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Thursday, November 8, 2012

OVW TV #690: "After You, Rob Terry"

This is the OVW Report for the night of Wednesday, November 7, 2012. Tonight at the Davis Arena, we found out who the next #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight Title would be, Team Gutcheck was in action, Johnny Spade called out Doug Williams, Gilbert Corsey interviewed a "Knockout", and the Television Title was on the line in a way many people unexpected.

Without further ado: 

Here we go...

 Pre-Show Dark Matches:

The Mobile Homers (w/Brittany Devore) b. The Wild Cards. Ted McNaler grabbed a mic and said that even though the election didn't go the way many people wanted it to, we still live in the greatest country in the world. He then said he's sick of tired of sitting back and watching the Wild Cards interfere in everyone's matches. As him & Adam turned, the Wild Cards attacked from behind. This was a brawl and barely a match. Adam & Raul mainly fought on the outside as Ted fought with Shiloh on the inside. After a few back and forth rollups, Ted finally got the 3 on Shiloh in a quick one. After the match, Raul grabbed the "rocket fuel" and threw it in Ted's eyes before him & Shiloh ran off. MY TAKE: The Mobile Homers win a surprisingly quick one, but the Wild Cards got the last laugh. How are Ted's eyes after being burned by the "rocket fuel"? Is this the beginning of a rivalry for these two duos?

Elvis Pridemoore (w/Cinnamon Twist) b. Jeremiah Plunkett. Open mic night continued as Plunkett grabbed a mic and ran down Elvis for wearing work boots, jeans, and a backwards baseball cap and saying that must be the reason the fans like him, because they are just like him. He says he trains and wears actual wrestling gear, and Elvis couldn't lace his boots. He smacks Elvis in the head and knocks off his baseball cap as he shouts something at Cinnamon Twist. He turns around and Elvis kicks him in the gut and hits the stunner and this one is over quickly also. MY TAKE: I don't disagree with Plunkett about Elvis' choice of attire, but Elvis proved that it doesn't matter after a quick victory.

That concludes tonight's pre-show dark matches. I always suggest watching the show first before reading my full report. You can find the shows posted online late Thursday afternoons/evenings at www.ovwrestling.com/tv.

After the intro we see Crimson & the Wild Cards walking in the building and Rob Terry waiting. He wants a rematch with Crimson. It was hard to hear all that was said, but basically Crimson told him that he had to go back to the bottom and work his way up.

"VIP" Joe Rosa (w/Jose Del Barrio) vs. Ryan Howe. Howe rocks out on guitar in the middle of the ring as we get started with the main show. After his solo, VIP takes the early advantage which includes some help from Del Barrio on the outside, who chokes Howe while VIP has the ref distracted. Howe starts to fight back when Del Barrio hops up on the apron. VIP charges from behind, but Howe moves and VIP and Del Barrio almost hit each other. VIP turns around into a dropkick. Howe gets on a roll and finishes him off with the Chart Topper for the victory. WINNER: HOWE by pinfall. MY TAKE: Howe's rock'n'roll style nets him an important win to get him going in the right direction.

Raphael Constantine & Ace Hawkins (w/the X2C ladies) vs. Team Gutcheck. As Constantine enters the ring, the X2C ladies come out and join him as he starts jumping up and down excited that they are back with him. Lots of exciting action from Team Gutcheck who work well together with quick tags and dominate most of the match against Constantine. Late in the match, Silva goes off the ropes and Ace kicks him in the back giving Ace & Raphael the advantage for a short time. Silva makes the hot tag to Shaw who comes in and dropkicks both of them. Silva comes bac in and takes Ace to the outside and then leaps over the top rope onto him as Shaw takes Constantine down on the inside and then goes up top and hits the cannonball leg drop for the win. WINNERS: GUTCHECK by pinfall. MY TAKE: Team Gutcheck continues to fly high and it seems as if a future tag title shot could be around the corner.

