around into a chick kick from Taeler and the 1-2-3. WINNER: TAELER by pinfall in 1:30. MY TAKE: Taeler hasn't lost her step in the ring. It's more of a lack of focus, and it could cost her Saturday if she continues arguing with Josette.

Josette Bynum vs. Scarlett Bordeaux. Same thing happened to start this match. Josette was arguing with Taeler and Scarlett attempted to roll her up, but only got a 2. Josette with most of the offense and a big slam. She went to run off the ropes, but Taeler grabbed her foot. She started arguing with Taeler again, as Scarlett went for another rollup. Josette kicked out and hit a death valley driver for the pin. WINNER: JOSETTE by pinfall in 2:12. After the match, Josette, Taeler, & Heidi started brawling and had to be pulled apart by referees. MY TAKE: Josette & Taeler both won, so it will still be a 3-way dance at SNS. With the odds stacked against Heidi, can she prevail?

"Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. Tony Gunn (w/Ralphie). Gunn offered a handshake before the match, but Spade attacked him. The more serious Spade hit the juke and jive punches and the running knee in the corner. Gunn fought back and took Spade down, but Spade bounced right back up as if it didn't even faze him. Gunn looked confused as he was about to go for the bearhug. He grabbed his happy pills and offered one to Spade, but Spade super kicked him as the pills went flying everywhere and Spade got the 3. WINNER: SPADE by pinfall. After the match, Terry Boddie stopped Spade and said Doug Williams was challenging him at SNS. Spade said, "Williams is challenging me?" He said he's been looking for him and hopes he has a good dentist, because at SNS he is gonna knock his teeth down his throat. MY TAKE: The very serious Spade is looking to take out Doug Williams this Saturday at SNS, but now that Williams is challenging him, what does Doug have up his sleeve?
10-MAN BATTLE ROYAL. Order of elimination: Bodyguy, Adam Revolver (dressed as Brittany Devore, Brittany was dressed as Ted McNaler, Ted was dressed as Adam), Raul LaMotta, Stephon "Swag" Smith, Ted McNaler, Ryan Howe, Elvis Pridemoore, and Shiloh Jonze. The final two were the recently formed team of Dylan Bostic and Eddie Diamond, each dressed in the Best Team Ever's trunks. Before they could lock up, the Best Team Ever came out. Jessie Godderz says they are not a team, they can't be on the same page, and they don't even match. Timmy Danger hops in the ring dressed as Flava Flav and says this week they are having a live edition of the Mixtape. He said that although Rudy Switchblade has had more partners than Taeler Hendrix, he is not Suckah of the Week. He tells Jessie that although he's on camera every week kissing beautiful women like he's some hotshot, he's not Suckah of the Week. Besides, Eddie Diamond makes out with women every week on camera at the bank. They then announce that for the first time ever, they have repeat Co-Suckahs of the Week, the Best Team Ever. Rudy & Jessie try to run in the ring and attack, but they trip over each other trying to get in and Diamond & Bostic throw them both out of the ring. MY TAKE: It looks like Bostic & Diamond are on the same page, and the Best Team Ever is not. Will this turn into a title change at SNS?

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: Rob Terry vs. Cliff Compton (c). Terry cornered Cliff and threw him out of the corner. Cliff ran out of the ring and threw a chair in the ring. Terry grabbed it and sat down in it. Cliff got upset and threw another chair in. Terry grabbed it and propped his feet up. He finally got up and threw them out of the ring as Cliff finally tried to re-enter. Terry controlled early and showed his awesome strength as he twice delivered a standing suplex to Cliff where he held him up for over a minute each time. Cliff kicked out of a pin and gained advantage after distracting the ref and kicking Terry below the belt. He worked over Terry with many kicks to his massive tree-trunk legs and put him in a sleeper twice. Terry fought back and caught Cliff who tried to leap on him and hit the side slam. Before he could go for the pin, the Wild Cards ran out and caused a disqualification. WINNER: TERRY by DQ. After the match, the Wild Cards and Cliff were ran off by Alex Silva & Sam Shaw. MY TAKE: Can Terry avoid any interference or "tricks" that Crimson might throw at him at SNS? Or does Crimson weasel his way out of another one and remain OVW Heavyweight Champion?

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Match:

Ladies' Battle Royal won by Jessie Belle. Order of elimination: Emily Elizabeth, Scarlett Bordeaux, December, Epiphany, and Taeler & Josette eliminated each other leaving Jessie Belle as the sole survivor. MY TAKE: Josette & Taeler's problems continue while Jessie Belle's stock rises again in the Women's division. Can either compose themselves long enough to try and take the Women's Title away from Heidi?

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about Brian's weekly Top 20 and other special reports. As always, thanks for reading!