After the match, Shaw grabs a mic and calls out Rob Terry. Shaw & Silva tell Rob that they know he wants another shot at the title and Crimson. They say that even though they each want to become Heavyweight Champion themselves, they are willing to give up their 4 & 5 spots in the pecking order to let him move up so that they can concentrate on the tag titles. Trailer Park Trash comes out and wants to clarify, and they say they want to do it. Crimson comes out and tells them they can give up their spots, but he knows no one else is stupid enough to do the same thing. Ryan Howe comes out and tells Crimson to shut up. He tells Rob that he is also willing to give up his #3 spot in the pecking order if Rob promises him he will destroy the weasel which Rob does. Crimson said that's fine, he's still got other people in front of him that get a shot first. Johnny Spade's music hits and he says right now he doesn't care about his spot and Rob can have his too, because if you look at his face, he has someone that he really wants to fight right now. Crimson is aggravated, but says that makes Terry #2, and he knows the #1 contender won't give up his spot. Jack Black comes out and says there is no way he is going to join this inbred family reunion and give up a spot he's worked hard for, and he's ready to fight tonight. Trash says he's glad Black's ready to fight, because he has an idea. Tonight, Black will go one-on-one with Rob Terry with #1 contendership on the line.

Now the mic is in the hands of Johnny Spade who has a cut on his head and a black eye. He says Doug Williams didn't no-show the Saturday Night Special, he was there and lurking around somewhere. He said he went out to the parking lot that night and was attacked from behind. He calls Williams out, he's ready to kick some butt.
"Smooth" Johnny Spade vs. Doug Williams. Williams comes out and Spade jumps out and meets him on the floor. The two men brawl around the ring throwing each other into the barricade, steel steps, and the ring. Referee Chris Sharpe can't control them and get them in the ring, so he throws the match out. Spade & Williams continue to brawl and Sharpe and some of the guys in the back have to jump in to separate them. MY TAKE: This bitter feud is far from over. Will we have another brawl at the next SNS?

***NOTE: The following match was for the VACATED OVW Television Title. We had no idea why at the taping, but Cliff Compton tweeted the following tonight: (YIKES!)

OVW TELEVISION TITLE: "The Jacked Knight" Joe Coleman vs. James "Moose" Thomas. Coleman tries to take down Moose, but doesn't budge him. Moose has the early size advantage, but Coleman continues to fight back. He gets Moose down on one knee and then starts to do a victory lap on one leg poking fun of Michael Hayes. This sets Moose off who plows over Coleman with shoulder takedowns and clotheslines. He splashes Coleman in the corner and as he goes for a whirlwind side slam, Coleman's legs hit referee Chris Sharpe in the knee, and he goes down. With his back turned, Jason Wayne runs out and nails Moose in the back of the head with one of his ammo chains and tells Sharpe to turn around and make the pin. Coleman gets the 1-2-3. After the match, Wayne & Coleman continue to attack Moose until Paredyse & Espy run out and chase after them. Paredyse runs around the backside of the announce table and plows Coleman into the side of the entrance. I'm surprised the crash didn't bring the set down or knock a chunk out of the wall. WINNER and NEW OVW TELEVISION CHAMPION: COLEMAN by pinfall. MY TAKE: The war between Wayne & Moose has just begun, and looks like it may very well continue between the Platoon and the Mascara Mafia. Could this be setting the stage for a showdown between Moose & the Mafia vs. the Platoon of Wayne at the next SNS?

Next up, Gilbert Corsey enters the ring and interviews TNA Knockout Referee Taryn Terrell. She says she has felt welcomed for the most part by everyone in Louisville. Gilbert asks her about getting involved at Saturday Night Special. She said when she was hired by Brooke Hogan to be in charge of the Knockouts, it was her job to keep them in line. Taeler Hendrix comes out with Dylan Bostic and tells Taryn that she doesn't belong here. Taeler turns around and smacks Dylan and Taryn tells her that's not how she should treat a man. Taeler says she could ref much better than Taryn. Taryn says she's been in the ring before and could wrestle better than Taeler. They get into a scuffle and have to be broken up by Dylan, Chris Sharpe, and Gilbert.

#1 CONTENDERSHIP: Jack Black vs. Rob Terry. A slow paced match that was controlled mostly by Black, who kept the other big man grounded. Terry started to fight back when Crimson came out to the ring distracting him. It allowed Black to regain the upper hand. Black continued to work over Terry with big clubbing blows. He hit a big splash, but only got a 2. Terry fought back again and hit a side slam, but Crimson jumped on the apron distracting referee Chris Sharpe so he couldn't make the pin. In the end, Terry knocked Crimson down to the outside and hit the powerslam on Black to get the 3. WINNER: TERRY by pinfall. MY TAKE: Will the third time be the charm for Big Rob? The OVW Heavyweight Title is once again up for grabs as Crimson must defend against Terry at the December SNS.

Before the show ends, we see a camera back in Trailer Park Trash's office where Trash is laid out on the floor as a masked man goes running out of the room and Josette acts nonchalant about what happened.

This ended the TV taping.

Post-Show Dark Matches:

Raphael Constantine came out upset and grabbed a mic. He said ever since his partnership ended with Chris Silvio, all he has done is lose, lose, lose. He said it doesn't matter what he does, he continues to lose, lose, lose. Of course, now all the fans are holding up L's with their fingers and chanting "Loser" at him. He said next week he is challenging Chris Silvio to a match. If he loses, he will quit wrestling forever!

Heidi Lovelace & Jessie Belle b. Epiphany & Taeler Hendrix (w/Dylan Bostic). Taryn Terrell was the special referee. From the get-go, you could tell Epiphany could care less about having to team with Taeler. Jessie Belle takes most of the abuse as Taeler works her over and slaps Epiphany in. Epiphany wasn't too pleased about her being slapped on the arm. She kept control over Jessie Belle as she argued with Taeler. Taeler got back in and continued arguing with Epiphany as Jessie Belle was able to make the tag to Heidi. Heidi & Jessie Belle ran up behind Taeler and slapped her on the backside. Taeler charged after them, but they ducked it and turned it into a double leg sweep for the finish and the win. After the match, Epiphany walked off leaving Dylan to check on Taeler. MY TAKE: Heidi continues to succeed atop the Women's division. Can she be stopped?
After the Femme Fatales leave, Taryn is still in the ring when Bodyguy comes out and says he was checking out the match in the back while he was getting more familiar with his body. He noticed Taryn had a beautiful body, just as he does. He has his music play as he disrobes and Taryn laughs at him. Bodyguy grabs her and leans in for a kiss as the lights go out. When the lights come on, the Bodyguy is leaning in for a kiss on the Assassin. The Assassin takes out Bodyguy before grabbing Taryn and planting a kiss on her and then helping her out of the ring.

The Best Team Ever b. The Mascara Mafia. Paredyse & Espy have Jessie & Rudy off their game early as they slap them in the backside and perform their unorthodox array of maneuvers. They finally get the upper hand and Espy spends a lot of time getting punished before making the hot tag to Paredyse. Paredyse is on fire and after taking Jessie down, goes for the pin, but Rudy breaks it up. All 4 men fight, but Espy & Paredyse send Rudy to the outside. Paredyse takes Jessie down again for a pin, but Jessie kicks out at 2 as Espy watches on. Rudy gets back up on the outside and pulls Espy out. He throws Espy ino the steel ringpost. Paredyse's attention is now on Rudy. Rudy throws a title belt into the ring, but Paredyse catches it. Referee Chris Sharpe turns his back as he takes it awayfrom Paredyse. Meanwhile, Rudy throws the other title to Jessie. As Sharpe puts the one belt on the outside, Jessie nails Paredyse in the back of the head with the other and gets the pin. MY TAKE: It seems like the Best Team Ever is back on the same page, but do they have a "Gutcheck" in their future?

Crimson b. Tony Gunn. Crimson is bested early by Gunn and he goes to the outside. Gunn finally goes out after him and chases him in the ring, but Crimson is in first and takes him down. Crimson works over Gunn a bit. Gunn starts to fight back and hits his wind-up punch. He puts Crimson in the airplane spin, but Crimson elbows out halfway around. He goes to hit Gunn, but Gunn ducks and hits a backdrop. He sets up for the bearhug, but Crimson gets up with Ralphie threatening to rip his head off. He throws Ralphie in the air and after Gunn catches him, Crimson hits him with Red Sky for the win. MY TAKE: Crimson is going to have to gameplan for a way to leave the December SNS with the OVW Heavyweight Title once again as he faces Rob Terry.

Don't forget to watch the episode online starting tomorrow. Also, don't forget about my weekly Top 20 and other special reports. As always, thanks for reading!

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